Choosing a children's rug with toys

The birth of a child is an important event in the family. From this happy moment all the attention of young parents is focused on the baby. Day after day he will learn a new world. Sounds, touches, forms, textures - everything becomes a developing environment. Many mothers from the age of one and a half months use special developmental mats for babies. What is it and how to choose? How old do you use?

How and when to use

The children's developing rug is a soft laying for the kid and the whole complex of the things helping your baby to develop. It consists of a soft mattress (with or without sides) and strong intersecting arcs on which toys and rattles are attached. They attract the attention of the baby lying on the rug.

At first he just examines them, then he tries to reach, grab, try to touch. It develops grasping reflexes, motor skills, teaches the child to concentrate, roll over, sit down. In addition, lessons on the rug will help mom gain time for important tasks. As for the age from which you can use, experienced mothers say that they are needed from one and a half months.

By the way, developing a rug is not only for babies up to a year. For older kids, the rug is bigger and it has other tasks: the development of logical thinking and imagination.

Criterias of choice

When choosing for us it is important:

  • What materials are made products. Only safe and environmentally friendly materials that will not harm the child. Only reliable fasteners.
  • Multifunctional model. It is always better to choose models with several functions.
  • Aesthetics products.
  • Price range of models. Not always cheaper means worse.

Model overview

In the market for children's products, educational mats come from different manufacturers.

Models for kids up to a year

Rug Felice "Kitten"

Rug Felice "Kitten" is so named for good reason. It is soft and comfortable. He has bumpers. Can be used for games and sleep. Suitable for even young children who do not know how to crawl and roll over.Rug and toys from gentle velor. Stuffed toys are attached to removable intersecting arcs, in the center - a musical block. There is nothing small in the model, plus the pad - cat. Dimensions 105 * 110 cm.

The product is compact. Of the negative - the high cost.

Round rug Bright Stars "African friends"

Bright Stars “African Friends” round rug is more suitable for babies from 0 to 7 months, as it has a small size (diameter is only 75 cm). He introduces your baby to the animals of Africa. They are not only painted on the surface, but also suspended on two removable arcs. Toys are supplied with "surprises". The elephant performs four musical compositions, if you pull the little ring. The monkey will allow you to play with small objects attached to the ring. There is a safety mirror. All toys are large.

High-quality fabric withstands many washes in the washing machine. From the negative - the lack of a replaceable battery in the elephant and a small thickness of the product.

Yookidoo Athlete Developing Mat

Rug Yokida "Athlete" simulator for your baby. Its diameter is 105 cm, height is 85 cm. The surface with pictures is bright and eye-catching.On such a rug, the baby will quickly learn to snap objects that are suspended on parallel-fixed arcs. Their design helps to easily take them to the side. They rattles and a mirror. The cars with sounds also move along the runners (batteries for them are not included in the package). The product is erased and stored folded in half in the case.

Developing rug Taini Love "Zoo"

Developing a rug Tiny Love "Zoo" for mobile kids. It will help develop fine motor skills, and ear for music. Soft and light, square in shape, it has folding sides. Its dimensions are 110 * 110 cm. Height - 45 cm. The surface is made of fabric, with bright patterns. There are two intersecting arcs in the center with toys. Pockets with squeakers and buttons, and in addition two musical blocks. They are installed in different positions. From them, the baby can extract sounds by pressing on them with hands or feet.

The rug is washable. From the negative - the high cost and low location of the arcs.

Rug Fisher Price "Piano"

Rug Fisher Price "Piano" comfortable. If the child is still small and does not crawl, then the rug will be a soft plush bed for the baby, which will complement the arc with 4 toys and a mirror mounted on it.The arc has secure fixings. As soon as the owner of the rug grows a little and learns to roll over, the rug is complemented by a musical plastic panel on the hinges. The module is powered by finger batteries, which are already included. By clicking on the keys, the child can listen to small musical fragments. On the panel there is a volume control.

The rug can be washed as it is made of synthetic materials. The dimensions of the product are 70 * 48 cm, which refers rather to minuses.

Chicco "Children's Park"

Chicco's “Children's Park” model is a whole designer, the details of which you can combine as you wish. It consists of square (52 cm) and triangular pillows with a bright design, which are fastened together with strings. One pillow has a round insert that can be removed. In addition, two bright and durable arches with eyelets for squeaking toys. From such parts you can collect everything: the surface for lying and a house for games. This model will serve for a long time.

Models for children older than a year

Dwinguler Dino Adventure

Dwinguler Dino Adventure is a gaming carpet - a city for gaming and travel. Bright pictures on its surface from two sides.Classes with this model will help develop the imagination and logical thinking. The dimensions of such a product in two versions: 190 * 130 and 230 * 140 cm. It is made of synthetic materials, soft, warm, durable and light, does not slip on any surface. It is easily erased, without losing its appearance.

With it you can not only play, but also engage in charging. The only cons of the product is the high price.

Mambo Baby "World of Letters"

Mambo Baby "World of Letters" will introduce your child with the alphabet (English) and numbers, and small puzzles. Rug of soft, non-wet and warm material. You can lay it on the floor or take it for a walk in the park. Its surface is two-sided. For storage, it rolls up in a roll and fits in a carrying case. Easy to maintain and inexpensive. Dimensions 250 * 160 cm. Minus - short-lived pattern.

Review developing do-it-yourself rug - in the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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