How to choose a swing for home?

 How to choose a swing for home?

Swing is a favorite entertainment of all children without exception, but even if there is a playground with such an attraction in the yard, it is not always convenient. In bad weather, you don’t really want to go outside, and there is also a risk of catching a cold, and in good weather you won’t get to the swings. And parents are not always able to go out with the child, and they simply are afraid to let him go alone. That is why today an increasingly popular solution is to install such an accessory right in the house, but first you still need to choose the right one.

Design features

A huge plus of an individual children's swing for the house is that the home model always fully meets the demands of the parents for safety and comfort.Unlike the street attraction, which almost always requires digging and concreting special pits, products for the home, one way or another, beat the possibility of sustainable installation without global repair. Naturally, homemade options are always lighter than street ones, and they are also a bit more compact - otherwise the whole structure in a swinging form cannot simply fit in a room. For the same reason children's swings usually have a rather limited lifespan - their use at school age is no longer possible.

However, the relatively low price and higher guarantees of child safety force parents to make a choice in favor of such a decision, especially if the baby is not alone in the family. Unlike street models, which are represented by a simple frame, like many decades ago, homemade can be a real miracle of technology. Often, such a purchase requires connection to the mains or the use of batteries, since the design provides for various LEDs, lights, and even game panels. The swings themselves can be equipped with additional components like a table and a bench, and in some cases they can be combined with other important furniture for the nursery.


Unlike street, home swings are classified more diversely - the fact that they are placed in more benign and comfortable conditions. Before choosing such a purchase, it is worthwhile to thoroughly deal with the assortment - this is the only way to choose a truly ideal option.


Some models involve mounting on existing elements such as arches or doorways, so they can even be rope. This solution is relatively inexpensive, which is very important for an accessory with a short duration of use and allows you to adjust the same height as the child grows. But in this situation, special attention should be paid to the strength of the ropes, because the kid can be injured indoors.

Wooden construction is rightly considered more reliable, and for it a great advantage is the naturalness of the material.which definitely does not emit anything bad into the atmosphere of a nursery. True, it must be remembered here that a varnish or paint can theoretically be harmful. In addition, products made of good natural wood are quite expensive, and for moving mechanisms this material is not too good.Among other things, wood products should be especially protected from moisture. At best, the appearance of wood will deteriorate from its impact, and at worst, the structure may break.

Plastic is usually not used separately from metal. With high quality plastic, such a connection is not only full of safety for humans, but also an increased service life, as well as high brightness of surfaces, which the kids really like. It is a plastic-metal swing that usually involves the use of embedded modern technologies that turn a commonplace attraction into a real amusement park. Quality models of these materials can be quite expensive - this is their only serious disadvantage. In poor quality cases, the plastic part can theoretically be dangerous for the child.

Mounting method

There are two fundamentally different ways of fastening: the swings either join parts of the apartment, such as a ceiling or a door jamb, or have rather wide own paws so as not to tip over even with considerable rocking. The first option requires a fairly high reliability of the potential attachment points.So, if the mounted swing is hung in the doorway, you need to be sure of the security of the loot and the surrounding walls. In a reliable building, this type of connection, whether it is hanging on a hook in the ceiling or installing it in an arch, can withstand a larger weight of the skater, but in general it is also more traumatic.

Own widely placed legs allow to do without installation at installation of a swing at all - the design is simply installed on a flat floor in that part of the apartment where there is enough space for this, and with time it can be transferred. This option is good for its mobility, as well as the fact that it is not necessary to make any changes to the existing repair. Among the drawbacks, it should be noted that this option takes up a lot of space - even in its unused condition, such swings occupy several square meters, which is an unaffordable luxury for many modern apartments. In this case, during the swinging process, a slight gap between the swing supports and the floor may become obvious, then the use of the structure will be accompanied by a characteristic knocking sound, and even damage to the floor covering.

Subtleties of choice

Swing is a potentially traumatic attraction, so conscious parents are interested in choosing a quality accessory for their child. In order not to be mistaken in choosing a model, one should pay attention to the compliance of the design with the following requirements:

  • fixing the swing, from whatever material they were made, must be able to withstand the weight of the child with a large margin;
  • seat fixing must be reliable to ensure that it does not tear off and loosen;
  • for almost all children who buy a swing, the presence of the inguinal webbing and protective sides is important, which prevents the child from falling out;
  • if the structure is not built into the walls or furniture, but has its own separate frame, then it must be rather heavy so that active rocking cannot overturn the product.

Pay attention to the age of the child, because the swing for children from 1 year and models for a teenager differ at least in size. It is necessary to pay attention to the load capacity of the product - usually this indicator is indicated by the manufacturer on the package. Should be understoodthat the carrying capacity is always chosen with a considerable margin, since during the swinging the actual weight of the seat with the passenger increases slightly due to inertia. In this case, the older children ride for the sake of skiing, while the younger ones may be interested in options in the form of the same lighting and musical effects.

Choosing a swing, you need to focus not only on a specific material, but also on indicators of its quality. For example, if there is an unpleasant odor from plastic, this indicates the synthetic and very harmful nature of the material that emits toxic fumes. Products made of wood, with all the environmental friendliness and durability, are dangerous splinters for the child, therefore such a swing should be checked for the presence of a thick lacquer layer, and the varnish should not have unpleasant odors either. It should be noted that the attraction for children of any age should be deprived of any sharp angles and roughness, because the presence of such defects increases the likelihood of injury. If the passenger can also be attributed to preschoolers or younger students, the design should be deprived of any small removable parts that can be swallowed.

If the model has its own legs and is installed directly on the floor, a good decision on the manufacturer’s side would be to equip the product with special suction cups, so as not to spoil the floor covering and guarantee the reliability of adhesion of the attraction to the floor. In the models for the smallest ones, organized on the principle of a recliner, there must initially be a mattress, optimally suitable for the bed size. Finally it is worth saying that the seller can be checked and just for the presence of certificates. Such documentation is fake rather rarely, so its presence usually indicates a really safe product.

Where better to place?

In most apartments, room swings of the type suspended are most appropriate, because they occupy relatively little space, allowing efficient use of free space. Lightweight construction is often fastened literally on the ropes, so the seat at the time when it is not in use can be moved to the sides and fixed on the furniture so that the swings do not take up room space at all. The most frequent place to accommodate such an attraction is a doorway, which is never occupied by furniture and traditionally has a lot of free space around it.Of the other locations should highlight the corners of the room or its center. A prerequisite when choosing a place is the possibility of reliable fastening of the product to the walls or ceiling.

As for the floor models equipped with their own legs, there are no restrictions on their placement - if only there is enough space. Usually, this is a swing for young children who, in principle, are unable to achieve a significant swinging amplitude, so sitting beyond the wide-spaced legs does not go out - this makes it easy to determine the dimensions of the attraction in the used state. Swings of this type are undemanding to environmental conditions, because they are installed without being tied to walls or doors, so you can install them anywhere - from the nursery and living room to the kitchen and balcony. If a similar product is used in a private house with its own garden plots, in the warm season, the floor model can even be taken out to fresh air.

Successful examples in the interior

Swing for children is almost always an element of a fairy tale, so it’s not bad if the attraction is bright or just unusual.These capsules allow kids to feel very comfortable, because there is a feeling of security. Moreover, in such a model it is really safer, because a potential fall is even theoretically possible only from one side.

In the case of teenage girls, it should be remembered that their romantic nature swings are needed, but no one will sway much. For girls, such an accessory is just a way to comfortably sit in your own room, but great attention will be paid to the design of the swing. She must be very feminine and aesthetically attractive.

As for the boys, the most important thing for them is the flight drive, so they are ready to agree to the minimalist design of the attraction, if only riding on it would bring vivid emotions. Regardless of the age of the main passenger, the main requirement for such swings is highlighted - they must provide a wide swing amplitude and be distinguished by sufficient strength to use them to the full.

How to choose a children's swing for the house, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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