Choosing hanging swing for home

Every child loves to ride on a swing, so young parents decide to purchase a model for the house. You can buy a floor version, but you can opt for a suspension model. What is the peculiarity of a swing swing and how to choose it correctly? All recommendations are already waiting for you in our special material.

The advantages of the suspension model

Suspended children's swing for the house is a great opportunity for children of different ages to have fun. Home swings bring the baby not only joy and pleasure, but also benefit. Surely, all parents paid attention to the fact that if you only sit down a crying and naughty baby on a swing, he immediately calms down and starts laughing. And all because swinging on a swing has a calming effect on any child.

In addition, the usual swings contribute to the fact that during rocking the child is formed the correct posture. After all, in order to shake himself, the baby is sitting straight and many muscles of the body are actively working. Therefore, home swings to some extent replace the children full sports training. Also, a simple design helps kids strengthen the vestibular apparatus, helps to better navigate in space, develops coordination and balance.

What not to say, and the swing can bring great benefits for each child.

Types and features

Today in the shops you can find various models of hanging swing. It can be wooden, wicker or plastic models. Let's look at the pros and cons of each option separately.

Many young parents prefer wooden models.because they are environmentally friendly and reliable. This design does not cause irritation on the skin of the baby. In addition, from the long sitting, many children begin to sweat, but this does not happen on a wooden surface.

If you continue to talk about the positive qualities of a wooden swing, then it is worth noting thatthat it absolutely does not emit any harmful substances into the air. A well-made model will last more than one year.

Plastic models attract kids with bright color. In that case, if the model is made of high quality plastic, then it will be completely safe for the child. High-quality plastic does not emit any harmful substances and does not smell at all. Such swings are lighter in weight.

In the event that the child is already large, then you should pay attention to the model of thick and durable plastic.

Another variant of the swing swing consists of two strong ropes and a seat made of thick fabric. This option is suitable for a more adult child, as the model most often happens without a back. It will be difficult for a baby to hold onto such a structure independently.

Also for a more adult child, you can choose the option with a wicker seat. In such a chair be sure to put a soft pillow for sitting. It is impossible for children to ride on such a structure by themselves, since they can stick their hands or legs into the hole of the wicker armchair and this can attract very disastrous consequences.

How to choose?

Before you buy a particular model, you need to carefully examine it from all sides. Remember that the hanging swing in the first place should be safe for the child. First of all, you need to pay attention to the quality of belts. They should be broad and reliable. Check all fasteners; they should be made of metal. Do not choose models with plastic mounts. Ropes, on which the whole structure rests, must be strong and thick.

Choose a seat with a comfortable high back, as often babies fall asleep on a swing and there is a big risk of injury. In addition, there must be a jumper that does not allow the baby to slide off the seat. There are also options with seat belts, for kids it is better to choose such a model.

Choose models with a table or panel that goes up to get the baby out of the swing. In addition, this panel protects the baby from falling.

If you opted for a plastic model, then this design should not exude sharp odors. In addition, the color of the seat itself should be uniform, without white streaks. This suggests that during the manufacture of swing was used high-quality plastic. Also, all edges should be smooth, there should be no irregularities and roughness.The design should be intact, without cracks. Pay attention to the attachment points, they must be equipped with additional protection in the form of a metal built-in ring. If the rope passes simply through a plastic hole, then there is a high probability that a crack will appear there soon.

Wooden models should also be without roughness and irregularities. Run your hand over the surface, it should be perfectly smooth. A quality model must be varnished. Try to choose a swing with half-round seats, so that there are no sharp corners.

Choosing this or that model, be sure to look at the package recommendations for weight loads. So you can choose a model that will last several years.

Tips and tricks

Finally, we have a few tips that will help you properly and securely fasten the structure.

  1. Remember that these structures can not be mounted on the ceiling, which is made of plasterboard.
  2. Suspended construction can be mounted on the ceiling or in the doorway. This is done using a special hook and ropes.
  3. If you mount a swing in a doorway, then remember that the design can withstand a maximum of 20-25 kg. For a large child, riding on such a swing can be dangerous.
  4. For older children, it is better to fix the structure to the ceiling. It is important to use durable and reliable hooks. It is better to entrust this to professionals so that the baby can ride in complete safety.
  5. To prevent the appearance of the ceiling from being completely spoiled, use decorative accessories for hooks that will hide the mounting marks.

When installing the structure in one of the rooms, you need to remember that during rocking no foreign objects should interfere with the child. If there is a massive furniture or any other object, then the baby can hit him while swinging.

To learn how to make hanging swing for children, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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