Sunbeds for newborns: an overview of popular models and selection criteria

Sunbeds for newborns: an overview of popular models and selection criteria

Today, progress covers all aspects of our lives. There was no exception and such a vital area, as caring for a small child. There are more and more different new devices that make it easier. One of these innovations is the chaise lounge for newborns.

Special features

Chaise lounge for newborns - a small cot bed or a portable chair. A child in it assumes a sitting or lying position. The children's chaise lounge is intended for short stay of the kid in it. And he in no way replaces a children's bed.While in it, the child takes a pose or half-sitting, or reclining. In such an unnatural position, the children's spine receives an additional load, so the time spent in a lounge chair should not be more than one and a half to two hours. It is possible to use a children's chaise longue on reaching the baby of 1,5-2 months: at this time neck muscles begin to be strengthened.

Periodically, you need to change the position of the child, lowering the chaise longue-lounger to a strictly horizontal position. This will allow not to burden the immature children's spine. Usually, a deck chair is used until the baby is 6-9 months old, when he has a desire to move, move in space and explore the environment.

Each model of a chaise lounge has the restrictions on age and weight of the kid.

Why do you need?

Children's chaise lounge - an indispensable assistant to parents in everyday life. With the ability to transfer it, you can do household chores, and the child will be nearby in sight. Sun lounger can also be taken with you for a walk, to the country, on trips, as it is folded. In a lounge chair with different positions, the baby can take a nap, play, it can be fed in it.The positive side of using a deck chair is undeniable.

Consider the main ones.

  • Gives parents the opportunity to do household chores, keeping the child out of sight. And the baby will be happy to watch his parents without feeling lonely in the cradle.
  • There is an opportunity to swing the child, and in different directions in the lounge chairs-rocking chairs, which develops his vestibular apparatus and general physical condition.
  • The child studies the environment with the transfer of a lounge chair to different places, meets with objects that are still unfamiliar and interesting to him.
  • The presence of a developing aspect. Many of the models in the kit have toys, hanging rattles, carousels and even music panels. This not only entertains the child, but also introduces an element of the game.
  • The kid looks at colorful toys with curiosity, which has a positive effect on the development of eye muscles and contributes to the distinction of colors. He also touches toys of various materials with his fingers, thereby developing motor skills and sensory sensations.
  • Often models of chaise lounges with a removable table are used for feeding a child. Subsequently, it is used instead of a chair for baby feeding.
  • Ensures the safety of the baby, since the chaise longue has fixing belts that are soft, and the safety system has 3 fixation points, which prevents the child from falling or getting out of it.
  • It creates comfort: the seat design is made of soft materials, taking into account the anatomical shape of the body, which protects children's vertebral muscles from deformation. The seats can be installed in several different positions, allowing the child to take different positions - sitting, reclining, lying down.
  • You can take them for a walk.

But there are negative points. Many children's doctors warn about the dangers of using children's deck chairs until the child learns to steadily hold the head. Therefore, it is permissible to apply it at the age of four to five months. By this time, the spinal muscles became stronger, sensory reflexes and motor skills were formed and, sitting in a lounge chair, the child is able to entertain himself, playing with toys attached to the lounge chair.

The controversial point is the use of motion sickness in a lounge chair when laying the child to sleep. Thus, the well-known doctor Komarovsky E. negatively treats motion sickness.In his opinion, such a habit, if it does not affect the child’s health, may lead to nervous situations when putting the child to sleep. There is another negative point - the high price of a chaise longue with a relatively short time of its operation.


The modern market is filled with a large assortment of various lounge chairs for children. There are deck chairs and swings. They should not be confused, although they have many common characteristics. The equipment of both is similar: soft comfortable seats, the presence of numerous types of toys. Electrics differ from chaise lounges in that they use automatic swaying with vibration. The swinging speed and vibration rhythm is set at will. Electric swings are often equipped with armrests, headrests, a table, a tray for food, and they are also used as a chair when feeding.

Swings are intended only for older children who can sit on their own, and sun loungers for kids who have only learned to hold their heads.

Chaise lounges are divided into types according to different criteria.

  • Sun loungers with a fixed structure, suitable for children with a calm character and those who are sensitive to vibration.Rocking chairs, able to calm the baby, to prepare him for bed.
  • Stationary chair and mobile. Mobile has wheels that allow you to transport a child from one place to another, and clamps, securing the wheels and not allowing the deck chair to drive off itself.
  • Models with additional features. Additional features include such attributes: toys, lighting and musical elements. Simple models without any attributes.
  • Lounge chairs with remote and stationary control. With remote control, all manipulations are carried out at a distance using the remote control: adjusting the back posture, turning on and off the music and light elements, turning on the motion sickness mode. Stationary control provides for a control button device, placed in a high place out of reach of children.
  • Armchairs one-piece design and with a removable cradle, which are easy to carry.
  • Models with a fixed position and moving, capable of installing different, even horizontal positions of the backrest.
  • Electric children's chaise lounges in the form of rocking chairs or swings. Their advantage is that there is no need to buy fast batteries.In addition, they have a different rhythm of vibration. The negative point is the risk of electric shock, despite the safety measures. But you can use the adapter, charging the chair in the absence of the child and eliminating the direct contact of the baby with the electrical network.
  • Sun loungers for bathing newborns are a frame in the form of a slide with a soft cloth stretched over it. They serve for bathing infants with not yet developed musculoskeletal system. Their shape, which corresponds to the anatomy of the child’s body, reduces the muscular tension of the spine, while allowing it to move. Such chaise lounges are used from birth until the moment when the child can sit on his own.
  • By type of appointment there are rocking chairs and swings.

Lounge swings, in turn, are:

  • suspended - for newborns and older children; they are attached to the ceiling or in the doorway, but such chaise lounges do not guarantee the complete safety of the child;
  • floor - swings are fixed in special floor structures, working on finger batteries; The programmed control sets a certain swinging rhythm, chair turns and springy vibrations from top to bottom.

Outdoor lounger swings have a variety of design supports.

  • In the form of P - crossbar of double racks. They differ in ease and speed of installation and folding. Such designs additionally have locks to prevent arbitrary assembly of the deck chair.
  • Props with an oval (rounded) base, resembling the letter L, made of durable and heavy raw materials to create reliable stability.
  • With an oval base without side racks.

Rocking chairs for newborns have a complex structure, including a chair fixed on strong supports with a vibration mechanism and reliable seat belts. In addition, they are complemented by entertainment attributes, canopy from the sun.

By type of vibration rocking are:

  • with rocker vibration - standard model with a measured rocking chair;
  • with bouncer vibration - a recent innovation in the form of vibrating and springy oscillations of the chair.

Rating of the best models and manufacturers

A survey and analysis of the demand for sun loungers showed that the best manufacturers of children's goods, including sun loungers, are manufacturers: Babybjorn, chicco, Tiny love, Jetem, Graco, Babyton.

Given the positive feedback from consumers and various specialists, the best and most popular children's lounge chairs of the budget option include the following models: Caretero rancho for the best design and vibration, Tiny love for a maximum weight of 18 kg, Pituso Gerbera BR203 for an attractive price.

The best in price and quality were noted such models: 4moms Mama Roo for rocking by hand, Babybjorn balance soft for the largest age limit up to 2 years. Among chaise lounges, swing, the best models are recognized: Chicco Polly Swing Up for its equipment, Nuovita attento for the five-speed swing mode, Jetem surf for the folding frame and the presence of a timer.

Tiny love (Cote d'Azur) - Israeli-made lounge chair. This model can be used for a child from birth to one year and is designed for a weight of 18 kg. One of the advantages is the ability of the deck chair to be used in the form of a portable bed, which is convenient when traveling. The back can be installed in three positions, including horizontal. The chaise longue is added with an option of vibration, manual swing in the vertical direction. Convenient locking latch fixed position backrest. The musical element has seven different melodies and volume control.Game accessories are presented hanging arc with toys.

The legs of non-slip material increase the stability of the chair. Functions on batteries.

Bouncer tinny love - a very lightweight portable chaise lounge. Toys with light and musical effects that operate in different modes are attached to the arc that is removed: 15 minutes of programmed sounds and lighting effects, switching on music and light from touching a child to toys. It is possible to turn off the music and then only the light effect will act. The height of the bouncer can be adjusted for each child. Non-sliding feet increase the degree of safety, and the belts securely fix the baby, preventing it from falling. The chaise lounge is calculated on children weighing no more than 9 kg.

Jetem - from German manufacturers. The chaise lounge for children with three points of fixation meets in full all the safety requirements. The two-step folding principle provides a complete guarantee against spontaneous folding. Children's chairs Jetem in folding form are very compact, which allows them to be transported in the car. Of small weight and with pens, they are easily transferred to any place, even with a child.All items of fabric can be removed for washing.

The model range of this company is represented by such models: Jetem Surf and Jetem Relax. Surf Model is a chaise-longue swing, it can be used from the birth of a child to one and a half years, but with a weight limit of 11 kg. The back has two positions, one of them is horizontal. Three-speed vertical motion sickness is automatic. The undoubted advantages include the presence of a timer to set the time and swing rhythm. The model is complemented by a musical option with three melodies and volume control.

Safety is guaranteed by straps with 5 fixation points and stable legs made of non-slip materials. The package also includes a cover, adapter, soft gasket with a removable headrest.

Main distinguishing feature Relax models is the design of the seat, rotating the axis on a full turn (360 degrees). This allows the child, turning, to observe the movements of the parents. There is also a manual motion sickness, when using which the chair becomes a rocking chair. Safety is provided by straps with 5 fixation points, and the chair itself is deeper and wider.Legs with rubber pads do not allow the chair to roll over. Another modern addition distinguishes this model - an MP3 connection. Songs and music will entertain the child.

Babybjorn - Representative of Swedish manufacturers. Sun loungers provide for use from birth to two years of age child. The metal base of the seat is covered with a soft cloth bed without coarse pads. The depth of the seat is not very large, which is undoubtedly a minus. The chair has 3 tilt positions, which are easily installed with a handle with a lock, it is also used for folding the seat. In the chair the child is fixed with double-sided straps. When the baby moves, the seat swings easily. When a child reaches the age of one, it is possible to use a deck chair as a stool for feeding. Additional accessories in the form of music, toys, vibrations are absent.

Model of this company Balance soft - it is a folding children's chaise lounge calculated on age till 2 years and weight of 13 kg. According to the functional characteristics, it will not yield to other models: 3 positions of the backrest, up to the horizontal. Manual motion sickness has a vertical direction (up and down).The special lock increases safety as it provides stability to the deck chair. An important detail: the legs that do not slip, which also affects the safety.

Chicco - Italian-made lounge chairs. The model range is very wide and includes such models: Chicco Balloon Baby, Chicco Mia Bouncer, Chicco Jolie, Chicco Polly Swing Up and others. Chicco Polly Swing Up is a model of electric and last-hit sales. A positive distinction of the model is the remote control system. Sun lounger swing is permissible to use for children from birth to six months of age with a weight limit of 9 kg. The back has two inclined positions, and the third is horizontal. Vertical motion sickness has 4 automatic modes. The model is considered the best in the configuration, consisting of a removable chair, a visor with toys, a cover.

Babyton Under the Babyton brand in Russia stands a wide range of products for children produced in China. Among these products are very popular children's beach chairs. They are intended for children from birth on reaching a weight of 9 kg. The seats are made according to the anatomy of the body of the child from a soft material. Straps with 3 fixation points securely hold the baby in the chair.Small in size and light in weight, deck chairs are easily transferred using a special belt. The developing design of a chaise lounge provides its transformation into a cradle. Included are hanging toys.

Graco. The American company, which manufactures products for children, is known in Russia mainly for its swings and loungers. Model Graco Travel Lite has great popularity and demand. This children's chaise lounge, easy and comfortable, can be used for babies on reaching weight of 9 kg. The padded, headrest-equipped seat is equipped with a light vibration function. The awning attached to a chaise lounge will close the bright sun. Simple construction going in a bag that can be transported. The musical addition is represented by a large selection of classical music, as well as the sounds of nature.

Graco Snuggle Swing Model - This is a chaise longue swing, working mainly from the mains, but there are options with the use of batteries. Weight limit swing is 13.5 kg. Safety is guaranteed by fixing belts at 5 points. At the back of 6 tilt positions, including horizontal. Auto-motion sickness provides 6 speeds and has 3 directions: vertical, horizontal - right-left and back-forward.The musical addition consists of 10 different melodies, there is a volume control. Caretero Rancho - Polish chairs. This model is awarded the nomination for the best design. The chaise lounge has only weight restriction - 18 kg, but not age.

It can serve:

  • portable bed with manual swing in the vertical direction and vibration, with the back unfolding in 4 positions, up to the horizontal and fixing the back of the back;
  • for feeding the baby, as it has a removable table.

Good safety is guaranteed by 5 point locking belts and stable legs. The addition is a mosquito net. The assembled chaise lounge is placed in a special cover and can be transported.

From budget options for sun loungers Petuso Gerbera BR203 is one of the best. Simplicity and ease of operation are appreciated by users. The chaise lounge can be used when the child reaches the age of 9 months, and the maximum weight is 11 kg. Legs that do not slip on the surface, and straps with fixation in 3 points - a guarantee of safety. It differs from other models by the presence of a hood with colorful toys suspended to it.It has a soft liner that can be washed. The chaise lounge is convenient for using as a portable bed, the developing mechanism will allow to transfer it or to transport. Rocking is done vertically by hand, the back is set in 4 different positions to horizontal.

There are also good reviews for Chicco Balloon Baby, Jetem Premium, Happy baby jolly loungers.

How to choose the perfect option?

Choosing a chaise lounge for your child, first of all you need to decide on its appearance.

They are:

  • Mechanical - in the presence of many functions they have one drawback - it is necessary to rock the child manually.
  • Electronic models. They have a huge advantage in auto-motion sickness with built-in vibration devices.
  • Electronic, imitating motion sickness on hands. These models can later be used as a chair for feeding.
  • Models of the combined type - chaise longue-swing.

Each chaise longue has its own weight and age limits, and this has an impact on the types of different back positions and their number. Therefore, the main criterion for choosing a sun lounger is the age of the child.

Also need to consider:

  • The size and weight of the lounge chair, depends on the ability to carry it.
  • Principle of use: portable or stationary model.
  • Used to make the material. For children are useful natural fabrics that do not cause allergies. It is desirable that the covers were removed from the seat for washing. The plastic frame lasts longer and is easy to clean. Wooden structures are expensive, but environmentally friendly.
  • Safety guarantee. In equipping sun loungers, there must be seat belts, special linings and inserts for toddlers. The frame itself should not have any sharp protruding parts, and all the structural elements should fit well together.

The frame of the lounger should have a stable, with an extended base and manufactured and durable materials.

  • Dimensions (width and depth) of the child seat, its shape in accordance with the anatomical features of the children's body, the ability to change the position of the backrest.
  • Existence of handles for carrying of a chaise lounge.
  • Additional features: gaming accessories in the form of hanging toys, musical additions, as well as the presence of vibration, remote control from a distance, a protective visor. Models with various functions will entertain the child.
  • The price, which is both budget and very expensive.

When choosing a deck chair, you need to choose a swing with a metal base as plastic or wood can not provide one hundred percent safety. In the swing chair should be a special anatomical soft liners. According to many parents, children's chaise lounges, especially rocking chairs, are a good helper in everyday life. Its use frees up time for parents: the child self-entertains himself in a lounge chair, and the mother does household chores.

A wide range of models of lounge chairs will allow you to choose a high-quality, safe, diverse design and affordable option for all tastes of consumers.

How to choose a chaise lounge for newborns, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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