How to choose a wallpaper in the nursery for boys?

 How to choose a wallpaper in the nursery for boys?

Wallpaper - perhaps the most versatile material for wall decoration. It is quite difficult to choose them in a specific case. It is worth taking advantage of other people's ready-made experiences, rather than trying to solve this problem on their own.

Color palette and drawing

Graffiti wall decoration is quite common in teenage rooms.

Such elements contribute to:

  • self-affirmation of the inhabitants;
  • increase the dynamic image;
  • the formation of a specific youth flavor.

Whether to use luminous dyes for graffiti is a question that does not have an unequivocal answer.Yes, it looks spectacular and elegant, but often creates difficulties for sleep. The strip should not be perceived only as a way to decorate the walls. With its help, correct the perception of the size of the room. Due to the vertical lines, the room becomes higher, and the use of horizontal patterns contributes to the expansion of the territory.

Pictures are selected individually. This takes into account the temperament in the first place, and not subjective desires. To certain cartoons and other subjects may disappear, the main properties of the character will remain. The widespread green color is universal, adaptable to the most different conditions. Among the warm tonalities preferred herbal, apple and mint, and cold tones are completely unacceptable.

Types of materials

Wallpaper is primarily associated with the paper-coated walls. This material is used most often. Paper wallpaper almost never contains chemicals. Low durability can be considered a disadvantage only conditionally. The fact is that children of all ages are very actively drawing, sticking photos and other images, making out the surrounding space.Therefore, paper wallpaper fully meet the requirements of children.

For reliability and water resistance are very good non-woven wallpaper. In addition, they can cover defective parts of the walls. It is permissible to repaint flizelin, but it also has a minus: it will be quite expensive to glue the walls with flizelin. Because it is useful to consider other options. The so-called liquid wallpaper has a high environmental friendliness and practical value. If the wall covering is deformed, it is fairly easy to restore it - you just need to add an extra layer. The surface can be easily stencilled with liquid wallpaper of alternative colors.

Photowall-papers which show the most different images are rather popular. Wall murals are a type of paper coating, they have the same base. With the help of this material it is easy to distribute zones, set accents. The cost of photographic wallpaper is relatively small, because you can adjust the interiors without any problems. The plots are very diverse - movie characters, famous athletes, and many other images may also be present.

As for cork and bamboo, the main characteristics will be:

  • impressive degree of environmental friendliness;
  • containment of extraneous sounds;
  • harmonious texture;
  • a small number of colors.

We take into account the age of the child

The tastes and priorities of children change over time. Therefore it is necessary to take into account the most attractive colors, to master the combination of wallpaper with other decorative materials. At a very early age, when the child has not yet left the crib or is just beginning to take the first steps, the variety of tonalities is unlimited. It is best to use all the same saturated colors. To heat interest, you need to use large prints.

In the area for leisure is to stick wallpaper emotionally balanced colors. Otherwise, fear and sleep disorders are almost guaranteed. In order not to alter the room later, when the child is 7 years old, 8, 10, 12 - it is advisable to prefer basic pastel colors. Later, you can only add individual decorative details.

Between 2 and 5 years there is already an understanding of what is suitable and what is not pleasant. There are already preferred colors, cartoons and individual movies. These motifs can be safely used to decorate the room.Often the interior is saturated with natural tonalities, it is permissible to use photo wallpapers and decorating stickers. The most common colors are yellow, bluish and greenish parts of the gamut. For active children, you should choose calm colors, but yellow and orange colors are recommended for phlegmatic babies.

Since it is precisely from 2 to 5 years, it is difficult to control drawing on the wall, you must use wallpaper that can be painted. At that level, where the children just can not get it, you can glue the usual "liquid wallpaper." This approach allows you to make the next repair cheaper.

Sooner or later, comes the most difficult age - from 5 to 9 years. At this point, it is not recommended to get involved in aggressive, screaming colors.

The best choice in this case - washable wallpaper monotonous color. Their original appearance is most easily restored. Will not cause problems and repainting in a different color. Since schoolchildren already need a specific study area, it should be visually separated from the playing and sleeping segments. It is important: you should not try to “change” the opinion of the children themselves, much more accurately listen to him or at least find a compromise.

In the interval from 9 to 12 years, the area of ​​interests grows noticeably, there are already the first hobbies and passions. Any children with normal mental development should have friends who come home. So that nothing distracts from learning and other quiet activities, the work area is drawn up with saturated blue, green and yellow fruit shades. One bright place must be allocated, but you should not get involved in the organization of such points. Two or more are already redundant.

The time from 12 to 16 years brings new trends. All motives that clearly refer to the previous "childishness" are categorically unacceptable. Restrained and even moderately brutal room for this age will be the perfect solution. Whatever color and shade is preferred, it is worth making it the most thick, sharpen the color characteristic. Frilly geometry is contraindicated, it is best to use simple and concise lines, shapes.

In preschool age, it is useful to use fabulous motifs, numbers and letters for the walls. The original idea would also be the sea and car styling, but here it is necessary to take into account the inclinations of both the children and their parents.When decorating a room for schoolchildren, you should already think about such options as ancient maps, anchors, spacecraft and favorite animals.

When you reach adolescence, you should first classify the interests of the following groups:

  • sport;
  • nature in general;
  • geography and travel;
  • sea ​​and ocean;
  • air Transport;
  • cars;
  • cinema and so on.

For teenagers, it is good to decorate walls with abstract motifs and rich ornaments. Sometimes it is advisable to use a combination of mutually contrasting tones. It is worth remembering that from 10 to 16 years of age, priorities can change suddenly, up to a complete reversal of tastes and preferences. In order to “please” as much as possible, it is useful to give preference to the style of your favorite musical direction (notes, idols, photos from concerts, lyrics, symbols, and just the names of groups). This is almost a win-win solution.

Tips for choosing

Wallpaper in the nursery for boys should be selected not only taking into account age. Required to take into account the specifics of the room. So, in a relatively small space, a sample of bad taste will be a glut of walls with bright shades, especially if large prints are additionally printed on them.Regardless of age, this will provoke discomfort and create a feeling of tightness.

Very well, of course, when there is enough space in the room, but in this case the requirements for design also change. The monotonous light color of the walls, finely detailed drawing can create the impression of an indifferent and lifeless space. In rooms with high ceilings and a significant total area it makes sense to expand the use of bright colors. It would be nice to provide expressive attributes that coincide with the general stylistic concept.

Many children, and especially teenagers, are addicted to nautical themes. You can please them with photo murals with sailing ships, with views of tropical islands, with ocean sunsets and reproductions of famous marine painters.

For lovers of romance in general, take off airplanes, balloons, the view from the height of nature and various exotic cities, ancient monuments. You can choose beautiful wallpaper in the bedroom with any of these preferences, but it is important to remember about peace. Just a sailboat looks good, but from the battle scenes, scorching weapons and the like should refrain.

Whenever possible, we must give preference to environmentally friendly materials. It is easy to find out if the selected wallpaper meets this requirement. It is enough to require a certificate. In the absence of it or at the slightest delay in the demonstration of the purchase must be abandoned. Environmental safety is equally important in a room for small children and for “almost adults”! It is worth thinking about reliability, about the ability of the coating to serve for several years without repair.

The room in which two boys live at once should take into account their peculiarities. The situation in personal areas should take into account the interests and wishes. Alternation of colors in the gamut is allowed. If it is difficult to figure out which color to prefer, you need to make a choice in favor of the blue color - it perfectly matches the maritime and aviation topics. In other styles such tone looks neutral.

For a bright selection use only one wall. Otherwise there will be a glut of the room. As the basis of the background is to choose a pattern of small size. It is better to refuse vinyl wall-paper in a nursery. They are impermeable to air flow and harmful to health.It is undesirable to use wallpaper from velor. They collect a lot of dust. Therefore, for children's rooms such a decision is hardly acceptable. At registration it is necessary to strictly observe harmony and to achieve a holistic appearance. Even an insignificant part, the selection of which made a mistake, destroys the whole concept.

Monochromatic coloring for young children is categorically unacceptable. For them, it looks extremely boring. Choosing a wallpaper in the spirit of graffiti, we must remember the harmonious combination of color and size of the picture with the decor in the room. The easiest way to combine wallpaper with modern furniture. Along with the classic option (black and white photographs), you can choose pictures in bright colors with original inscriptions.

Therefore, the popular belief that graffiti is chosen only by lovers of catchy and challenging subjects is incorrect. But the age specificity of the drawings should be carefully considered. So, stripes, various toys, even cars and airplanes of toy format are suitable only for children up to 3 years old. In the older age group preferred monotonous products. Large and medium bands can be used boldlyJust do not confuse the strip with a small stripe.

Many children to the space theme. It will be reasonable to use similar plots in the design of their rooms. Game tables are usually converted to ship control panels. And the bedroom or the immediate surroundings of the crib turn into a kind of capsule. A more versatile solution - the starry sky.

The huge popularity of anime has even led to the pushing of classic cartoons to the side. If a child likes such scenes, it is necessary to focus on the emotional richness of the finish. It is necessary to focus efforts on a reflection of exciting adventures and dynamic change of events. For your information: since the anime is a whole concept, it is advisable to select, in accordance with its spirit, not only wallpaper, but also other elements of the room. With regard to automotive topics, at an early age recommended three-dimensional wallpaper.

The choice of wallpaper for children of primary school age is best done with them. Joint visit to the store will not only satisfy the personal request of the boys. This will help build self-esteem. Additionally, responsibility increases and aesthetic taste is developed.In case of differences in tastes with adults, you should try to politely and calmly explain why this or that wallpaper variant is not suitable for purchase.

At the age of 11 years and older, it is no longer possible to ignore not only the general “like / dislike” marks, but also statements about color, about the objects shown. So time for a joint trip to the store must be found. At a later age (14 years and older), the participation of adults in the selection gradually decreases. At a certain point, it is better to limit it only to the task of the price level and the cutting off of clearly absurd, extravagant options. To avoid any disputes at the very purchase, everything must be carefully coordinated and discussed in advance, still at home.

When selecting plots according to hobbies, you should avoid common mistakes. So, if children are inspired by sports, a win-win option - balls and other projectiles, types of stadiums and racetracks. Rooms for nature lovers are made mainly in a neutral range. Among the sea plots unacceptable compositions that contain mermaids, dolphins. And one more, the most important recommendation - sometimes it makes sense to deviate from all possible patterns and rules in order to get the optimal result.

Successful options in the interior

This photo shows a view of a room for younger students and preschoolers. The main wall is decorated with numbers on a white background. The wall at the window is covered with the material in the blue cell, which further enhances the romance of the interior. It demonstrates a different approach to the embodiment of the balance of blue and white colors. A monolithic dark blue wall at the window is oddly combined with a white surface, speckled with stars.

The authors of this room clearly sought to embody the spirit of the popular movie “Cars”. Reflects a variety of moments and scenes of the picture. Cars traveling towards each other are shown; a light range of approximately the same color is used. The difference is only in texture. This wallpaper is like children.

On how to choose wallpaper in the nursery for boys, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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