Choosing wallpapers in the nursery for girls

The design of the children's room for the girl occupies an important place in the process of repairing the entire apartment. It is the nursery that will serve for many years as a place where your child will spend most of his time. Undoubtedly, parents are faced with the task not only of creating acceptable conditions for their daughter to live, but also of creating psychological comfort in the room. A special role is given to the choice of wallpaper and some interior accessories, as these things create peace and comfort in the room, thereby having a positive effect on the psycho-emotional state of the child. This is especially important for girls: even this, at first glance, trifle, as a competent choice of wallpaper, namely, photo wallpaper, will allow the little princess to instill a sense of beauty, create a unique atmosphere.

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Color selection

As a rule, the question of the color of the photo wallpaper is decided on the basis not only of the age of your child, but also of his taste preferences and hobbies. However, conscious preferences are not formed immediately, so that variants of pastel colors are fine for newborn babies: pale blue, pale pink, peach with fabulous motifs.

For older children, the picture hardly changes: Pastel colors will perfectly fit into the nursery and create the right atmosphere. However, dark shades should be avoided: such a color decision can adversely affect the child's psyche, given that at this age the child has a vivid imagination. If you want any experiments, then you should pay attention to floral prints. Wall mural in the nursery of a girl can be from her favorite cartoon, colorful and bright.

Children of preschool and school age already have hobbies, favorite characters of books or cartoons - so you can take one of the walls to their image. The appropriate wallpapers will help you in this - an interesting and extremely useful find for those who want to diversify their interior.

Do not forget that with the passage of the years the enthusiasm of the girls changes, the love of the cartoon characters gives way to heart-felt experiences.

Photos of pastel tones with love motifs will come to replace the heroes of the books. They will give the girl the delicate mental organization and create an atmosphere of comfort and peace.

At any age of a child, it is desirable to avoid dark colors of photo wallpapers: from a psychological point of view, such colors are depressing.

Children's room - a room that requires a special approach to the design. Here the quality of the materials used and the specifics of the finishing itself are important. Photowall-paper will be successful in terms of originality. You can order the following options for a digital print: animals, nature, abstraction in the form of various geometric shapes and a family photo.

Specifics of choice

Those wishing to use wallpaper will have to choose from a wide range of solutions. To create optimal conditions for rest and development of your daughter, you should pay attention to the following features.

  1. Making out a bedroom for the girl, many choose a digital print in the form of a fantastic plot. Favorite characters will create the necessary playing area.Here not only the picture with Barbie or Disney characters will be a good solution. Every child is different: even airplanes or dinosaurs will do if your daughter is fond of them.
  2. Both the boy and the girl will like widescreen pictures in the form of palaces and apartments in them.
  3. Children from 2 to 5 years old will like bright juicy shades containing the minimum number of drawings. The optimal subject: the seasons, a portrait of a child, animals.
  4. A girl of school age will appreciate the bright flower arrangement with butterflies. Relaxing landscapes in the form of futuristic motifs or space will also be a good option.

Please note: wall pasting with wall murals involves the creation of a separate zone. Remaining sites should be monophonic.

Many girls at the age of 5, 7 or 12 years old prefer gentle tones in the design of their rooms.


Making a child’s room for a girl is always a creative and individual process. The walls of the nursery are the main part of the room, thanks to which the girl will have certain emotions, feelings, and develop her imagination. That is why when choosing wallpaper in the nursery you need to take a non-standard approach, not limited to the choice of one tone or pattern.

Of course, in carrying out repairs in the apartment I want the design of all the rooms to fit into one concept. However, do not forget that the child simply can not be interested in minimalist paintings in the style of, for example, Jackson Pollock. Therefore, when decorating a child's room, remember only that your baby should be happy when he comes into his room, and not find it boring and uninteresting.

With the help of a different type of wallpaper, you can divide the room into zones: play, bedroom, a zone where the child will perform various tasks.

Also, the use of wallpaper with a variety of drawings, can produce a visual effect in the room, expanding it in width or height, or hiding any irregularities on the walls.

The most common methods of non-standard use of wallpaper in the nursery are the following.

  • Combining vertically. As a rule, this technique involves several different types of photo wallpapers, which do not match in the drawings. This method will allow to achieve a visual increase in the room height.
  • Horizontal combination. This method involves the additional bordering of the walls, and the joints of the strips themselves can be made in the form of curved lines.All this will allow to achieve a visual expansion of the children's room, however, the ceiling in this case will seem rather low. With a horizontal combination of photo wallpaper, the whole room is pasted over using the same combination of drawings, without focusing on any one wall. As a rule, the lower level of the walls is made about 1 meter high and is pasted over with a darker color than the upper one. Also for non-standard design of the room, you can try to make layers of different thickness, which will allow to achieve a visual expansion of the room.

The main thing to remember when decorating a room for a girl is that it is important for the child to create an atmosphere of warmth, tenderness and kindness.

Making out the children's room with photo wallpapers, you can focus on one wall, which is distinguished with bright wallpapers. Also, if this wall has projections or columns, you can select them. The most interesting is the combination of a photo drawing made in one tone and bright wallpaper around its perimeter. Alternatively, you can try to combine the wallpaper "screaming" tones and canvas with a pattern of "polka" or a strip.

If the nursery itself is small, but there are niches in it, then you can try to visually push the walls apart and make the room visually longer.To do this, it is recommended to paste over such niches with dark-colored wallpapers, and to make the main tone of the walls light and to paste over with photo wallpapers.

You can decorate the wall in the nursery with the help of a homemade panel, made using the remnants of the framework or foam plinths and wallpaper. The main thing is that the internal tones in such a frame have a fundamental difference from the main color of the walls.

Such a panel is quite possible to make together with a child and turn this activity into an exciting game.

Another way of pasting walls with wall murals in the nursery is the wall-to-ceiling method. In this case, the wallpaper with your favorite characters, pasted on the wall, can be glued to the ceiling, which will allow the girl to admire them even falling asleep. The main thing that needs to be taken into account, using this option of finishing - if the ceilings in the apartment or house are low, then the wallpaper must be bright in color.

One of the latest and most topical methods for decorating a child's room is the finishing of one wall under the “quilt”. This finish is achieved by combining different in color, size, pattern wallpaper. The remaining walls in the room are best made monotonous.

An overview of the beautiful interior of the children's room with photo wallpaper is shown in the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes.For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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