Choosing wallpaper in the nursery for boys

Interior decoration in the nursery - a serious and responsible work. And this concerns not only the high-quality protection of the walls of the room, but also the formation of the good taste of the little inhabitant, his perception of the surrounding world. The design of the child’s room is also the design of the child’s personal space, especially when it comes to the boy’s place of residence.


First you need to decide what material should be made wallpaper for the children's room, because, apart from the external beauty and giving the room a unique impression, they must be of high quality and not harm the health of the child.

Today, manufacturers offer more than one type of wall covering.

  • The most economical and common are paper wallpaper. Their main plus is the complete absence of chemicals in the composition. Some parents regard this choice with doubt: paper wallpapers are short-lived and absolutely do not tolerate moisture. In this situation, this can be considered as a plus: the younger child loves to draw on wall coverings, thus expressing his attitude to the world and the love of creativity. Scratching children's drawings from paper wallpapers is almost impossible - it is better to let the boy enjoy the opportunity to dream up and then change them, since the price for such a wallpaper option is low.
  • Vinyl wallpapers at a price slightly higher than the previous ones. This option is considered because of their strength and water resistance: it is very easy to scrub various stains and patterns from the coating with a simple damp cloth. The appearance of the product does not lose its attractiveness for many years, and in the shops today you can find vinyl wallpaper with a variety of patterns for the younger man. The only disadvantage of this wall covering is airtightness.
  • Non-woven wallpaper flexible and safe. Especially attractive is the fact that they can be painted to your own taste.This wall covering can visually hide all the defects of the walls, but it is not cheap.
  • Liquid wallpaper - also a great option for decorating a boy's room. Practical, have no specific smell, easily fall on any surface. They are perfectly laundered - ideal for a creative kid. Many parents are stopped in this case only by the price of the wallpaper.
  • One of the most expensive wall coverings are wallpapers, sometimes they are made from fabric material. Such wallpapers allow you to create a fairytale world in a child’s room: the characters of your favorite TV series and cartoons can appear on the room’s walls.
  • Absolutely environmental experts recognize cork and bamboo wallpaper. They have a nice structure, they are practically soundproof, but they are expensive.

Color ranges

An important factor is the moment of choice of colors for the young man, especially since due to the professional combination of wallpaper shades you can divide the room into several zones, if necessary.

For a child in infancy, it is recommended to choose saturated colors, usually these are “male” shades: green, blue,golden.

You can use wallpaper with a print or dilute monochrome application.

Child after 2 years already beginning to understand what he likes more. He chooses a wall with cartoon characters, determined with his favorite color. Usually at this age, preferable bright colors: green, orange, blue. You can pick up a boy for wallpaper-coloring and glue the bottom of the wall with them, and in the area where he does not reach, use liquid wallpaper.

From the age of 5 to 9 years the boy is most active. He needs to try everything, pull and paint.

You do not need to choose wall coverings with an aggressive, annoying color, on the contrary, to somehow balance the activity of the baby, choose pastel colors.

It is better at this age to divide the room with wallpaper into zones, then the child will have a place for toys, an area for lessons and a sleeping place. At this age, wallpaper will suit the nursery, for boys it is especially interesting, they can already “advise” parents, which is now in “trend”.

Boys from 10 to 12 years old prefer to choose calm colors: blue, green, blue or peach.These shades will help the child to focus on the lessons.

But if he needs bright spots in a relaxed atmosphere, you can again resort to zoning: one of the walls to present in the color scheme that the child likes most.

After 12 years the teenager himself decides that he likes it more. He does not recognize any "childish" elements in his room. It is clear that at this age he will choose deeper shades: purple, green and blue.

Original plots

In order to make the room of the child stylish and interesting, in the very young age of his, you can use wallpaper with family photos. Then the atmosphere in the nursery will be cozy and warm.

For an older child, it is recommended to select wall coverings with original plots from fairy tales or cartoons.

But, of course, the most "running" pictures for the future of men will be cars, photos of famous athletes or images of movie characters.

Some boys from childhood are addicted to the marine theme. To do this, parents purchased the wallpaper with the images of the ships on one wall, while others are simply made out in blue shades.For plausibility, you can put a "pirate" box in one of the corners and hang the ropes.

The design of the room, of course, depends on the preferences of the child. Usually at a young age they are interested in sporting events, they can attract different landscapes of exotic islands, motorcycles and cars, favorite singers or musicians, they are also interested in graffiti. The latter will create an impression of unusualness and will arouse genuine interest among his friends.

What to consider when choosing?

When choosing a wallpaper for the room of a younger boy, it is necessary to consider its size and layout. If the room is small, then it is the wallpaper of light colors that will help to visually increase the square of meters. If there is a lot of furniture in the room, and now modular models are very popular, then it is preferable to choose wallpaper without a large pattern. Here again, the possibility of zoning a room with the help of the color scheme and the structure of wall coverings comes to the rescue. One wall, for example, is set aside for a bright picture - the same wallpaper, original decor or print, and the remaining walls can be pasted over with light wallpaper without drawings.

If two teenagers live in the same room, zoning will create a personal space for everyone.

If there is only one window in the room, it is preferable to have a neutral color wall: then you can avoid the external “variegation” of the room.

And also pay attention to the color of the furniture: it also should not be screaming shades.

The lack of natural light can also be compensated by the color of the wall covering. Beige, golden and even orange wallpapers will add light to a small dark room.

Indoors, spacious and bright will look very good with motley prints wallpaper, and various geometric patterns will give it a special chic, especially since their relevance has not decreased for many years.

Environmental friendliness

As mentioned above, the wallpaper in the nursery should not only please the eye, but also be safe for the child. Choosing them, be sure to look in the instructions of what material they are made of.

Experts believe that non-woven wallpaper is the safest, but some unscrupulous manufacturers go for different tricks, presenting their product as non-woven wallpaper.

This is not quite true: trying to “fit” the product to vinyl, more expensive,they add such harmful substance as formaldehyde to the wallpaper, which, when burned, adversely affects the human nervous system. Fortunately, this happens quite rarely, but it is better to err and carefully study the information on the instructions.

It is recommended to pay attention to the glue for wallpaper, starting to repair in the nursery.

Consult with experts, which of the products is safer, and be sure to ventilate the room after pasting.


Room for a boy can be not only a comfortable room, but also the most beloved and comfortable. The main thing is to take into account the interests of the child, to try to reach an agreement with him if your opinion does not coincide with his decision.

Kids will enjoy the bright wallpaper, on which there are favorite characters of fairy tales.

When the child starts walking independently, it will be interesting for him to “decorate” the design of the room himself - pick up wall coverings washed from the child’s arts.

And when your grown up kid demands to replace “cartoon” wallpaper with more serious ones, it’s better to support him in this. Then he will be happy to be on the territory of his personal space, will be able to fully engage in lessons or rest.

If a boy is older than 10 years, then he may even give up various characters on the wall of his room. Choose him wallpaper with a geometric pattern: such models emphasize the feature of the space, and in tandem with the original furniture will make the room a magical place.

Striped wallpaper will make the room wider, you can choose the boy's taste, given his desires.

If a teenager still insists on a story background, go to the store with him and select those wall coverings that will fully suit his taste.

Interesting examples in the interior

Designers offer a lot of options for decorating a children's room for boys. An interesting option can be almost white wallpaper. To make the room not resemble a hospital ward, add bright spots to it, for example, brightly colored furniture, hang original decorations on the walls: guitar, photos in the original frames, you can even use imitation signs of road signs or announcements.

If your teenager is restless, hyperactive, then pick him up the interior in discreet shades: green or brown.

Originality will give the room and wallpaper in the style of "loft": a brick or concrete. Choose wooden furniture, appropriate accessories, and your young heir will get a lot of pleasure from living in a stylish and fashionable room.

On how to choose the right wallpaper for your child, see in the video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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