Wall mural with a world map in the interior of the nursery

Today, interior design plays a significant role in family life. Increasingly, classic style is being replaced by non-standard and creative solutions. Parents are especially attentive to the design of the children's room, because it should not just be bright and cozy, but also educational. Competently chosen interior design can encourage a child to creative thinking and curiosity. One of the best solutions for the design of a nursery is photo wallpaper with a world map.

Features, advantages and disadvantages

Photowall-paper is suitable not only for children's rooms, but also for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms. This impressive surroundings like the owners and guests, which is not surprising. It is beautiful and practical at the same time.

Decorating the walls with photo wallpapers has a lot of advantages:

  • they are easy to glue, you can handle yourself;
  • a large selection of textures and drawings, there is an option for every taste;
  • it is modern, stylish, the idea dilutes even the most strict interior;
  • Wall murals look spectacular and set the mood in the house.

For children, the visual component is especially important, as they know the world and learn to think figuratively. The development of the baby is affected by the hue, brightness, sharpness of color, as well as the nature of the plot. Making the right choice will help cultivate certain traits, qualities, and even habits.

Children tend to reach for discoveries and adventures. Wall mural with a map of the world contributes to a dreamy mood and encourages the exploration of everything new and unknown. Children want to be travelers and sailors, fantastic images and stories emerge in their rich imagination, which are then expressed in creativity. It is for this reason that parents so often choose wallpaper with a world map for the children's room.

In addition, this decoration expands the horizons and instills a love of history, geography.

The era of the Internet reduces the interest in literature, especially cognitive. Information is now available to almost everyone in unlimited quantities, it is only necessary to enter a request into a search engine.A huge map of the world before your eyes opens a wonderful world of continents, countries, cities, rivers and lakes to your child. If a kid notices an interesting city, he will be curious to learn more about how this city works, what kind of people live in it, what language they speak and what they wear. So you can instill in a small person the value of books and knowledge.

Nevertheless, these photo wallpapers have several minor flaws:

  • these products will not fit well into the classical style of the interior, it is also difficult to imagine them in a rustic or baroque style;
  • when choosing such photo wallpapers, the nature of the child must be taken into account - they can be glued only if the subject of geography is interested in the child, and he wants to explore the world;
  • young children of preschool age may prefer bright cartoon figures to strict and large-scale map features.

The basis for drawing

The choice of photo wallpapers with a map of the world should start with the material.

  • Traditional paper Wallpaper "breathe", save money and time for pasting walls. However, such a surface is easily damaged, especially in the nursery. It is impossible to wash off unintentional spots and scribbles from them. And besides, the paper web is fading fast.
  • Vinyl Wallpaper is easy to clean, and their strength in the nursery is relevant. However, the environmental friendliness of the coating is still under discussion, and a fungus often lays under the air-tight surface.
  • Laminated Wallpaper has all the advantages of vinyl, but at the same time breathable and safe. In addition, the fibrous coating often perfectly imitates fabric.
  • Fabric The wallpapers are expensive and look truly luxurious. Such a surface needs regular maintenance and, alas, is subject to fading.

Based on the above materials, you can create a drawing with a 3D effect.

Varieties of cartographic images

The card style is interesting to choose with the child, focusing on the interests and age.

  • Nautical charts depict oceans or seas with ribbons of coasts, prevailing currents and underwater terrain. Choose cards in a calm and peaceful blue-blue range.
  • The political map of the world is suitable for older students. Its difference from others is drawing borders of states.
  • The physical map of the world is the most colorful and informative. The scale of heights is colored from dark blue for ocean troughs to rich brown Himalayas.
  • Maps of flora and fauna will appeal to younger students. Usually they are made in bright and rich colors.
  • The old map can be a copy of the original of the 16th century with only two continents or a modern, stylized antique map. In such images, undoubtedly, the spirit of pirate treasures and adventures is felt.
  • You can choose a small-scale map of your country or native region.

It is worth thinking about preserving scale when drawing a picture so that a child with a ruler could easily turn centimeters into real distances.


If you want to use in your interior wallpaper, Designers can give some tips on how to arrange their children's room.

  • It is recommended not to glue the whole room with beautiful elements. In this case, the most advantageous option would be the decoration of bright photowall-paper of only one wall out of four, while the rest should be painted or pasted over with light pastel wallpaper (for example, beige, white, mint). Against the background of soft colors, wallpapers with a world map can become a bright design element that will be pleasing to the eye.
  • Colors should be chosen, taking into account other elements of the interior, including furniture or curtains.
  • If the room in which you want to glue wallpapers is not very large, you should avoid too bright colors of the world map and give preference to selecting parts of the world in one color, and in water latitudes - in another.
  • Calm and deep colors on the map can create the effect of volume and depth in a small room, which will visually increase the size of the nursery, and the child will get the impression that there is much more space.
  • It is recommended to place the wallpaper on the visible part of the wall, but it does not force the room extra furniture. Particular attention should be paid to the fact that the wall plastered with photo wallpaper, it is better to leave half-empty. Such a technique will advantageously emphasize the space and allocate furniture and furnishings, creating additional comfort.
  • Design room design is worth emphasizing thematic accessories to create a harmonious atmosphere. An important role will be played by decorative elements that can be used as an ornament. And when choosing accessories for a nursery, one should first of all be guided by its dimensions: forSpacious rooms allow you to choose bigger things, and desktop things, for example, a small globe or a little chest, will fit perfectly into a small nursery.
  • The beauty of the World Map photowall-paper can be highlighted even brighter if you frame it with a frame. This technique will help to enrich the appearance of the nursery, along with all the interior items.
  • You can safely choose a map of any texture and theme, of any type and size, it all depends on the preferences of the person. The main thing is how much the map will fit into the picture of the interior as a whole. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the tastes and interests of the family itself, and also to pay attention to the effect that the world map has on the child.

The choice of each person is individual.

In order to choose the perfect wallpaper with a world map for a child’s room, it’s worth considering more than one option and, in the end, choosing the map that will appeal to all family members.

For how to glue wallpapers, see the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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