Tips for choosing children's photo wallpaper

 Tips for choosing children's photo wallpaper

Children's room - a special world, with its inherent bright and cheerful colors. One of the main factors determining the mood of the room itself is photo wallpaper. Today, these wall coverings are particularly popular with parents eager to decorate the rooms of their children beautifully and in an original way. However, in order for wall accents to look appropriate in a nursery, it is necessary to take into account a number of basic nuances, including their right choice.

Features of the interior of the nursery

The design of the nursery is different from other rooms of the dwelling.Unlike other rooms, it has several zones. This is a bedroom, a study, and game space. Since the presence of different designated areas can create a clutter effect, one has to approach the design of the room thoroughly. It is important that with different functionality the room looks like a single whole space with harmoniously equipped corners.

The interior of the nursery has many details of the arrangement. So that they are in harmony with each other and do not look superfluous, you have to use different methods of design, not forgetting to dose the number of elements. This complicates the selection of photo wallpapers, since in most cases such coatings are quite bright and catchy. Choosing the right option, you have to think about how they will look at the general background, exactly where they will be, how to choose them so that they do not visually reduce the already small space.

At the same time it is necessary to choose the finish of the wallpaper, taking into account the design features of the layout. As a rule, it can be complicated by asymmetrical protrusions, the presence of a niche, and a special ceiling design using drywall levels.Often this design goes from the ceiling to the wall. We have to think over the location of the accent, so that against the general background it would look expressive and appropriate.

Sometimes the children's room has insufficient lighting due to the small size of the window. Other features include the lack of footage, which most complicates the choice of wall cladding. In addition, the choice of coatings is influenced by artificial lighting devices, because it is often necessary to take into account not only the tone of their glow. The shape of the luminaries matters, and the material of their manufacture is important.


When deciding whether photos are needed for decorating children's walls and how they are better than ordinary roll coatings, it is worth starting from some factors. For example, classic-style wallpapers have a repeating pattern. On the general background, it is good if the subject is floral or vegetable, or it is soft toys, butterflies, pupsiki, letters or numbers. Such wallpapers are good for small children, however, the thoughtful plot in the design of the walls is distinguished by the best aesthetic perception.

Photowall-paper in rooms of teenagers especially well look if they correspond to a teenage internal world, hobbies and interests. In other words, they can be a means of self-expression, so teenagers prefer to choose the subject of the drawing themselves. In addition, wallpaper with a photo printing can indicate the belonging of the interior to a specific design style. In this regard, they are often the main focus of the design, which against the background of plain wallpaper allows you to select one of the main areas of the nursery.

Depending on the thickness and type of texture, they can mask the imperfect base of the wall or highlight the lack of layout, giving the appearance of dignity. You must admit that a stylish print in the niche on the wall of the sleeping area against the background of plain wallpaper will look as if the room itself was created for a unique design. If at the same time it seems that the drawing is applied, say, on a canvas or plaster, it will make a greater effect and emphasize a particular style.


Today, the market for wallpaper products is crammed with a mass of offers for every taste and wallet. Photowall-paper occupies in it a separate ruler with a wide range of opportunities. The buyer can choose products with a different type of surface, thickness and structure.In this case, few people know that not every type of photo printing can be pasted on the walls of the nursery.


The most common options are paper wallpapers. If earlier almost all of them did not differ in the required quality and began to turn blue in the first year of operation, today a considerable part of them have protection. This is a lamination, which not only prevents the fading and brightness of the color, but also the film, due to which the coatings do not tear when glued. On the shelves of shops they are represented in the richest assortment, which makes it possible to acquire coverings of the desired subject matter, bringing the required attitude to the design of the nursery.


A large part of the photo wallpaper today falls on vinyl coatings. Unlike paper type analogs, they are distinguished by a variety of textures and are able to imitate a different type of surface. They can be porous, rough, depicting sand, lime and even concrete base. In addition, they can create the effect of a painted picture, imitating the canvas.

These wallpapers are certainly spectacular and extraordinary, although they have some drawbacks. Despite their unique texture and convenient width, which allows to reduce the number of joints to a minimum, they are not so harmless to health, because during operation they begin to release toxic substances into the air. Even despite the fact that vinyl panels differ in brightness of colors and durability, you should not take them for registration of the nursery.


One of the best lines, different in both beauty and environmental friendliness, can be called non-woven wallpaper. They are distinguished from paper by purity and nobility of shades. Their color range is so diverse that it allows you to easily choose the desired color for the monochromatic wallpaper, purchased for most of the walls. In addition, products of this type are easier to stick to and more durable than paper versions; they can hang on the walls for more than 10 years. They are more elastic when sticking, allow adjustment when docked, thinner than vinyl options and are able to imitate different textures.


There are so-called three-dimensional wallpaper with a children's theme. It cannot be said that all of them will be a good acquisition for the decoration of the accent space of a child's room.The fact is that often the desired effect is visible only at a distance, they can distort the space is not for the better. However, if you approach the choice of such wallpaper thoroughly and with taste, there is a chance to make the interior of the nursery special, visually enlarging the room. When buying such coatings, it is important to pay attention to the drawing: it should not create tension for the eyes of the child.

Design options

It should be noted orientation of print on different age categories of children. This is expressed not only in the subject of the drawing, but also in its drawing. For example, for children of toddlers and younger age groups, mainly doll-like and cartoon-like prints prevail. At the same time, the coverings for children of different sexes are also different: for girls, these are all kinds of bears, dolls, fairies, characters of Disney cartoons.

Photo printing for boys follows a different theme. Their rooms can be decorated with covers with cars, races, inscriptions, letters. Boys of 10 years old can already offer to issue one of the walls with wallpaper with a football theme. Someone will like the design with the silhouettes of athletes.

By the way, this technique allows you to accentuate the sports corner in a teenager’s children. It is good because it does not need to be drawn, and the lack of small details allows you to create an effect of spaciousness. A room with such photo wallpapers will appear larger, lighter and airier than the images of the jungle, which, although they create the effect of warmth, are not so suitable for decorating children's walls. Often, to decorate the walls of children buy photos with the image of animals, dinosaurs, ships.

Coating designs can be very diverse in terms of porosity and thickness, as well as the type of base. For example, they can be matte, satin, silky. And if for young children they are simpler, images for the decoration of the walls of teenage rooms sometimes differ in their creativity. For example, they can imitate print on sand, canvas, and even dust. Original and informative for children wallpapers with a drawn map of the world. They allow the child to develop, which affects the quality of knowledge. Someone acquires the cover with letters to study the alphabet and different colors. Teenagers like abstract prints with inscriptions and even hieroglyphs.

Neutral option can be called coverage with the theme of space. Such wallpapers will not only be bright, but also a relaxing accent of your personal space. Looking at them, the child will calm down, which is especially important in the period of formation of the hormonal background. Cool and extraordinary look wallpaper with the theme of anime. They will definitely be appreciated by teenage girls, and guys who adore Japanese cartoons-series.

Some teenagers like to decorate their space with wallpaper-posters depicting their favorite music, sports idols and Korean idols. Today there are also popular wallpapers with a single stylized tree, prints with black and white silhouettes, comics, sketches, as well as girls. Transformers as the basis of the plot, if relevant in the design of children's bedrooms, then small.

Tips for choosing children's photo wallpaper

In order for the choice of photo wallpaper to be not only harmonious, but also correspond to the inner world of the child, you need to take into account the perception of the picture. It is no secret that parents do not always successfully select the image itself, considering it to be beautiful and bright. Very few people come to mindthat some images especially young children may be afraid. For example, it can be said about clowns and the scary look of cartoon characters.

No matter how modern the character in photo printing, it is important to take into account his appearance: unacceptable for wall decoration wallpaper, devoid of naturalness. It is undesirable to emphasize children's space with such characters as Sponge Bob, Skvidvord, Megamind, Hulk and incomprehensible monsters with a mass of limbs. It is necessary to form in the child the right attitude to everything, because in time an incomprehensible creature can become the norm. Aesthetics should be felt in everything: this will allow the child to further develop his or her taste.

If the ceiling design has its own pattern, you will have to select the wallpaper with regard to not only the color, but also a single theme. It is important that the two drawings (ceiling and wall) look harmoniously, making up a whole. In this case, it is not at all necessary to have 100% hit of shades: they can be related, it is even better for the illusion of the versatility of the tones used.

For example, you can choose the picture of the sky with clouds on the ceiling:

  • for the younger age group - a background of a flower glade, a fairytale forest, a castle, flying fairies, characters from good cartoons;
  • for children of primary school age - wallpaper with a marine or pirate theme, prints of trees, the image of a football field in perspective;
  • for teenagers - a small panel with abstraction or photo printing with the image of a day city, photo printing with a brick texture and a graffiti pattern painted on it.

It is undesirable to buy for accenting the walls of children's wallpaper with a huge pattern, for example, a transforming robot or a warlike comic book hero. At a subconscious level, the child will be hard in the room. He will feel helpless and small in front of the character depicted. This will have a negative impact on the formation of personality, and at a younger age can cause sleep disturbance.

How to choose?

Having decided on the main nuances of the photo wallpaper, you can go to the store for a purchase. If you plan to buy a coating in the room of a teenager, you should offer him the desired design together. This will contribute to the development of the child’s taste and the creation of a more comfortable room in his room.setting.

If the child is still small, it is necessary to choose according to the basic rules.

  • Wall mural should not have a dark color. Even the theme of the night city, you can choose such that it will look easy.
  • The size of the picture should be correlated with the dimensions of the entire room. Large print visually reduce the already insufficient space.
  • Figures should correspond to the age and sex of the child. It is unlikely that a teenager will invite friends to his room, the accent of which will be wallpaper with the characters of children's cartoons.
  • It is necessary to select the image taking into account stylistics. For example, never a funny print with the characters of modern cartoons fit into the design of a classic design.
  • Consider the direction of the world on which the nursery windows go. Cold tones in it will seem even darker.
  • Pay attention to the lighting of the room, choosing coverage for a specific area of ​​the room. Hanging cloths is better where there is a separate ceiling lights. Light falling from the side distorts the colors and perception of the image as a whole.
  • Do not burden the interior with a complex pattern. Avoid negative subject images and visual imbalance.The picture should look exactly in the interior, without hanging the room in one direction.
  • Consider the gender of the child, choosing the color and theme of the print. Shades have a different emotional coloring, it allows you to choose options for different temperaments and the nature of the child.
  • Do not take different images and color for the design of the room for children of different sexes. In this case, you need one neutral accent with photo printing. It is better to locate it in a recreation area that allows you to simultaneously unite and delimit the personal spaces of each child.
  • Do not mix styles in the interior of the nursery. Eclecticism is good for adults, wallpaper in this style for this room will become an extra element of the interior.

Interesting examples

To see the possibilities of changing the perception of a child’s room through photo wallpapers, you should refer to examples of photo galleries. They clearly demonstrate the harmony of the choice of print and the successful location of accents. In this photo show a harmonious selection of color solutions, taking into account the overall concept of tones of the interior:

  • a beautiful way of emphasizing the girl’s bedroom;
  • extraordinary solution for the allocation of bed in the boy's space;
  • graffiti on the walls look stylish and creative, if the choice of tones of the picture is in harmony with each other;
  • glamorous solution for the design of the walls of the bedroom of a teenage girl;
  • silhouette line of coverings on the background of the interior indicates the teen
  • wallpapers with a world map bring a special atmosphere to the interior;
  • photo printing with the image of the city visually expands the space of the room;
  • football theme fits well into the design of the boy's room;
  • sketches of architecture in the form of a sketch successfully complement the design of the walls of the teenage room;
  • the fabulous design of the nursery wall allows you to fill the room with a special mood.

For how to choose wallpaper for the children's room, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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