Top popular prints on children's wallpaper

 Top popular prints on children's wallpaper

Repair in the children's room is not an easy task. Especially a lot of trouble to parents delivers the choice of wallpaper in the nursery. It is important that the materials do not emit dangerous compounds, like his son or daughter and were in trend.

Polka Dot Wallpaper

Designers and specialists in interior decoration are unanimous in the opinion that the best print option for a nursery is peas.

A polka dot print is quite demanding to fill the room.

You need to choose the right color for the room, find the right furniture and put it all together in such a way that the child is comfortable in his room.

Among the advantages of wallpapers with this print are the following:

  • relevance;
  • creating a relaxed atmosphere in the room;
  • focus on a specific area using colored, for example, red peas of small diameter (wall-decor, partition);
  • the selection of a print area of ​​the game in order to enhance the work of children's imagination;
  • the illusion of a narrowing or expansion of space due to the direction of placement of the peas (vertically or horizontally);
  • Recreation of the interior in retro style or room design in trendy trends.

In order not to overload the room, it is not recommended to overlay the walls completely with peas. It is better to make them a combination with materials containing small flowers, stripes or geometric shapes. For the playing area, you can safely choose bright peas of small size, in the recreation area the print should have muffled tones, and in the area intended for study, such a picture should be avoided, otherwise it will distract the child from the main activity.

The color scheme in the "pea" room is largely due to the sex of the child and his individual preferences. In the room for a little girl are best suited plain wallpaper in peas in pastel shades. Multi-colored peas are suitable for a child who loves to make friends at home. A bold print will quickly lift your spirits and give pleasant emotions. It is not necessary that the peas on the wallpaper are the same in size. Such a design can be used for one wall or even some part of it, to create a “pea” arch (from wall to wall through the ceiling).

The motley view of the room can be supplemented with original pillows, bedside rug or a solid carpet, wall lamps and floor lamps, curtains, blankets, selected in accordance with the general atmosphere of the room. All these details will add a zest to the children's room.

    Polka dots wallpaper is easy to do with your own hands. In this case, the flight of fantasy will be unlimited. To realize your idea, you first need to paint the wall with a single color. Then, using stencils, create a pea on the wall in a contrasting, or close to the main, color. To facilitate the decor of the wall will help vinyl stickers in the form of a circle. And you can cut peas from any material and then stick it on the main cover.

    The main thing - do not overdo it with the number of applications.

    Striped wallpaper

    Strip again at the peak of popularity. In a children's room, wallpaper with such a print will help bring organization, which is so often lacking for children. The basis of such wallpaper can be very diverse: paper, vinyl, cloth, non-woven, fiberglass.

    When choosing such coatings in the baby's room, it is important that they meet a number of parameters.

    1. They were environmentally friendly, did not emit harmful substances even at high temperatures.
    2. Notable for high resistance to mechanical damage.
    3. Had a dust-repellent outer layer.
    4. Distinguished by an intricate design.

    Before you glue the wallpaper on any basis, the walls need to be treated with an antiseptic, then there will be no problem with the appearance of the fungus in the room.

    Even a striped print can be interesting and quite uncommon:

    • mix of multicolored stripes, also differing in width;
    • vertical and horizontal arrangement of lines;
    • a duet strip with monophonic or patterned coatings;
    • classic parallel lines of the same width;
    • strip in combination with monograms, flowers, inserted in the aisle;
    • oblique stripes, zigzag;
    • lines on a glossy or bulky surface with sparkles.

    A distinctive feature of the striped wallpaper is their rich color palette. By themselves, these canvases will decorate the nursery. To complete the design you need to select the appropriate furniture and accessories. Thanks to wallpaper stripes, you can fix the construction flaws in the room in the form of uneven walls and ceiling.

    If the ceiling is unusually low, wallpaper with vertical stripes will give it height. The thinner the stripes are, the higher the ceiling will appear. If the room has a high ceiling, wallpaper with horizontal lines will visually reduce it. These wallpapers are used for visual enlargement of the room. Achieve effect due to the combination of strips, plain cloths and molding at the intersection of two types of wallpaper.

        Wide vertical stripes, on the contrary, will somewhat reduce the room, if initially it was too spacious and uncomfortable for it. A striped print is the best way to help zone the room into spaces for sleeping, playing, practicing, relaxing. It is not recommended to glue the room completely with a strip, as then it will look like a prison cell.

        Striped canvas should be alternated with patterned or monophonic wallpaper of the same material, bulk or non-woven.

        The most successful options for the use of wallpaper in the strip in the nursery.

        1. Pasting of one wall or its part. This will highlight the seating area (if the print on the wallpaper is made in bright colors) or for games (if the stripes are saturated colors). Wallpapers can "climb" a little on the ceiling in the area of ​​the bed. Such a move creates the effect of modernity.
        2. The joint of cloths, which differ in color and print, can be deliberately underlined with the help of a dividing strip made of wood or metal, foam molding, border, border of plaster.
        3. Opposite walls are covered with wallpaper with a narrow strip. This move is especially effective on walls with windows or doors. The remaining surfaces are pasted over with plain wallpaper. As a result, the room in the visual plan becomes more spacious.

          For children, especially preschool children, it is better to choose wall coverings of pastel, calm colors: pink, green-blue, cream, peach, gray. Plain inserts should not contrast with a striped print.It is best to choose shades that are present in the bands.

          Before you start pasting wallpaper with stripes, you need to thoroughly align the walls. Any flaw on the wall will only increase due to the striped print.

          Wall covering with animals

          Among the current trends in wallpaper prints are increasingly present images with owls. Of course, wallpaper sovushki is the choice of girls. Such prints are well combined with monophonic wall canvases, similar in texture and color scheme. Satisfying your child’s requests for wall decoration, do not take all the wishes of your child literally, otherwise dinosaurs will stand on one of the walls, owls on the second, and balloons on the other two. This will make the interior of the nursery so overloaded that it will not be possible to relax in the room.

          Of course, the animal world is not limited to owls. You can populate the walls of the nursery with giraffes, zebras, pandas, elephants and other interesting inhabitants. In addition to the aesthetic function, animals can be “charged” with the performance of the educational function. For example, to keep in paws the letter with which the name of this animal begins or to prepare children for the basics of mathematics, presenting various special signs and rules from the combination.

          Such educational wallpaper is very popular with young parents.

          Prints for the boy's room

          When choosing wallpaper for the room of the future man, you need to give preference to his taste preferences. It can be wallpaper with space, with dinosaurs, with cars, airplanes, with the characters of the cartoon about cars, with ships. If you make a room on a football theme (grass, balls, players), then the wallpaper can not be re-glued for a long time, since this design is relevant not only for children, but also for boys, and even for adult guys.

          Color design in a boy's room, as a rule, varies within green-blue and yellow tones, although occasional splashes of brighter shades are possible.

          Girl's room design

          Girls - natures are romantic, therefore the whole decoration of the room will be carried out in beige-cream and pink tones with interesting applications. Finishing materials with princesses, with fairies, crowns, with hearts, with clouds, with the heroes of the cartoon “Cold Heart” are very popular.

          The print on the wallpaper for the girly rooms should be more expressive. For a girl athlete, it is better to choose wallpaper with stripes or bright geometric shapes.You can use wallpaper with the image of famous places, for example, with the Eiffel Tower, or a panorama of the city (with houses in Prague). The combination of plain wallpaper (on two walls) and thematic (on two other surfaces) will be appropriate.

          On how to choose wallpaper in the nursery, see the following video.

          Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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