Which is better to do the ceiling in the nursery?

 Which is better to do the ceiling in the nursery?

The design of the ceiling today is paid a lot of attention. It allows you to make a special mood in the design of the entire room, sets the tone for the style and indicates the sense of taste of the owners of the house. Special attention is given to the design of the ceiling space of the children's room. In order to choose which option is best, what are the fashion trends of design and what errors should be avoided, we will consider in detail below.

What should be the ceiling in the nursery?

The children's room, as well as other premises of the dwelling, can have its own characteristics. It is from them and repelled, choosing a particular design of the ceiling. The specific design of the ceiling in the nursery is such that it must meet certain criteria:

  • be distinguished by aesthetic appeal;
  • create an illusion of sufficient height of the walls;
  • avoid the feeling of heaviness, do not complicate the interior of the whole room;
  • match the chosen interior style;
  • have the correct design, taking into account the location of lighting devices;
  • be light, visually erasing the boundaries from above;
  • to make a whole with the design of the walls;
  • like a child, eliminating the effect of emotional stress.

All this is created on the basis of the available layout. For example, often the ceiling design takes into account the size and location of window openings, the presence or absence of projections and niches, hidden, or the traditional location of the eaves. Sometimes it goes to the walls, which requires taking into account not only the wallpaper and photo printing, but also the location of the furniture details. For example, the elements can be located on the walls from top to bottom, if it is, say, an area at the head of a children's bed.

It is necessary to take into account the presence of such features as a bay window or a podium. Usually they have a separate ceiling design.Sometimes a loft is assigned to a children's room, and, as a rule, it has a broken perspective and windows, because in this case the roof is at the same time the ceiling and the walls of the room. Such a ceiling should visually balance the interior, hiding the abundance of corners and beams.

However, if the style allows their use, the design should be correct, not allowing the effect of weighting the already small space. Here it is important to take into account even such aspects as opening windows and the appropriate choice of curtains for them. We'll have to take into account everything, because what is good for the classical style will not look beautiful in eclectic and modern design.

Finishing methods

Today, the ceiling can be trimmed in different ways. These can be regular budget options using special paint, ceiling cladding, and special materials. Fastening structures can be glue or frame. If we approach the issue of choosing the right raw materials correctly, it will decorate the nursery not only beautiful, but also stylish.


Such a ceiling covering is created from a special PVC film, which is distinguished by flexibility and elasticity.Conventionally, all types are divided into three categories: matte, glossy and satin. Of these, the cheapest option ceiling design is a glossy film. It gives glare and reflects the objects below.

It does not look very beautiful, and especially with a large number of small interior details. The matt surface type allows you to decorate the ceiling panel with a pattern of different colors and themes. However, this design is better than glossy. It does not create glare, so the image looks holistic, even when illuminated around the perimeter of the cloth. However, not all film products are resistant to low temperatures.

Sateen stretch ceiling is more expensive than the previous two options. It looks stylish and expensive, resembles matter, has a long service life. Such canvases have a 5-meter width and, in contrast to more budgetary analogues, provide for seamless technology. In addition to staining, they also provide for photo printing, performed by a special technology.


Often for the design of the ceiling of the child's parents buy wallpaper roll, packaged or finished type in plastic buckets. In addition, children's ceilings are often decorated with wall murals, sticking them in the place of an accent, complementing with a baguette, molding or spot lighting. Original panels with fluorescent paint that glow in the dark. Beautiful and liquid wallpaper, through which on the ceiling create unique patterns through different colors of the wallpaper. Such materials are applied to the surface like plaster, and if necessary, you can always adjust the shade of the wallpaper by adding a special color to the mass.

Remarkable wallpaper companions. With their help, it is possible to beat the design of the background design of the walls and ceiling. They also allow you to select one of the accent zones of the nursery, which include playing, sleeping and working space. At its core, this is a pair of wallpapers that are released in small batches. They can consist of monophonic and contrasting products, and as a contrast, the buyer can choose not one, but two types of coatings.

3D wallpaper or photo printing notable for the possibility of a visual change of space. However, their choice must be solid, so that the effect matches the desired one.Therefore, more often the ceiling is decorated with companion variants, choosing between paper and non-woven products. Those who do not want to often glue wallpaper on the ceiling, and choose paintings for painting, which can be painted up to 20 times. They are durable, have a unique texture and provide for the processing of conventional construction roller.


Often the ceiling of the nursery consists of several levels. Such designs create, as a rule, from gypsum cardboard and quite often supplement with a tension film. They look not just stylish and modern: such designs often set the right atmosphere in the design of children's rooms. Drywall allows you to create not only classic rectangular shapes.

It is distinguished by flexibility, due to which waves, circles, various bends and even figures are made of it, which are further attached to the frame. It can be large flowers, butterflies, abstraction, imitation of windows. For example, it is this material that is used for the effect of the spacecraft hatch, complementing drywall with a film with a photo printing of a starry sky. It is easy to install lighting devices. This is one of the most sought-after ceiling design techniques.children's rooms.

Colors and design options

Color solutions for the choice of ceiling design are multifaceted. If earlier the ceilings in the nurseries were predominantly white, today they are beaten with light and sometimes bright colors of the color palette. At the same time, the degree of illumination of the room is taken into account, because the perception of space will depend on the color solution. If the windows in the nursery are small and face the north side, the cold tones will appear darker than they really are.

The use of pastel shades is encouraged. For girls, it is a light pink, lilac, peach, caramel and bleached mint tone. The ceiling in the boy's room is made more often in blue, light green and beige colors. In addition, to avoid darkness, try to add white color to the design. He not only pulls the height of the walls, but also visually removes the border of the ceiling.

Often the ceiling of the nursery is made in beige, yellow, cream and milk paints. If he has a photo print, the color palette may be brighter, including different variations of the theme.

The most popular drawings in the design of the ceiling today are the images:

  • starry sky;
  • world maps;
  • the milky way;
  • blue sky with clouds and soaring birds;
  • flower motifs;
  • plant ornaments;
  • cartoon characters.

It should be noted that not every drawing that is offered in catalogs for a photo print on a film is worthy of choice. You can not create internal discomfort in the nursery, using, say, images of huge birds or military equipment. Despite the excellent quality of the picture, instead of a stylish design, such a technique was initially doomed to failure: in this case, the picture would put pressure on the child at a subconscious level.

Not all colors are combined with each other, since some of them have a diametrically opposite emotional color. For example, it is impossible to combine red and blue in the pattern of ceiling decoration, they will affect the mood of the child in different ways. With regards to the subject of images all individually. Usually, parents try to choose a pattern on their own, but if at a younger age a child does not argue with this, then for a teenager the choice of adults does not always coincide with his preferences.

For example, even a map of the world in the period of the formation of hormonal background may not be as relevant as the demonstration of one of the hobbies of a teenager.And if one child wants to have a design in a sports or music theme, it will seem boring to another, while it will seem that there is nothing better than graffiti and it is impossible to invent. If a child is interested in choosing the shape and design of the ceiling, in some ways you can find a compromise.

With regards to the choice of design for the room of small children, it is worth considering: it does not need anything complicated and annoying eyes. Over time, bright colors can begin to annoy a child, and besides, they are a factor, which often leads to a reduction in the number of furniture and accessories. We can not ignore the fact that the baby is growing rapidly, so the design of the ceiling must be such that it is appropriate when changing wallpaper and furniture. Of course, if the design is based on a single-level structure consisting of a tension film, it is not a problem.

It is easy to change it yourself, although you should take care of the availability of heating equipment to obtain the desired elasticity of the material. Flowers, butterfly wings can decorate the ceiling of the nursery until the child goes to high school. Geometric shapes in this regard are more practical.A variety of boxes with lighting around the perimeter, inside which PVC film is stretched, are appropriate.

Non-standard techniques

If we talk about complex design techniques, one can not but mention the options with built-in backlight. Of course, such solutions are fundamentally different from many types of design, although they require a lot of time to make. For example, it can be a reception using a flexible LED strip or special threads that will flicker when connected to the network, like real stars. Call this lighting fiber.

As a rule, it is embedded in the film at the expense of special slots, connecting to a single power source. Coupled with LEDs, fiber optic yarns create a unique effect. This method of decorating the ceiling is time consuming, so for decoration of the ceiling space of children's rooms it is used infrequently. Its alternative is the stretch film decoration with Swarovski crystals, although this design is more suitable for the girls' room.

How to choose?

When choosing the right design you should not copy someone else's example completely.This will not work because of the particular layout of the particular room, the different furniture available, the size of the windows and the height of the ceiling. The best option to decorate the ceiling of the nursery will be a single-level design of the tension film. In this case, preference is given to the matte texture of the surface.

If we talk about the room of a teenager, it is worth finding a compromise between creativity and familiar options. First, by depriving a child of your opinion, you cut off at the root the formation of its taste. Secondly, if you do not take expensive materials, sometimes it is worth deciding on something unusual, because even teenagers often have a good and fresh look at style. For a girl, you can choose the theme of glamor in the form of photo printing, sketches of sketches or silhouettes with light, an option with photo printing, rolling on the wall in the recreation area.

In this case, the subject of the picture can be different, up to your own photo. The ceiling in the boy's room is best done with the use of geometric shapes. Suitable for boys designs with stylized images of musicians, athletes. Unacceptable aggressive drawings that may adversely affect the psyche.

Successful design options

Finally, it is worth looking at a few original and beautiful solutions, through which You can change the aesthetic perception of space for the better:

  • unusual decoration of the ceiling in the girl's room;
  • stylish solution with photo printing for decorating a boy's room;
  • the use of tensioned canvas with a pattern fills the room with a special atmosphere;
  • a two-level plasterboard ceiling fits well into the interior design of the teenage room;
  • drawing starry sky on the ceiling allows you to make a particle of space in the room;
  • the floral theme of the ceiling design harmoniously looks in the girl's room;
  • the version with built-in lighting allows you to change the perception of the interior of the children's room;
  • a unique and beautiful decoration of the ceiling space of a child’s bedroom;
  • Stylish contrast with a small insert allows you to accent the desired area of ​​the room.

How to make a ceiling in the nursery with your own hands, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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