Variants of the ceiling in the children's room for the girl

 Variants of the ceiling in the children's room for the girl

The room for the girl should be a place of inspiration. Its interior should differ significantly from other rooms and serve as a kind of place of filling with femininity for the future lady. The ceiling is undeservedly deprived of design attention and most often it is subjected to only basic finishing.

Finishing materials

The ceiling in the nursery should be combined with the design and interior of the entire room. From this point of view, it is most often simply polished and covered with white putty, since such a design is combined with any interior.

The modern market of building materials offers a fairly good selection of materials for finishing the ceiling.

  • Paint is the easiest option.Paint the ceiling in a bright color will not be very difficult, even if you carry out the work yourself.
  • You can stick the wallpaper on the ceiling and get a very nice result.
  • If you wish, you can also get a stylized design of the ceiling by fixing the drywall to it.
  • Stretch ceiling. It is practical, convenient to use and durable.
  • Other designs and finishes. This list may include individual designs with separate inset elements (wood, mirrors, glitter, plaster elements, various lamps and even tile).

The material is selected according to the financial possibilities, the size of the room and (if any) the previously prepared design. For example, you should not spend money on tiles that are too expensive to trim the ceiling if the size of the room is rather large. Obviously, in this case, it would be much more reasonable to make a stretch ceiling or simply paint it at least from the idea of ​​concise and appropriate design. The cost of finishing the ceiling should not exceed the cost of the design of the rest of the room.

Awkward and inappropriate design can be an obstacle to the comfort of a room, in addition, the situation will be aggravated by an improperly selected chandelier. Pre-designed design is almost always needed.

Paint or stick wallpaper?

Such options for finishing the ceiling are considered the most appropriate for the design of a room for a teenager. Already an older girl will not fit a childish and infantile design. Wallpaper, like paint, does not reduce the height of the ceiling. They fit pretty well on the surface and are very durable. For talented artists, painting the ceiling with paints can be a good finishing option. As for the wallpaper, in addition to the rolls with different patterns, there are wallpapers and wallpapers and murals.

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Another non-standard version of the wallpaper - with a fluorescent pattern. They were quite popular some time ago, but even now, with proper combination with the interior of the room, they can look good, and wallpaper in 3D will help to increase the space. Unique design can be created with paint and stencils. The latter are sold in specialized online stores, although they will not be difficult to cut yourself. In addition to stencils, stickers on the ceiling bring zest to the design.

A few years ago, pink was the actual color when designing a child’s room for a girl, but now this trend seems vulgar and inappropriate.

Designers recommend opting for other unsharp colors: beige, white, cream, light orange, sky blue, mint and aqua. Ceiling treated in one color is welcome. A large number of flowers creates an atmosphere of saturation of the room. It is best to combine cool colors with cool ones, and to use warm shades in combination with warm colors. If the choice of recommended colors is large, then the number of categorically excluded shades is very small.

These colors include: black, dark brown, bright burgundy and any poisonous colors. They will not only be irrelevant, but may also have a bad effect on the girl’s well-being. When choosing paint and wallpaper glue, it is important to focus on purchasing a quality product. Harmful compounds are fraught with caustic fumes and secretions even after drying.

Drywall or suspended ceiling?

Stretch ceiling suitable as an option when you want to quickly finish the repair. It is very practical to use and easy to install. Even if the suspended ceiling reduces the height of the room and takes a part of its space, then at least it hides all the flaws.To order, you can purchase a special canvas of any color or with any pattern you like.

A separate and most interesting type of ceiling decoration is the design with the help of drywall. The main feature of this design is a multistage ceiling. The richness of the lines and the variety of colors will depend entirely on your imagination, wishes and the atmosphere created. Drywall is a non-capricious and safe material. In such a decor, it is easy to install lighting, paint it, or even add other elements.

In any case, no matter how you approach the design of the ceiling, you should not make it too heavy, complex or saturated with drawings. He should have to rest and rest, and not entertain and fill with a surge of energy. In the room of a younger girl you need to create a pleasant atmosphere for her stay. When choosing materials to cover the ceiling should take into account the opinion of the child.

On how to choose wallpaper on the ceiling in the nursery for girls, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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