Choosing curtains for a teenage girl

In order to choose the curtains in the room of a teenage girl, you need to focus on her own desires (after all, in adolescents, they are already very clearly expressed) and on practicality.

The correct selection of material and non-marking colors, coupled with the appropriate fit for the mood and character of the girl, are real success.

Length and style

First of all, when you design a teenager's room, you need to take into account that this is no longer just a sleeping and play area, but, firstly, a small office, and secondly, personal space, which is very important for teenagers. Therefore, the option of short translucent curtains tick off immediately - it is unlikely the girl will be delighted with this. She wants to limit her personal space.

The length of the curtains should reach at least the window sill and not touch the floor - this is impractical and visually loads the room.

Regarding the style and shape of the curtains, experts advise to avoid complex multi-layer draperies. Your daughter has probably already grown out of an age when she wants to be a four-poster princess and roman blinds. Teenage girls often strive for minimalism, brevity and in part even for perfectionism. And also such curtains will accumulate dust in a larger volume, which is not good for the girl's health, and they will have to be washed more often for the same reason. However, if in addition to curtains, you will also have tulle - there is nothing wrong with that. On the contrary, it can give the girl a feeling of her own space - since the window will be even more closed.

An interesting idea would be the strip-type curtains, but from fabric. This will give the room a touch of high-tech style.


There is an opinion that certain colors in the interior adjust to certain moods. For example, red encourages action, often not quite deliberate, violet contributes to creativity and so on. There is some truth in this. So pay attention to the range of colors, and why they might be suitable for a teenager.

  • Pastel colors - blue, purple, lilac and so on.These pacifying shades win in front of bright and juicy ones, as they tune in to rest, which is especially important for a teenager who is tired after school day and is 13-16 years old. Moreover, the pastel shade allows you to find a compromise between your desire and the desire of your daughter - almost every bright color has a more muted tone. You should not take shades like ivory, milk or creme brulee, because the curtains will quickly become dirty.
  • Various brown shades - from coffee with milk to chocolate. This is a timeless classic, but not as boring as a black and white or gray scale. Due to, indeed, a large palette it will be possible to arrange all haberdashery in these shades, and start with curtains. Moreover, lately the nude-brown gamma is gaining momentum in cosmetic products, so it is likely that the girl will want to follow this trend in everything.
  • Blue, purple and green gamma. Pleasant cold shades of the sea (without a pronounced green subtone) will create a feeling of coolness, and therefore freshness, which is associated with rest. To the pastel blue add lavender, pistachio, sapphire, indigo, cobalt, moon.

Set aside fabrics for curtains of bright shades, especially red, yellow and orange - they distract, do not allow to concentrate. For them, an elementary eye catches constantly, and therefore it is very difficult to concentrate. Do not lean on dark colors, especially on the raven wing, black and dark gray.

They, as well as acid-bright, attract attention, and additionally also drive in a bad mood. Agree, to see a big dark spot instead of a window after a hard nervous day at school is not very pleasant.

In contrast to the dark shades should not use pure white, snow. The look from him is tired, and this is proven by research.

In the same way, as we cannot look at the snow for a long time, it will not be possible to look at the emphasis on white curtains. Moreover, in the average interior of a child a bright white spot will look just as inappropriate as black.

Another issue is prints. You can't say for sure. Of course, the coloring in a small flower or asterisks does not hurt anyone, including the eyes, but you should think about the whole pictures on the fabric. How they will look in the interior as a whole and whether the adolescent will be bored, that is the question.

the cloth

We advise you to take the choice of fabric completely into your own hands, since this is a question of practicality, in which a teenage girl is hardly understand.

Pay special attention to whether she has any allergies to any type of tissue - and, of course, exclude them from the list. Traditionally, it is customary to choose curtains from natural fabrics - silk, cotton, linen, polyester will also look good. All options have their advantages and disadvantages. Let's figure it out.

  • Cotton. It will not work if the windows are located on the sunny side, as it burns out quickly. Most environmentally friendly, if it does not add polyester, which contributes to resistance to fading.
  • Linen. In contrast, cotton almost does not fade. It blinks quickly, but a similar effect may even please the daughter. Very durable. Due to the fact that he sits down when washing, linen curtains always have a rather large length allowance.
  • Polyester. There are modifications 90/10 with cotton. Inexpensive, gets on with any natural and domestic conditions, such as frequent ironing, washing (but at a temperature of not more than 40 degrees).
  • Wool. It requires the same care as a full-fledged fur coat or own hair due to animal origin.Ideal for homes located on the north side, as the wool curtains will also keep the room warm.
  • Silk. Option more luxurious than the previous ones. However, it loses its stunning brilliance after a collision with the weather and after 200 hours of such use ceases to be durable. In order to avoid this, you need to take silk lined curtains - then everything will be fine with durability and shine. And if you need to look after wool curtains like a pet, then silk is literally a member of the family who needs to be cherished and cherished as much as a teenage girl.

Based on which styles are not recommended to be used (the reminder is multi-layered, bulky and heavy), do not take organza, taffeta.

And also when it comes to choosing curtains, never order them via the Internet - this is a fabric, you need to touch it, feel it, look under different lighting. And be sure to get acquainted with the composition of the fabric.

Summing up, I would like to say that the choice of curtains in the room of a teenage girl should be carried out directly with her participation. So you choose the ideal in appearance and practicality of the option, do not quarrel becausethat she does not like the curtains already bought, and perhaps even get close.

The idea of ​​teen room design is in the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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