How to choose curtains in the nursery for the boy?

Making a child's room for a younger boy is a serious matter. And if the wallpaper and furniture with a theme corresponding to the “male” look, can be easily found in specialty stores, then the options for curtains should be carefully considered, weighed the pros and cons and make the right decision.

Basic rules of choice

When choosing curtains in the nursery for the boy, you must take into account the age, characteristics and preferences of the little man. The main requirement is maximum space, functionality, and, of course, security. Successfully selected curtains will be able to emphasize the interior of the room.

Today in the shops you can find a great variety of curtains, tulle and other types of textiles on the windows. Curtains in the nursery can be a bright color spot or, on the contrary, a natural design element, if they are chosen to match the color of the wallpaper.

  • The main requirement for the children's room - a lot of light and visual space of the room. An important factor is the environmental friendliness of the product: the boy should not have allergies to synthetics. Be sure to take care that the beautiful beautiful curtains do not collect dust, which can again provoke an attack of allergy in a child. If you have chosen to the room even short curtains made of thick fabric, they must be vacuumed several times a month.
  • In addition to the function of protection against the penetration of light into the bedroom, the curtains must be plowed open, since the child should be light during the day so that he can have fun, develop, and later do homework and work at the computer.
  • If the baby was born quite recently, then in his bedroom the curtains play a role not only aesthetic, but also guarantee him a healthy and sound sleep, protecting it from sunlight. And, of course, the color of such protection should not be flashy, but, on the contrary, soothing and gentle, so that the baby will not be frightened by an unfamiliar bright spot.
  • Older boys can use bright curtains, you can choose products with cartoon drawings, original prints and fancy geometric patterns. He already knows the world and multi-colored, with a pattern of curtains can also become an element of the creative development of the child. True, choosing curtains with fringe or various chains and laces, remember that the younger man will be interested in them and begin to pull, and this is not always safe. Therefore, it is better to mount them securely or "forever."

Types of curtains

Curtain manufacturers are ready to surprise potential buyers with a wide assortment suitable for any room design for young men. It is only a matter of taste and fantasy, as well as the financial capabilities of the parents.

To decorate a boy’s room, you can select the following options

  • Classic curtains, long, to the floor.
  • Translucent draped tulle folds - French drapes.
  • English curtains - reach to the window sill, made of thick textiles.
  • Roman curtains of thick fabric that does not transmit light, are attached to the rigid slats.
  • Italian and French curtains - cascades of airy fabric, not moving apart on the sides, but rising up or divorced to the walls.
  • Photocurtains - made from very dense fabric and even paper, which perfectly protect the room from light penetration, retain heat and isolate from noise. On such a type of curtains any kinds of patterns are easily applied.
  • Not so often, Japanese curtains are hanged in the children's room, in the event that the parents decide to arrange a room in the oriental style.
  • Original look in the room of the boy and the fabric stripes that play the role of a curtain. They are usually combined with light tulle and attached to the curtain with original clothespins.

Colors and patterns

Many parents, choosing the color of the curtains on the window to the room of the child, are guided by the age of the boy. There are more than enough options here, so the first question is plain or with a pattern? It is clear that curtains of the same color are more practical and will last longer than bright ones, with a plot that may annoy the boy, and he will demand to replace them.

There are a couple of criteria regarding selection. If the wallpaper in the room is plain, then the multi-colored curtains diversify the interior and vice versa.

Psychologists do not recommend decorating a child’s room with fluorescent shades - this leads to nervous system arousal.

Regardless of the temperament, age and hobbies of a young man, there is a universal design option for his room - the nautical style. Blue and white stripes on a horizontal or vertical line can turn a small room into a magical island. The curtains of the calm blue color can balance the unbalanced boy, fabrics with bright patterns of ships and raging waves, sea turtles and pirate chests will be interested in the phlegmatic occupant of the room.

Properly chosen play of flowers will be able to visually enlarge the room of the child. If you choose beautiful, with vertical stripes of different shades of the curtain, the ceiling automatically becomes higher.

Shades of green and blue perfectly muffle bright sunlight, and yellow, orange and beige make the room more spacious. Psychologists emphasize that in adolescents from the age of 14, the level of aggression decreases if they are surrounded by warm shades - from peach to bright orange.

But the red color can cause irritation, but if without it in any way, then you can use it as a finish. Yellow colors help creative people to draw inspiration, and blue is able to calm.By the way, if you decorate the room of a young man with denim curtains, it will look very stylish.

The white color in the boy's room will help raise his self-esteem, but not in his infancy. In some children from 3 years and older, this color is associated with a hospital room. The original solution would be a combination of black and white. High-tech style is becoming more and more popular even among young people - curtains with the effect of metal shine will look good in the bedroom of a matured boy.

If you still think that the selected wallpapers look a little boring with curtains of contrasting color, add a stylish pelmet or appliqué on the fabric.

It is not recommended to use curtains of very dark colors in children's rooms, the design of the room will look gloomy.


Curtains in the bedroom of your son should be, above all, high-quality and environmentally friendly, not cause allergies. Exclude flammable fabric, even if it is an ideal color solution for the interior of the room. Choose textiles that are easy to wash and not lose their original appearance.

Perfectly will suit children's products from flax, flannel, calico and satin, felt, gabardine and cotton. Designers recommend to pay attention to the blackout, photo-curtains are often made of it, this fabric shades the windows well and absorbs noise.

Natural textiles - the perfect choice for a child's bedroom. This material is long and easy to maintain.

Designers insist that short Roman blinds fit perfectly into the boy’s room. They are concise, easy to use, fit into any interior. Usually they are made of dense fabric, they do an excellent job with the scorching rays. If the room is not so bright, you can choose Roman curtains from translucent materials. In the case when the child has no allergic reactions, you can pick up and synthetic products.

Curtains from flax, hypoallergenic and safe material, will be a worthy choice for the male territory. True, they will have to be washed and ironed very carefully, spending a lot of time on it. By the way, it will also be difficult to dry such a product - difficult smoothing folds can appear.

Beautiful and natural cotton will create a unique aura in the nursery.By the way, it also produces amazing Roman blinds. However, such a decoration of the room very strongly absorbs extraneous odors, and with frequent washing the fabric can become thinner.

Fabrics made from synthetic fibers are durable and easy to maintain, retain the original color and shine. A special highlight is added to the interior of the children's room perforated felt curtains. Such a product can be purchased ready-made, or you can make it yourself.

Felt curtains will be able to protect the room from bright light and give a unique atmosphere.

We consider age

Of course, the choice of curtains depends on the design of the boy’s room. However, designers offer to choose their shades, based on age categories.

  • Beautiful, light-colored curtains will suit the rooms of newborn boys, heavy textiles can be combined with flying tulle. Only at such an innocent age on the territory of the future men are allowed ryushechki, bows and laces on the windows. Choosing curtains for kids, pay attention to their environmental friendliness and safety.
  • Young people from 3 to 12 years old, it is preferable to choose curtains with an interesting and bright pattern.This is the age when the boy is actively interested in everything around him, exploring the world, and therefore, first of all, his room should be the most fascinating place in the apartment. As a print for the curtains, funny animals, dinosaurs, robots, characters of famous cartoons and movie series can be used - everything that at this age carries the boy. Batman, Shrek, Mickey Mouse, Spiderman - their images or even entire scenes from films can be an excellent substitute for reading fairy tales at a more “solid” age.
  • A teenager at the age of 12 already has the right to determine for himself which curtains should adorn his personal space. Definitely, their cut should be simple, without any decorations. Here it will be more appropriate textiles monophonic or with geometric patterns. If the young man is keen on sports, choose long curtains with different prints - balls or fireballs.

Many teenagers prefer austere style, this can be achieved with the help of Roman short curtains. Choose them without a picture, it will allow the young man to concentrate on any occupation, and large prints can distract him.

Successful examples in the interior

Many boys dream of their personal space, decorated in the modern hi-tech style. Conciseness, functionality, the latest technology - this is an option curtains in this style. Roller blinds or blinds will do an excellent job with this role. Today, manufacturers offer a functional development - a remote control, through which the movement of curtains is accomplished.

Creative natures can stay on non-standard design - pop art style: bright and rich colors in the design of the whole room leave an indelible impression. The same unforgettable photo-curtains will suit this way: in this style you can use images of your favorite movie characters, athletes, musicians and even cartoon characters. A window opening in such a design will bring great pleasure to the owner of the room.

Stopping your choice on a particular model of curtains, you need to remember that this design element brings up the taste of the future man, so take this very seriously.

How to choose curtains for the nursery, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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