How to choose a chair for the student, height adjustable?

Furniture for the student must be chosen very carefully, especially when it comes to the desk and chair.

Modern manufacturers offer the choice of buyers not only stationary structures, but also more advanced options, adjustable in height.

Design features

The times when only classical furniture structures were offered for consumers' choice have sunk into oblivion long ago. Today, in stores, people can purchase more advanced designs, equipped with additional functions and mechanisms. In use, these ultramodern models are very convenient, since they can often be customized. Modern chair for the student,which can be adjusted in height, will enable the child to maintain correct posture, which will certainly have a positive impact on the health of the user's spine. The design of these chairs are very ergonomic, due to which the legs and back of the student when sitting at the desk are in the correct position. Due to this feature of the structure of furniture, the child does not feel discomfort and does not get tired due to the extra inconvenience.

Such types of chairs can be called “smart”, which is due to the fact that such furniture helps to maintain the correct position of the young user's back at different stages of its growth. Many designs "grow" with the child due to the possibility of self-adjustment of height.

In these options, you can independently change the following parameters:

  • seat height;
  • backrest position;
  • step height, if such is provided by the structure.

Different models of adjustable chairs have a different number of possible positions of individual elements, but in most cases there are about 10–15 options. Experts say that a quality chair that grows with a child is much more profitable to buy than a stationary model.This is explained by the fact that in the process of growing up the user will have to change the classic furniture to a new one, which is unnecessary spending. Designs of such highly functional and useful furniture are made from various materials. This suggests that in stores you can find both very expensive and cheap items - the choice is only for buyers.

Advantages and disadvantages

Children's chairs with adjustment are very popular today, as each parent takes care of his child and tries to give him all the best. The organization of the child’s workplace is a very important “job” that needs to be approached with the utmost responsibility. That is why many moms and dads acquire functional designs with a regulation function for children of school age.

It is worth considering in more detail what the advantages of such thoughtful products are.

  • These models are universal. They are acceptable to acquire for children from 6 to 18 years. There are such options that are designed for use by children with an age of 2.5 years. In some instances, special limiters are provided, which make it possible to use such furniture for very small crumbs (from 6 months).

The upper age bracket in this case is simply absent, therefore, such a growing table can also be used by adults.

  • This furniture is characterized by multi-functionality. Such structures are used, being not only at the desk, but also at the dinner. It is permissible to refer to this furniture and in cases where children are working on a worktop designed specifically for creative activities.
  • Adjustable chairs have a positive effect on the child’s posture.who sits on them. In this case, these models significantly reduce the load that is given to the spine of a young user. Such functionality takes place thanks to the possibility of self-adjustment of the position of the backrest and seat.
  • Sitting at the table on this design, the student will not get tired, because his body will be in the correct position. Due to this, the child will show a more lively interest in reading, lessons and creative activities.
  • According to experts, children feel independent when they use these chairs. This effect is explained by the fact that the young user has the ability to seamlessly climb onsuch furniture, and then also easy to descend from it.
  • Growing chairs can boast an unlimited lifespan. For this reason, such furniture in the course of growing schoolchildren can gradually move to the kitchen or even behind the bar.
  • Quality chairs for schoolchildren, equipped with an adjustment function, differ in the increased stability. This is due to the fact that such models have a fairly large area of ​​support. The structure itself is capable of withstanding a load of up to 100 kg, therefore, to damage it or disable it is not an easy task.
  • Adjustable chairs are completely safe during operation. The lion's share of such products has equipment in the form of Teflon nozzles with legs. This addition allows the base to glide along the floor as gently as possible. In this case, the student will not fall down from the furniture and will not overturn it.
  • Adjustable chairs are made from environmentally friendly and safe materials.have passed the appropriate certification.

The chair with the adjustment function has many positive qualities, but it is also not without such disadvantages as:

  • most consumers are discouraged from buying such furniture its highprice;
  • the choice of design of such structures is very poor; you cannot make up an original and exclusive interior with them.


    Height adjustable chairs are available in several varieties. It is worth getting to know them better.

    • Transformer. Similar options in appearance are very similar to miniature options for feeding a child. In them the table-top is removed without any problems, therefore it is possible to clean this construction. The convenience of this product lies in the fact that the transformer is permissible to disassemble and operate its individual parts. As a rule, these products have very modest dimensions, so they can be put in a room with any footage.
    • Computer. Modern manufacturers offer the choice of buyers a wide range of high-quality computer chairs, which can be adjusted in height. These products are distinguished by their functionality and ease of use. The regulatory mechanisms in them are fairly simple, understandable and reliable. In such models it is possible to independently set a comfortable height and level of the backrest tilt.The seat in the computer chairs has in its support a rack with mounted rollers. Sell ​​and design with armrests.
    • Orthopedic. These models of adjustable chairs are primarily aimed at preserving the health of the children's back. Their design is considered to be truly unique, so when using them, you can not save, but improve your posture. Sitting on these models, the back of the student will not get tired quickly and strain.
    • Growing. As mentioned earlier, growing specimens are very popular because they are allowed to be used from a very early age. Such species make it possible for the skeleton to develop properly, while correcting the child’s posture. In addition, the growing designs are famous for their practicality.

    This chair grows with children, so you don’t need to constantly buy new furniture.


    Recommendations for selection

    To choose a suitable adjustable chair for the student, special attention should be paid to a number of important points.

    • Material. Be sure to consider the age of the young user. If he is going to draw on the chair itself or start dropping it,it is necessary to give preference to the most durable and reliable copies. The best in this situation will be plastic and wooden models. Wooden chairs are safer and more environmentally friendly, but they can get soggy when in contact with water. If you often spill water on such furniture, then it will not last long. As for the plastic options - they can be bent easily. Remember - the denser the material, the better.
    • Dimensions, surface countertops. Choose adjustable chairs that are easy to clean and clean. Experts recommend contacting models with removable countertops. Subsequently, these products can be divided into separate elements and use them separately. The dimensions of these structures should correspond to the room where they are planned to be delivered. Do not take too large chairs for small rooms - in such conditions, this furniture will look ridiculous.
    • The level of quality and price. For the tempting low price in most cases is not the best quality. You should not save on the purchase of such a device for the student. Before buying, be sure to check if the product you have chosen is well secured.For models of wood used metal fasteners. Plastic options are fastened with elements from a similar material.
    • Manufacturer. Buy adjustable chairs, issued under well-known brands. Such models can be found in retail stores. It is advisable to go to proven outlets that have a good reputation in your city.

    Popular models and reviews

    As mentioned earlier, quality and reliable chairs with the function of adjustment is worth buying only if they are branded. To date, such designs are produced by many well-known brands.

    "The Little Humpbacked Horse"

    This manufacturer offers customers adjustable chairs that have simple designs, which consist of a base with a back and two mobile seats. Such models are as simple and clear as possible in their transformation. In addition, the signature chairs “The Little Humpbacked Horse” have an unobtrusive universal design, enhanced stability. They are suitable for children from 1.5 years. Consumers who bought branded adjustable chairs from the brand “Kone Gorbunok” were satisfied with their quality, level of sustainability, design and safety in use.

    As a rule, no one notices serious shortcomings.


    Branded adjustable chairs from this famous brand are characterized by versatility, simple and easy adjustment, as well as unsurpassed build quality. We should also highlight the “growing” models from the Tripp Trapp line, represented by a wide selection of different colors. These unique tall models have unparalleled regulatory systems. In them there is a very strong and stable step, and the design itself is made of natural wood. The lion's share of buyers was pleased with the quality of Stokke brand chairs. People liked everything - design, durability, ease of use, choice of colors, and natural material of products. However, many people were upset by the very high price for the products of this brand.


    Products of this famous brand are incredibly popular among modern buyers. Kid-Fix's growing chairs are made from natural wood and boast environmental friendliness. Design of branded products is simple and versatile - they easily fit into almost any interior.The width of the chairs allows them to be used not only by children, but also by adults. In some models of growing chairs from Kid-Fix, special restrictive elements are provided for very young children. In addition, comfortable and very soft covers can be included with these products.

    People noted the following advantages of Kid-Fix brand chairs:

    • accurate and high-quality execution;
    • the presence of natural materials;
    • compact size;
    • no age restrictions;
    • fancy design;
    • ease;
    • ease of use.

    The disadvantages of these chairs buyers attributed the following parameters:

    • Some models seemed too expensive to consumers;
    • these models seem too rigid to many parents, therefore they are not suitable for every child;
    • some consumers did not like the assembly of chairs;
    • For the age after 9 years, Kid-Fix models are not suitable for everyone.

    Some buyers did not find any disadvantages in the branded products of this brand. Much depends on where the chairs were purchased. Buy such designs should be only in the company and trusted stores, so as not to run into a marriage.


    Adjustable Kotokota chairs are characterized by simple designs, constructed using robust wooden frames. In them adjustment of a back and two seat mats is provided. Included with many models are special limiters used as small tables for feeding. For this reason, branded chairs can be used even by those babies who are not yet six months old. All fasteners chairs Kotokota meet all standards and requirements. They are carried out with the help of slots-runners on the sides.

      Adjustable chairs are made from natural wood, of unsurpassed quality. This material is permissible to paint in any colors you like. Branded chairs for children of different ages from Kotokota are very popular.

      Judging by the reviews, people consider the following as their advantages:

      • nice colors;
      • smooth surface of wooden structures;
      • small sizes;
      • children sit in such chairs very comfortable;
      • really help to maintain correct posture;
      • attractive design.

      By cons buyers attributed the following:

      • weak resilience;
      • high price;
      • fragility;
      • no wheels.

      About how a regular chair is bad, see the next video.

      Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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