How to choose a chair for the student?

 How to choose a chair for the student?

Choosing the right chair for the student reduces the load on the spine, reducing the risk of scoliosis and other posture problems. That is why it is important to take seriously the choice of this furniture when organizing a “working” zone for a student. When buying a chair in the first place you need to pay attention to its design, reliability and safety, and lastly think about the price.

Types of chairs and their features

Domestic and foreign furniture manufacturers produce various chairs for schoolchildren, differing in their design. On the market there are several types of models that differ in design and functionality.

  • Writing chair - This is the most affordable item of furniture. It is a metal frame with a wooden seat and backrest. Such a model does not have any adjustments, because of which it will be comfortable only with the “appropriate” height of the child. The advantages of this product include its reliability and simplicity of design, and the disadvantages - the lack of comfort when the student performs homework.
  • "Growing" models - These are chairs that have the ability to adjust the position of the seat. They can be operated for more than one year, choosing the optimal position of the seat for the growth of the child. Usually such models are bought for children under 10 years old.
  • Orthopedic chair - this is a chair with a curved orthopedic back. It allows you to form the correct posture of the student and does not allow excessive load on the spine of the child. Orthopedic chairs have the ability to adjust the height and angle of the backrest. Some models are equipped with a stand under the legs, the height of which varies in accordance with the growth of the student. Such a chair is the best option for children who are at the desk for a long time.Orthopedic products are suitable for any child, regardless of age. They are comfortable and convenient. However, not everyone chooses them due to the high cost of living.
  • Computer chairs. For children suitable products with the ability to adjust the height and depth of the seat. They are comfortable and easy to use. And also such models are cheaper than orthopedic ones, which causes their high demand among consumers.

Important! When choosing a chair, the child’s feet should be on the floor, and the angle at the knees should be 90 degrees. If this figure is lower, you should pay attention to models with a higher back.

Upholstery material

Chairs for children "sheathed" a variety of materials. From the "shell" of the seat will depend on how long it can maintain a presentable appearance. For children usually choose textiles. These may be cotton and flax based materials. They are perfectly breathable and quickly absorb the moisture formed. Some parents prefer chairs with leather or eco-leather seats (genuine substitute). Such products look luxurious and, moreover, are easy to care for (if contaminated, they are wiped with a damp cloth).They are able to fit into any interior of the room, but for children such options are undesirable. The skin and its substitutes are practically not ventilated, which is why the child will sweat quickly, especially in the summer.

It is worth considering that the upholstery of a child’s chair often gets dirty, which makes it necessary to clean or wash it. To avoid any inconvenience when maintaining the cleanliness of the seat, it is recommended to purchase chairs with removable covers. They are quickly and easily removed when contaminated and washed in a typewriter. If the family budget is limited, it is best to buy chairs with a motley color. They will retain their presentability for much longer than seats with a single-colored color, since there will be practically no noticeable small spots, traces of felt-tip pens and other defects.

The nuances of choice

To choose the right chair for the student’s desk, It is necessary to pay attention to such nuances as:

  • choose models with not too deep seat, because this figure should be no more than 2/3 of the hip length of the student;
  • so that it is convenient for the child, it is important to choose a product with a beveled edge;
  • the right chair has a hard back at the base, you need to considerthat the back of the product should not be located below the level of the blades; if the model is adjustable, it is necessary to fix the back in precisely this position and change the adjustment as the student grows up;
  • if parents prefer too high models, you need to think about a specialized stand for the feet;
  • When buying a chair with wheels, you should give preference to products having at least 5 of them, otherwise the furniture will have poor stability.

If these tips are followed, parents will be able to acquire a comfortable and comfortable chair that will not only preserve the health of the spine, but will also help the child to concentrate while doing the lessons.


To make a chair for a child a “successful” purchase, should heed a number of tips from experts.

  • It is recommended to refuse to purchase the product for growth. Furniture items belonging to teens or adults are not suitable for primary school children. Do not neglect the health of the child for financial gain.
  • To get a reliable chair, you need to pay attention to the material of its manufacture.The frame of the most durable products is made of aluminum, steel and other metals. The most reliable are metal models with at least 5 points of support.
  • Experts recommend choosing not only practical, but also safe chairs, the production of which was used environmentally friendly materials (do not emit a pungent smell). Therefore, it is better to abandon furniture with lacquer and colorful coatings. They can cause allergic reactions in children.
  • Choose chairs with hard seats. At first glance it may seem that such models will be inconvenient for schoolchildren. However, soft seats in most cases cause the curvature of the spine and the formation of incorrect posture.
  • Parents should refuse to purchase chairs with armrests. The fact is that when performing lessons or during creative activities, the child will “stretch” one way or the other, which also eventually causes a curvature of the spine.
  • When choosing chairs, experts advise not to stop their choice on products with wheels. If the parents decide to purchase just such a model, it is important that it have an automatic or mechanical lock.


By production of children's chairs quality materials which differ in safety have to be used. The design of such products should ensure the correct location of the body during exercise.

These requirements correspond to products of several brands.

  • Duorest. This company produces chairs with a pair of movable backs that securely fix the back of a child.
  • Mealux - This is a Taiwanese company that manufactures orthopedic chairs that can be adjusted in all respects. The manufacturer sells products for schoolchildren of all age groups (from first-graders to graduates).
  • Moll - This is a German company that manufactures orthopedic chairs for children of middle and older age groups. Products under this brand have a stylish design, simple adjustments and durability.
  • Comf-pro - This is a Taiwanese manufacturer that implements chairs with orthopedic backs and bases. Products of this brand are regulated in depth and height of the seat and back. Models have bright colors, are made from environmentally friendly materials.

On how to choose the right chair for the student, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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