Canopy bed: what are and what are their features?

 Canopy bed: what are and what are their features?

For each parent, care and creation of comfortable conditions for their children are the primary tasks in the process of raising a child. In addition to the main items and attributes required in the process of growth and development of the child, there are accessories that combine the benefits for the baby and the decorative component of the interior. These things should be attributed to the canopy to the cot.

What is it needed for?

It is no secret that proper rest is vital for the human body and especially for the child, because during this period the kids have important processes that cause it to form on the emotional, physical and social level.In addition, only a healthy sleep will help your baby recuperate in order to continue to get acquainted with the outside world and fully develop. That is why it is important to competently organize a recreation area in a child’s room with the help of correctly placed accents when arranging a baby cot.

Recently, more and more parents in the design of a child’s room, both for newborns and for more adult boys and girls, prefer to use the old version concerning accommodation over a bed or a canopy. The history of this arrangement of a bed dates back to the periods of the rule of kings and monarchs, where the canopy was commonly used in adults and children's bedrooms.

Such ideas pursued the main goal - to create the most comfortable conditions in bed through attractive fencing from external stimuli that are ubiquitous in any home. Today, the design and materials of canopies for children's rooms have undergone some changes, however, such an accessory can be found in the house almost over every cradle.

There are many opinions regarding the functionality of the canopies over children's beds. According to some reviews, this thing is the subject of a purely decorative purpose with a lack of practical functions, in light of which it may seem that the acquisition of the canopy is just a waste of money. But, having studied more thoroughly the relevance and functionality of the canopy, one can be convinced of the opposite.

To confirm the fact that the canopy is a useful and important curtain, it is necessary to highlight a number of tasks that it allows to solve.

  • The canopy acts as a reliable protection for the baby during sleep from the penetration of solar and electric light. Due to this, the child's sleep mode will not be disturbed even in the daytime and with the lights on in the room.
  • Due to the shelter of a baby bed, it is possible to reduce the penetration of dust and other contaminants to the baby in the cradle. Most of the microparticles will settle on the fabric, so the canopies need regular cleaning.
  • The canopy will become a reliable protection for the child from various insects that can penetrate through the open windows into the room.This will avoid sleep disorders, in addition, eliminate the risk of allergic reactions to their bite.
  • Thick canopies will save a child in bed from drafts, so you can air the room during sleep, ensuring good air circulation, which will have a beneficial effect on the quality of sleep and your baby’s health.
  • The canopy will become a reliable shelter from prying eyes, which will ensure a peaceful stay of the child in bed and help him fall asleep.
  • With the help of the canopy over the bed, you can provide the child with a secluded corner, which will give psychological comfort and protection to the child during the rest period.
  • According to pediatricians, the arrangement of a children's bed with a canopy has a positive effect on the formation and development of the child’s personality.

Therefore, summarizing the above, it can be said with confidence that children's canopies are not limited to the interior function. They combine various protective tasks, the implementation of which has a beneficial effect on the child.

Advantages and disadvantages

Based on the purpose of the canopies, You can highlight the positive aspects of the use of this accessory in the nursery.

  • Since modern apartments are quite often equipped in the form of a studio, the placement of a crib with a canopy will help to zone the space for the baby, separating it from extraneous sounds and light.
  • For older children, canopies over the bed can act as a thematic complement to the interior, because quite often children's rooms are equipped based on fairy tales or cartoons.
  • In addition, instead of such a relic of the past, like a carpet or tapestry on the wall, a dense canopy can partially prevent the spread of cold from the wall, which is important for corner rooms.

However, as with each accessory, the canopy has flaws:

  • since it acts as a barrier to dust penetration, collecting it on its surface, the fabric will need to be washed regularly;
  • products made from natural fabric with an individual design will be of high value;
  • the canopy visually reduces the area of ​​the room and the height of the ceilings;
  • children often use a canopy to play, which can lead to the occurrence of traumatic situations.

The above-mentioned disadvantages are easy to level if you choose products with an easy fixation option above the bed, so that if there is contamination, you can quickly remove and clean the canopy.In order to save the canopy, you can do it yourself, as a result, a unique product will appear in the children's room that can be used to decorate any bed in shape - round, rectangular, or even a two-tier bed for pogodok.


The modern choice of products will allow to satisfy any requests of parents and designers, the product range is classified based on the age of the baby, his gender, as well as the price category.

However, the main division of products occurs according to three main criteria:

  • option placement and mounting canopy over the bed;
  • product length;
  • material used for release.

The type, width and length, as well as the type of canopy are selected for the design style of the children's room, since such a product must be 100% in harmony with the basic interior design of the room and bedding.

Assembly and fastening of the canopy can be done in several ways.

  • The first option involves placing the product in the center. Most often in this way a canopy is worn, which is intended for maximum shelter of the cradle, which is important for newborns.For fixing such a model, a special support in the form of a long holder is used.
  • There are models that are located at the head of the crib. Such canopies are most often purchased for the older age group, for children from 5 years. They close only one part of the bed where the head of the child is located, which allows only partially separating the sleeping baby from the rest of the space, at the same time protecting it, but without limiting the view.
  • Another type of canopy is to cling along the perimeter of the bed. This design is considered to be the most difficult, since a frame with stands in the corners of a berth is necessary for fixing the product. However, the complexity of the variant is justified by the functionality of the canopy, since the position of the canopy can be adjusted from all four sides, if desired, leaving something open to choose from or vice versa.

The length can also be different, the most relevant are midi options. Such kits at the lower boundary end at the level of the mattress. This length allows you to hide the baby from various distractions, and the canopy is not in contact with the floor.

Shorter models are less functional, so they are most often used as an additional element of decor in the children's room. Such canopies are realized in sets for beds of older children, since they will not be useful for the cradle of a newborn. As for the long canopies, these are the models that are ideally suited for babies, since the task of protecting the child from irritants is maximized.

Maxi-pologie muffle light and protect against insects and mosquitoes., but in terms of operation, they are inconvenient, since the bottom of the canopy can get tangled in the wheels, if the cradle for the newborn is mobile. For stationary models during the use of problems with long canopies should not arise, the main thing is to correctly put and secure the frame.


Given the huge range of fabrics, canopies for cots can be sewn from a variety of textiles. Products can be dense or light and transparent, each option finds its admirers. As practice and parents' reviews show, the first option is more useful, especially if the cradle is located in the parent’s bedroom or the lighting in the nursery is quite rich.In addition, thick fabric will be a great solution for a canopy in children’s rooms, where cool air is preserved. Lightweight options will provide a childlike feeling of weightlessness to the interior, but also act as an excellent protection against dust and insects.

The main criterion when choosing, in addition to appearance and interior conformity, will be the need to purchase products exclusively from natural fabrics, otherwise even the most weightless synthetic materials will become an obstacle to the free circulation of air. Most often, the canopies for a nursery are made of cotton and silk, but options made of flax and chintz are also quite in demand. The main advantage of lightweight models is the ease of drapery, which ultimately allows you to create very beautiful folds of the wave.

From the point of view of practicality, taking into account the fact that the bulk of dust will settle on the material, you can opt for curtains of tulle or organza, even of white color. These fabrics are very well washed, in addition, they almost instantly dry out. Also, they do not need to be ironed, but you can immediately hang up after washing, which makes it easier for the mother.But it should be borne in mind that these materials are thin, so they cannot provide adequate protection from light and sound. Tapestry and velvet will create a truly luxurious atmosphere in the nursery, in addition, such fabrics have good sound-insulating qualities.

The color range allows you to pick up a canopy for any interior. For newborns, it is preferable to opt for light shades, temporarily abandon applications and ornaments, since various bright elements will distract the baby, causing overwork and disturbing sleep. In the process of growing up, the canopy can be replaced by a more colorful one or attached to the existing variety of decorative accessories in accordance with the sex, age and preferences of the baby.

How to wear?

After the purchase or self-production of the canopy on the bed, an important issue is the fastening of the product.

Manufacturers have several options for placing canopies:

  • fixation to the floor;
  • mount to the bedside back, however, it is important to consider its width;
  • ceiling mount;
  • frame installation to the wall.

Long canopies, as well as products from heavy fabrics, require the arrangement of reliable and durable fastening. Such models are usually mounted on a special holder to the ceiling. Lighter fabrics are placed on the slat near the crib. Those products that are installed with the help of additional elements to the ceiling or wall will be stationary, so they will not work for mobile cradles.

Now in the collections of manufacturers of children's furniture, you can find sets with canopies, which are implemented together with a cot or cradle, which will allow you to solve the problem of fixing and placing the canopy without any difficulty.

Beautiful examples in the interior

Due to the large number of decorative accessories, the children's room can be turned into a real work of art, and the canopy will help to complement the furnishings by focusing on the cradle. For the first years of life, the baby, regardless of gender, is to provide the most comfortable sleeping area, this can be helped by a canopy made of dense light-colored fabric, placed above the crib. Smooth waves of fabric will create a calm and peaceful atmosphere in the cradle, as well as provide a small twilight that will help the child to fully relax.

Little princesses want the magic not to end even in the crib, so decorating the bed with a colorful and light canopy with ruffles, ribbons and ribbons will allow the girl to dream about a fairytale castle and good characters from her favorite cartoons.

Multi-layered canopies with the image of stars and the month will be interesting for boys. In such an environment, a young traveler in his fantasies will be able to go exploring distant planets and their inhabitants, gradually falling asleep, and with the help of several layers of fabric, parents will be able to make the rest of the kid more comfortable.

How to make a canopy on the crib with your own hands, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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