Children's bed "Dolphin": features and tips for choosing

A well-made bed is an integral part of any children's room. Today in stores you can find many different variations of this furniture. One of the most popular and sought after are the beds, which are called "Dolphin". Let's get acquainted closer with this practical furniture, and also learn how to choose it correctly.

Design features

Nowadays, furniture stores offer the choice of consumers a great variety of different beds for children. It can be not only classic stationary, but also more thoughtful designs, equipped with various mechanisms and useful details. These products include the bed "Dolphin".

This memorable name furniture acquired through the mechanism that is present in it. In order for the crib to move forward and move in, it is not necessary to make a lot of effort - a light movement of the arm is enough so that the bed for sleeping seems from the design and a full-fledged comfortable bed appears before the user's eyes. Often, the front panel of such products is complemented by a variety of decor. The most popular solution is a dolphin image.

In the design of such bedroom furniture are usually present additional cabinets. They can store a variety of things, but most often it is blankets, blankets, sheets, bedspreads and some items of clothing. In addition, the bed is equipped with a side rail. This item is designed to protect the child from accidental falls in a dream or while playing games. Barriers often have an elegant wave-like shape that makes furniture more attractive, no matter what color it is made.

Advantages and disadvantages

Bed "Dolphin" today is not uncommon. Similar types of upholstered furniture can be found in many children's rooms.Moreover, the surrounding interior can be made in any stylistic direction - in any case, finding the perfect bed will not be difficult. Before you go shopping for such a product, it is important to familiarize yourself with the strengths and weaknesses of the product.

First, consider what advantages are typical for these types of furniture.

  • Bed "Dolphin" boasts an aesthetic design that seamlessly fits into any style. Often this furniture adorns the furnishings, especially if it has a wavy side rim.
  • Constructions with extra drawers and cabinets save space in the room. You do not have to purchase another separate dresser or cabinet for things, because they can be stored in a bed.
  • The presence of a protective side wall will provide an opportunity to protect the young user from injuries that he may receive when falling from bed. The main thing is that the height parameter of this part meets all requirements.
  • The modern mechanism, which is implemented in these cots, acts very gently. Cope with its management is not difficult.
  • The standard height of this bed is 45 cm from the floor. This parameter is optimal. Children are very comfortable to sleep on these beds.
  • Dolphin is a durable and long-lasting sleep furniture that is difficult to damage or break.
  • Such products provide maximum comfort during sleep and rest of the child.
  • These beds do not have scrupulous and regular care.
  • The frames of these models do not have dangerous sharp parts or protruding elements that the child can accidentally get hurt about.
  • Bed "Dolphin" can be made in the original manner. So, many manufacturers produce these designs in the form of machines, airplanes, spaceships or fabulous castles. From such decisions children come to indescribable delight, and the interior of the room begins to play with new colors.
  • For such children's furniture, you can seamlessly find a suitable orthopedic mattress.
  • The range of these types of cots is incredibly wide. Choose the right option for any interior ensemble.
  • These beds are characterized by quick and easy assembly.To quickly "construct" such furniture, you do not need to have special skills and abilities. To cope with this task will turn out less than an hour.

Despite the impressive list of advantages, the “dolphin” has a number of drawbacks, which it would be better to find out before making a purchase.

  • Basically, these beds are equipped with hard sides. These details, though designed to protect the child from falling, but they can also cause harm to the young user. In the process of active games, the baby can hit the hard barrier and get injured.
  • On sale there are bunk beds like "Dolphin". Such furniture is very popular, but is not completely safe. In this case, it is also impossible to do without the bumpers, however, and they will not be able to protect a very active and mobile child from falling.
  • Many consumers complain that such products have an impressive weight, and therefore it is difficult to move them in a house / apartment. Of course, a lot here depends on the chosen construction and the material from which it is made.


Many consumers are sure that there is only one modification of the “Dolphin” type bed.In fact, on sale you can find quite a lot of different types of named bedroom furniture. Let's get to know them better.

Sofa bed

Furniture of this type is ideal for a child's room. It is a sofa, equipped with a special folding mechanism, called the "dolphin". Such types of upholstered furniture is permissible to acquire not only for children, but also for adults. At night, such a sofa easily reincarnates into a comfortable and spacious bed, which is cozy and comfortable to sleep on. In the design of this furniture there is a special pen. It is located under the seat and helps to expand the furniture structure - for this you just need to gently pull it. In this case, do not make extra efforts, because the mechanism works smoothly.

Model with a box

One of the most common are beds, complemented by drawers in the lower part of the structure. Such furniture is used not only as a separate place to sleep, but also as a storage system. At the bottom of the bed may be two or more boxes. And also on sale you can meet options in which there are sliding drawers and shelves, hidden behind a deaf door.In such conditions it is very convenient to store bedding accessories, children's toys, different clothes and other trifles.


Very popular loft bed, equipped with a side barrier in the form of a dolphin. This furniture is ideal if you are looking for a suitable bed for a compact room. The bed for sleeping in these structures is always located at the top, and the lower tier is allocated for the arrangement of a working or playing area. In addition, many manufacturers produce designs, equipped with storage boxes.

An attic bed is multifunctional furniture that is rarely cheap.


We should also talk about the popular bunk beds "Dolphin". These popular models are found in many homes. Very often they are bought when arranging small-sized rooms in which two children live. Thus, it is possible to position the children comfortably without taking away the free space of the room.

Two-tier models differ from a loft-type bed in that they have sleeping places at the top and at the bottom. In this case, both beds have the same dimensional parameters.However, a protective side, made in the form of a dolphin, is equipped only with a berth, which is located on top. The lower bed simply does not need this detail, since it is not at such an impressive distance from the floor - it is safe to sleep there. In addition, two-tier structures are equipped with small ladders leading to the second "floor". These elements have wide steps, which are very easy and convenient to climb.

Chair bed

Great demand in our time are the sofa beds of the type "Dolphin". These specimens are great for homes in which the child has to live in the same room with their parents. And they also very often resort to such furniture, organizing space in a small-sized children's bedroom, in which there is no place for other models.

When folded, this chair-bed is a small and very comfortable chair. At night, however, this design seamlessly turns into a small single bed. In this case, there are no hard sides, but their function is performed by soft armrests. The child himself will be able to fold and fold such furniture, as the dolphin mechanism is easy to operate.


It is recommended to contact families with two children and a small nursery for the retractable modification of the Dolphin bed. Here the lower place is hidden under the upper bed. Push and retract it if necessary. The upper bed in the sliding models is complemented by a protective rim, which is made in the form of a neat dolphin. In some designs there are additional drawers. During the day, this furniture is a small cozy sofa, and at night - a double bed.


Many manufacturers offer a choice of buyers stylish and attractive versions of the dolphin models with an angular design. Simply put, this model is a folding sofa bed with an appropriate folding mechanism. Experts and designers advise to put these options only in rather spacious rooms in which teenagers live (and older users).

How to choose?

Bed "Dolphin" should be chosen carefully as possible, because you are equipping a children's room, and there everything should be beautiful. That is why you should rely on the following important criteria, selecting the ideal model.

  • Material. Furniture for children's bedrooms should be made of environmentally friendly materials. The best beds are solid wood or MDF, but they are expensive. The product from LDSP will cost less, but this material is toxic, since it contains formaldehydes. If you are not ready to spend large sums, then you should look for a model of e-1 chipboard - this raw material is safe, but it is very rare.
  • Equipment. Initially decide on what kind of equipment you want to see in the chosen children's bed. There are many options, for example, with 2 or 3 drawers, two places for sleeping, zones for games and other additions - it all depends on the specific model and modification. Knowing in advance what specific option you need, you can avoid unnecessary expenses for unnecessary additional constructions.
  • The quality of the mechanism. Before you buy, be sure to check the serviceability of the mechanism (according to the instructions) that is present in the bedroom furniture. To do this, contact your dealer. If the design works with extraneous sounds and scratches, then it is better to refuse its purchase.
  • Build quality. It is important to ensure the high quality of the assembly of children's furniture. Individual items should not stagger or creak. The design should be as strong and reliable as possible.
  • Design. Do not forget about the design of the selected model. Baby bed must fit into the existing interior. And this concerns not only the style of execution, but also the color of the furniture. Do not pick too gloomy or "poisonous" structures. It is better to give preference to pastel and soothing palettes.
  • Manufacturer. Do not look for an overly cheap “Dolphin” bed, especially if you want to buy a transformable model (such options usually cost more). This is due to the fact that often at a low price lies poor quality. To avoid such problems, it is worth referring to branded products from famous brands. Of course, such options are more expensive, but they last longer and are absolutely safe.


Many moms and dads buy attractive dolphin-type beds for children's rooms. This is due to the fact that such models have many advantages.

The main positive qualities of these beds, which are noted by consumers, are:

  • easy folding and unfolding;
  • storage capacity;
  • availability in many models of the side barrier;
  • huge range;
  • universal design that fits easily into many interiors;
  • safe construction without sharp parts;
  • high stability;
  • attractive design.

However, the owners of such furniture notice not only its advantages, but also some drawbacks.

So, to the most frequent complaints of consumers on these beds, include:

  • cheap models of laminated chipboard from many manufacturers easily lose their visual appeal - film often falls off of them;
  • some products are too heavy, so they cannot be called mobile and easy to transport;
  • when assembling this furniture can be easily damaged;
  • some models have sharp edges on the sides.

Of course, the listed disadvantages do not apply to absolutely all options of such beds. They concern only some models which certain buyers faced. However, these comments still need to be borne in mind when choosing the appropriate design for your home.

Beautiful examples

The bed "Dolphin" will easily fit into many interior ensembles.

Here are some attractive furnishings with that furniture.

  • A snow-white bed with light-colored bed linen, complemented by a side curb (in the form of a dolphin) and built-in drawers of purple color, will look organically against the background of soft-mint walls with a discreet golden pattern. On the floor next to the bed should put a cream fluffy carpet.
  • A light wooden model with a soft pink side and drawers will be a wonderful addition to the room with dull crimson walls and a floor finished with a rough laminate. Near the bed is to put a square soft carpet pastel color.
  • A multifunctional and light loft bed with a side in the form of an orange dolphin will decorate a bright room with a cream floor. The interior will look more “lively” thanks to the orange details of the furniture, as well as the blue colored floor carpet and wall paintings with seascapes.
  • A laconic wooden bed with a light body and drawers / sides of chocolate color will look interesting in combination with an accent wall decorated with white wallpaper with colorful prints, as well as a concise floor decorated with a cream laminate.

How to choose a children's bed "Dolphin", see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes.For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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