Children's beds, sofas for boys: a variety of models and features of choice

When a new family member appears, the parents immediately begin to ennoble the baby’s room. One of the important details is a place to sleep. In this article we will discuss this option, as children's beds, sofas for boys, consider the age at which you should get a sofa, and how many years they can serve.


Children's beds, sofas in the boys' room is an excellent choice for parents who are thinking about how to save space in the room.

In the process of growth, the child becomes a person and he needs his own separate space. Therefore, it is very important to equip the nursery correctly and harmoniously, so that the baby will be happy to spend time in it.

A place to sleep should be comfortable, beautiful and healthy.

Beds-sofas for boys with a bed there are different types.

Couch sofa

The model is presented in the form of a small sofa with a back and a headboard. On sale it is possible and not to meet the sliding mechanism in such kind of a sofa, however, in addition there will necessarily be drawers. Thing compact, looks good in any interior.

Sofa chair

The folding mechanism is provided in this model, with the help of which the sofa easily turns into a cozy bed.

Perfect fit in the room, easy to move.

Sofa in the shape of a sofa

This model is presented with armrest and back, located at the same height. Some ennoble soft pillows for comfort. The frame base is made of wood or plywood. Ideal for the baby, does not take up much space.

Bunk sofa

Includes a sleeping place and a sofa. On the first tier is a place to rest: a couch, computer or desk. And on the second is a bed for sleeping.

For children, this model is most popular, it is also compact and saves space in the nursery.

Transforming sofa

Pretty original model, there are lots of variations in which it is expanded. It is possible to design in the couch with armrests, adjust the height. There are even models that are going to the area for training with two puffs.

With the folding mechanism "eurobook"

The model is transformed from a sofa into a bed, convenient to use. Included is a large drawer for bedding.

The bed is even, an orthopedic mattress.

Sofa in the shape of the letter "G"

This is a great model for children that will last you a long time. There is a special box where removable bed linen can be stored.

Browse popular models

Sofas from the “Kid-2” series are among the most popular among consumers on the modern market. They are distinguished by their versatility and the presence of a different design, which not only fits perfectly into your interior, but also your child will be delighted. Made only from environmentally friendly materials. When buying a sofa "Baby" you can choose the right characterwhich is a favorite for your child, which will help you to quickly and easily teach your child to go to bed at the right time.

Let's sort the most popular models among the Kid series.


Children's sofa with a back and one armrest, which is rearranged on opposite sides. It can transform into a more elongated model, reaching 180 cm in length and 80 cm in width. Also in the presence of a large box in which the child can put toys.

Among the shortcomings can be noted a small number of additional drawers for linen and other accessories.


Sofa for children, folding like a sofa-couch. The size of the bed is 190x64. The frame is made of natural wood. It is sheathed on all sides, which is very important for safety from damage.

Among the shortcomings is the fact that the new furniture has a slight chemical smell, after a couple of weeks it disappears.


small sofa with the image of a fish, kids really like. Bright and colorful design will become a favorite place to sleep and play your baby. When buying should clarify the method of transformation. Moving hinges sometimes jam, before using them it is recommended to lubricate them with engine oil.

There are also other models of sofas.For example, the baby sofa "Baby" is very compact and convenient, it is a good choice for saving space. It is a sliding sofa, which when assembled can serve as a chair, and when disassembled it transforms into a sleeping place. Produced in a variety of colors. The transformation mechanism is fairly simple and easy.

Among the couch couches the most popular is Malvina. Will ideally fit into an interior of a nursery, made of natural materials. Convenient folding mechanism. Feedback from consumers is positive.

Models from the factory "Malina" are low cost and comfortable. Excellent quality and reasonable prices. In the presence of a lot of different models of sofas for children.

Nevertheless, negative reviews can also be found; consumers are not always satisfied with the durability of these models.

What to consider when choosing?

Choosing the right furniture for your child is not an easy task, because the assortment is extensive. Most often choose items that have great functionality and modern design.

Before purchasing a thing, it is necessary to take into account its dimensions and how it will fit into the interior of the children's room. If the baby is under five years old, then the sofa will need 1.5-1.7 meters.

When buying a sofa for children, you need to take into account several factors:

  • child should be comfortable and comfortable;
  • the materials from which the furniture is made must be environmentally friendly, without harmful substances;
  • the transformation mechanism is better to choose easy, so that the child can cope on their own;


If the nursery, where a small child from 3 years old sleeps, needs a sofa bed, then you can use it as an extra place to play. It is better to choose a sofa that easily transforms into a bed. Small sofas, in which there is no folding mechanism, suitable for children aged 3 to 5 years.

If the child is a small build, then these sofas can be used up to 7 years.

Room area

Be sure to take into account the area of ​​the room. If it does not allow you to purchase a regular bed, then small-sized sofas are a great option for kids from 5 to 7 years old. Perfectly fit models with mechanisms "accordion", "click-klyak". Such products in the unfolded form are quite massive, but when folded they are rather compact.

They must be placed against a wall or near a window, so that in the unfolded state they leave room for passage.


The quality materials of which the sofa is made should not only be distinguished by a long service life, but also ensure the well-being of the baby. You should not save on cheap materials and low quality, so that in the future there will be no breakdowns and all sorts of defects.

The frame must be made of:

  • solid wood (beech, birch, aspen);
  • pressed plywood.

Chipboard is better not to use. Its main disadvantage is that manufacturing technology involves the use of formaldehydes and toxic compounds that can adversely affect the health of a small person. The frame of the product should not have any flaws or cracks. If there are welding spots in the mounts, they should be carefully examined.

It is important to pay attention to what material the mattress is made of.

Foam rubber (made of polyurethane foam) is not the worst choice, but still it is better to buy a spring mattress in which there is an average stiffness. The mattress can be assembled with springs blocks, there are also those that have an autonomous action. The latter option is always more expensive, but thanks to it the body weight is distributed evenly, there is no unnecessary deformation of the spine.

Upholstery on sofas is usually from:

  • velor;
  • flock;
  • tapestry;
  • chenille.

The last two types of fabrics are more preferable, they have a good coefficient of wear resistance. Sofas for children who have sharp corners or protruding parts, it is better not to buy, they are very traumatic.

Spectacular examples in the interior

In today's market there are a large number of manufacturers that will surprise you with their design. There are beds in the form of machines, ships, aircraft, trains. However, it is not always advisable to buy a designer product, many ascetic models fit much better into modern minimalist styles.

Children's corner sofa, in which there are no sharp corners.

Children's sofa for the little ones.

Sofa for girls up to 5 years.

For tips on how to choose a children's sofa, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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