How to choose the perfect baby bed?

 How to choose the perfect baby bed?

To purchase a crib for your long-awaited baby, newly-made dads and mothers need to come up with a huge share of responsibility. Since the baby will be almost always in it during the first months of its life, it is very important that the chosen bed becomes as comfortable as possible for him. And for his mom will be important ease of use and various functional features.


When choosing a crib for a child, remember that there are a fairly large number of types of these structures.

  • The cradles. It is not very large in size and very cozy products.Kids will feel completely protected here. The cradles have special legs and a special mechanism for measured rocking, more expensive products are supplemented by an audio system so that babies can fall asleep faster to a quiet melody. Famous factories for the production of children's furniture offer models with small hanging canopies and transparent nets against insects.
  • Products on the runners. This is the most popular models. Instead of the usual legs, they have a specially curved runners, they can be used to slightly shake the crib while the baby tries to fall asleep. This is a fairly durable and very compact option.
  • Pendulum beds The peculiarity of the product is the presence of a pendulum, thanks to which you can rock the cradle without any extra effort. If necessary, the pendulum can be blocked. Certain models of these devices are equipped with niches or compact chests for the preservation of various things.
  • Transformer. This is a place where the baby can sleep and play, where there is a table so that mom can comfortably swaddle the baby and a roomy chest of drawers.When the baby begins to grow, part of the design can be removed by gradually transforming the bed for the baby into a comfortable bed for sleeping a teenager. The disadvantage is the bulkiness of the products.
  • Cots, playpens. They have soft walls and unite in themselves a place for quiet dreams and active games. A great idea for long trips: this model can be easily packaged in a backpack and unfolded again. But such a product is better suited as an option for travel, and not as a cradle for every day.
  • Many parents opt for a cradle basket. It will suit kids up to 1 year. It is convenient because it has strong handles for carrying, while the handles themselves are removable and can be washed. The open space sometimes scares the kids and can over-alert them. And in such a cradle they will feel protected.

After 2-4 months, the baby from this product will grow and you will need to buy a new bed. The original replacement for this type of crib will be a baby stroller with a removable basket.

  • Cot. Putting the baby to sleep next to each other without fear of pinning him is quite possible if you buy a cradle.The wall of such a product is removed completely or simply reclines, and so a tired mommy will not have to get up from her bed to feed or soothe the baby. Psychologists say that babies who slept in these beds will be especially close to their parents throughout their lives.


The main requirements for materials of which the beds for children are made, their safety can be considered, as well as:

  • strength;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • reliability.

Only some types of modern materials correspond to these requirements.

  • Wood. It is best to choose wooden beds (beech or alder, birch or oak). These are the most durable materials, characterized by resistance to various types of impact. With the release of baby cradle can be chosen and pine, but in this case, the products will be much softer in its texture. If you have enough money without even thinking, choose a wooden cot, as this is also the most eco-friendly type of material.
  • MDF - less popular, but cheaper material. It can be used in the manufacture of children's furniture, if the pressing was carried out using perfectly safe components.Most importantly, a store consultant should tell you about the emission class, which should not be higher than E1.
  • Chipboard - the most inexpensive material created on the basis of compressed chips. Before purchasing a product, you need to check its certificate of quality. In these products, the concentration of formaldehyde may be exceeded, which can be dangerous for the baby’s fragile body.
  • Metal - Aluminum or steel is most commonly used. This material is the most durable, durable, but very expensive and heavy. In addition, it is cold, unlike natural wood.


Crib design parameters it is necessary to consider first of all, as:

  • it is important for owners of an oversized apartment to see initially how it will be possible to install a bed of a certain size in the room;
  • Manufacturers of bed accessories are often focused on the standard parameters of models for children of a certain age.

At release of children's cradles and beds the special grid of the sizes is applied:

  • 120x60 cm - the standard Russian size of furniture for children from birth to 3 years;
  • 125x65 cm - European size for children from a month to 3 years;
  • 170x60 cm - European dimensions of the enlarged plan;
  • 140x70 cm - increased domestic parameters, most often they can be seen in transformers;
  • 97x55 cm - the usual parameters of the crib, used for children up to 1 year.

Selecting a design for height, it is necessary to take into account that most models are designed for 100 cm. A spacious bed, where any baby will be comfortable, is the best option. Many models have the ability to install the bottom on 2 levels. For a baby and a mother, it is better that the bed is not too deep, so that it is easier to gently put the baby in the cradle and not wake him. When the baby starts to grow and learn to rise, the depth of the product will already be extremely important. The distance from the top of the railing to the children's mattress should be at least 66 cm. For some products, the upper bar can be removed, and the bed becomes 10 cm lower.

What criteria to choose?

Select the right option. The following recommendations will help.

  • There should be no protruding parts or sharp corners in the crib to be purchased, so that the baby is not accidentally injured.
  • It should be clarified with the seller what kind of paint covered the bed.Best of all, in areas that the baby will begin to gnaw during teething, there are special safe lining.
  • It is better to select the bottom and sides of the product not solid, in order to guarantee good ventilation of the air both in the crib and under the mattress.
  • The bars on the walls of the product should be rare, so that the child’s arms or legs could not accidentally get stuck between them.
  • For a child of 2, 3 years old, they pick up the cradles with protective sides that will save the baby from falling.
  • When selecting a model, it is necessary to take into account its shape: the cradle should not be narrow at the bottom, otherwise the baby will be able to turn it over. The lower the center of gravity of the structure, the more stable it will be.
  • For more convenient movement of the crib around the room in some models there are wheels. At the same time, there is a certain danger of reducing the stability of the product if the child is too active. In order to prevent dangerous consequences, it is better to purchase clamps for wheels.
  • Details of the crib should be polished with high quality so that the child does not throw a handle. All corners should be rounded.
  • In the crib should not be easily unscrewed parts and easily removable elements, so that the child could not get hurt or even swallow them.
  • After acquiring the bed, wipe the bed gently with wet wipes and leave to air until the smell disappears, if there is one.


The cradle is the most convenient and mobile option of furniture for the baby. Unfortunately, it will not serve for very long: in 7-8 months the baby will become too big for her. Products with runners in the parameters of a little more cradles and therefore perfectly suitable for kids under the age of 3 years. Designs with different types of pendulums also suit kids up to 3 years. Transforming beds will last a child up to 10 years and more.

Additional elements

Children's furniture can be equipped with various kinds of auxiliary elements.

Consider the most popular ones.

  • Box for various things. This element, according to many moms, is very useful in caring for a small child. Thanks to him, mom will always have different toys, diapers, bedding, clean diapers, sliders and other important things at hand.This element in some models can replace the bedside table.
  • Some models are complemented by built-in or mobile pedestals, on top of which there are changing tables. These are very convenient designs, however, we should not forget that they will need much more space than for traditional beds.
  • An important element are the corners for protection and special overlays on the edges.: they will protect the structure itself from accidental damage, and the baby - from swallowing particles of the material when his teeth are cut.
  • Sometimes cots have removable parts. The side elements can always be removed so that the grown-up child can go to bed himself and get out of it. Or you can remove one wall and move the children's bed close to the parents' bed. The more diverse a complete set a model will have, the more expensive it will be.

Overview of models and manufacturers

The most selected models of beds today are the following options.

  • Fiorellino Princess - it is a beautiful woven cradle in the form of a basket for babies, presented in 2 colors (blue and pink) with a durable handle for a comfortable carrying.The product is convenient to use, has a hard bottom and a protective hood. Included are the necessary accessories - a mattress, a blanket, a cover for protection, a comfortable pillow and a sheet. Negative points include a high price, as well as the fact that the basket stand must be bought separately. Also, there is no mechanism for motion sickness.
  • "Irina S-625" - a cradle with a special design, standard parameters, a hard bottom with 3 types of positions. It has a removable sidewall with special silicone linings. A pendulum is provided. A large box for laundry is built into the product, which, however, makes it more cumbersome.
  • Valle Allegra Comfort - very functional transforming bed from a famous Russian brand. The beautiful model with 2 boxes is let out from a strong chipboard. There is a pendulum, wheels, fittings of high quality. The product is made in different color variations.

The bottom of the structure is well ventilated due to the bottom rails, the bed is resistant. The negative aspects include its cost and weight.

  • Happy baby martin - playpen with 2 levels, has large windows to keep an eye on the baby and sometimes air the crib.There are wheels for moving the product and a mattress that can be removed. The bed can be easily folded, it is very comfortable. Since the product is made in China, it is inexpensive. By cons design buyers in their reviews attributed a small number of colors and a significant weight.

Among the huge number of companies that offer children's furniture, there are several of the most popular.

  • Micuna. For nearly 50 years, this company produces cradles made from 100% wood. Micuna beds are distinguished by a strict design that fits into any interior solutions, they have excellent quality and the most competent functionality.
  • Baby Expert. The company began its activities in 1970. The company manufactures products that combine the best furniture traditions of renowned craftsmen and innovative developments. The focus is on the safety of babies and environmental products.
  • Geuther Experts of the German brand Geuther calculate the ergonomics of the structures at the stage of project creation, and the company's engineers carry out a test of the strength of all models. Furniture from Geuther has small items that are made by hand.
  • Erbesi. Since the 60s of the last century, the Italian manufacturer has been manufacturing beautiful cribs and other items of furniture for babies. At release of models of this brand natural wood is used (most often - beech) and only the safest paints for children and varnishes.
  • BV & BV. The main direction of the company is the creation of high-quality furniture for children's rooms. Designs from BV & BV can be recognized by design - they are decorated with soft panels with hand embroidery. BV & BV cradles are a true standard of style and safety.
  • Bambolina This is one of the most recognizable brands of children's furniture. His beds are an expression of luxury and comfort. Many designs are complemented by sets of bright linen, which is decorated with elegant embroidery and delicate lace.
  • Fiorellino. Children's beds Fiorellino released from a solid array of beech that grows in the Alps. Cots are characterized by traditional design and luxurious colors. Some models have removable sides.

Beautiful examples in the interior

Additional beds for children will not be able to spoil your interior and will be a charming addition to the adult bed of your father and mother.Cradles with canopies will always perfectly fit into any nursery and make the place for the baby’s sleep the most comfortable. A basket crib is a great accessory for traveling with your baby.

For information on how to choose the perfect baby bed, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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