Round crib: types and tips for choosing

 Round crib: types and tips for choosing

Every day more and more are getting round cribs. Parents want to know the advantages and disadvantages of such models, the existing types and sizes. Most of them are interested in reviews of young mothers, advice on the selection of products and the selection of bedding for them.

Advantages and disadvantages

Round children's bed has the following advantages:

  • attractive appearance of the crib will decorate any interior;
  • the round product can be approached from either end;
  • in a cradle without corners, the baby feels comfortable in the womb;
  • The safety of the baby’s health is ensured by the rounded corners and the natural material from which the product is made;
  • the round shape and small space helps the baby to quickly adapt to the world around it;
  • silicone, plastic lining on the sides to protect the baby from injury;
  • the ability to monitor the baby from any corner of the room;
  • compactness: the bed takes up little space;
  • with the help of the pendulum mechanism the baby is rocked;
  • multifunctional product;
  • Transformers oval beds are used from infancy to adolescence;
  • ease of conversion into a bed, sofa, playpen, changing table;
  • bed height adjustment;
  • castors with clamps make it possible to freely move furniture around the room;
  • removable partition allows you to move the product close to the parents' bed;
  • service life is up to 10 years;
  • ability to replace broken parts.

There are the following disadvantages:

  • high cost of a round crib;
  • the difficulty of acquiring a mattress and bed linen of the appropriate form;
  • after the transformation of the round into an oval bed will occupy more space;
  • The standard cradle serves until the baby is 6–7 months old, then it becomes necessary to purchase another bed.


Each of the beds is an interesting option.

  • Classic round model for the baby is made of wood with a removable height-adjustable bottom and wheels. This bed does not provide for an increase in bed.
  • Suspended round model used as a cradle, serves up to six months to a child. With an increase in the weight of the baby can pose a threat to life and health, it is therefore necessary to choose a model with high sides.
  • Semicircular extra bed with removable side mounted next to the bed of the parents. Beside them, the baby feels completely safe. A young mother may not be worried that during sleep she will accidentally crush the baby with her weight. The disadvantage is the short-term use of such a bed. There is a semicircular model with the possibility of expansion, which can be used until the child is 8 years old.
  • Baby safety provides pendulum design. Specially built-in mechanism will not allow the child to sway in the cradle. Pendulum for motion sickness easily transformed into wheels.

Over time, such furniture begins to creak, and the pendulum mechanism is prone to breakage.

Depending on the model, one bed can be transformed into 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 and even 11 objects. Transformation is carried out easily and quickly without the involvement of male power. There are models with a place to store clothes, toys.

A similar transforming bed can be converted to the following options:

  • in a round cradle with a diameter of 70 to 100 cm; the product is used from birth to six months, the mobile cradle has a holder on which the canopy is mounted;
  • in a comfortable table for changing;
  • in an oval size 120x75 cm with the help of auxiliary parts; suitable for children up to three years;
  • in an oval bed for children from 4 to 8 years; a sleeper is obtained with a length of up to 160 cm by expanding the central crossbar;
  • in a safe playpen by moving the bed to the lower position;
  • on the sofa (120 cm) with one wall removed for grown-up children who can already climb and descend themselves;
  • in a sofa (160 cm) for preschoolers and younger students;
  • 2 chairs, made of a sofa by detaching the sidewalls and the central crossbar, can withstand weight up to 90 kg.


Round beds are designed for babies, so they are used until the baby is 6-7 months old. The cradle can be approximately 70 to 90 cm in diameter. The standard dimensions of an oval bed are 125x75 cm. Until a child is 3 years old, beds with dimensions of 120x60 or 120x65 cm are most often used. There are models that can be expanded to 140x70, 160x75 and 165x90 cm. bed length increases, and the width remains the same.

The best seller is a bed measuring 190x80 cm, which can be freely combined with a chest of drawers.


How to choose bed linen?

The bed must be equipped with bedding. The package includes a blanket, pillow, bumpers (soft sides), a mattress, a duvet cover, a sheet and a pillowcase. Some options include a canopy. The sides to the round bed are filled with foam and sewn ribbons for fastening to furniture. Bumpers can be in the form of a web with a filler or pads with ribbons.

An orthopedic mattress with air vents circulates the air around the bed. The mattress filled with foam rubber or holofiber has rigidity and environmental friendliness. He badly passes moisture, which is an important indicator. It is advised to choose a mattress with a filler made of coconut fiber and latex foam with removable covers so that you can wash them. The cover should be made of natural fabric: cotton or high-quality wool. Synthetic fabric that may irritate the delicate skin of the crumbs is not allowed.

The heat exchange of the infant is not yet regulated, so the blanket is best to buy a light: flannelette or wool. Some pediatricians advise using a canopy only as a last resort due to the resulting lack of oxygen for crumbs. The canopy will protect the child from a bright sunlight. Not everyone thinks it is correct to have a pillow, as the baby’s spine is not strong. Some prefer a thin cushion that will protect against rolling head.

It is recommended to purchase a waterproof sheet with elastic. Other models slip out from under the child at the most inappropriate moment. The color scheme of a set of bed linen should be selected in accordance with the design of the bed. Coloring should not contain contrasting tones in order not to strain the eyesight of the little ones. It is necessary to choose bedding with large pictures so that the child can look at them.

Pillowcase, duvet cover and bed sheet should be made of cotton.

Tips for choosing

When choosing a crib, you need to carefully study the warranty that the manufacturer gives It is necessary to investigate the functionality, practicality, quality of processing of the product: there should be no chipping, cleavage, irregularities and poor grinding. It is necessary to check the equipment. The bed must be chosen from a natural material. Strong furniture made of maple, beech, alder, birch serves for a long time, is not prone to scratches. The coating of the frame should be carried out with varnish or paint that does not cause allergies in the baby.

Numerous reviews of young mothers indicate that pine beds are very popular, although they belong to cheap models. Do not recommend to buy beds from plywood and pressed tiles.Such furniture releases toxic substances hazardous to the health of the baby. To create a safe place for the child before using the cradle, it is necessary to check the strength of the mountings. The wooden surface should be without roughness, so as not to harm the delicate skin of the baby. The mattress is often sold with a cot.

If the product is purchased without a mattress, then you need to look for a universal model. It is advisable to find a thing of the same manufacturer as the cradle.

Parents speak very well about the models of round cots. They are attracted by reliability, child safety and comfort. In this product, kids sleep soundly and calmly. Non-bulky beds look neat, fit well into the interior of the apartment. A transforming bed is very popular among young mothers. Moving the bottom of the cradle pleases many parents. The high level of the bottom allows you to quickly remove the baby from the cot without leaning over.

Beautiful examples

The Ukrainian model EllipseBed 7 in 1, according to the parents, has no flaws. The bed is made of alder or beech. It has an original design, the walls are decorated with hearts.It is presented in several colors: from white to dark. The bottom can have three positions, and there is also a motion sickness mechanism and wheels with stops. It is transformed from a cradle to a children's table. On a bed with a diameter of 72x72 cm, you can position the baby in any direction.

          The unusual multipurpose model Sweet Baby Delizia Avorio with a pendulum is made in Italy. It attracts attention with a concise design, made of natural wood. The diameter is 75x75 cm, during transformation it is extended to 125 cm. There is a pendulum mechanism, 3 positions of the bottom. There are wheels that are loose and do not have a stopper. It is impossible to use the wheels and the pendulum at the same time. Polished cradle poorly.

          A multifunctional turquoise bed made of New Zealand pine is expensive, but it will last for more than one generation. High-quality wood processing, material resistance to deformation will please young parents.

          How to collect a children's round bed, see the following video.

          Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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