Children's bed with a dresser: types, sizes and design

The bed with a chest of drawers is compact, suitable even for a small children's room, helping to free up more space for the child to play. In such a model will fit a lot of children's things, toys, school supplies. The bed-dresser will replace a number of additional furniture, and will save money.

Special features

A crib with a dresser gives a number of advantages:

  • availability of additional drawers and shelves;
  • availability of a changing table with a bedside table (if it is a pendulum crib);
  • transformation into a sleeping structure from a nursery for a teenager;
  • availability of upper shelves for textbooks and writing materials (in some models).

In addition, this furniture saves free space of the room, since everything is already selected in the set as compact and functional as possible.

Modern manufacturers offer more interesting models with built-in wardrobe and shelves. So You can save a decent amount on the fact that the need to buy a full-fledged headset disappears.

Favorably distinguishes the bed-dresser and a significant variety of models and functionality. For a minimalist style, you can purchase a simplified version of the product, made under the dresser. For high-tech or modern style, you can choose models equipped with a wardrobe, table, nightstand.


In the model range, you can select the main types:

  • bed-transformer with a chest of drawers;
  • loft bed with a chest of drawers;
  • double bed with sliding mechanism;
  • teenage;
  • folding

A transforming cot for children with a chest of drawers and a changing table, accommodates not only a place to sleep, but also drawers for storing diapers, diapers, and powder, which simplifies the process of changing clothes for a child. In addition, the changing table is made with protective bumpers that will not allow the baby to fall, even if he constantly moves. The bed can be equipped with a pendulum for rocking, a height-adjustable bottom and a folding side.The model is transformed into a more spacious sleeping place for an older child.

The loft bed is designed so that the bed for sleeping is located on the second floor of the structure. And under it is a leisure area or a table with shelves and drawers. Next to the table may be a wardrobe. The ladder of such a bed can also be equipped with additional niches and drawers for toys and clothing. It is reliable and safe for the baby, thanks to the wide steps. Models of such beds can be stylized as a ship or tree house that children like.

Some models of the bed-transformer functionally replace a full-fledged furniture set, and take up half the space. These include table-bed. It includes a bunk bed, the lower berth of which is transformed into a desk. On the side there is a ladder-dresser with three large bedside tables. Another mobile cabinet can be installed anywhere in the structure as a bedside table or as part of a table.

The second tier may include several shelves for small items. It unfolds like a regular bed-dresser.These models are made to order and taking into account individual wishes in terms of color and configuration. Please note that mattresses are not included in the set and must be purchased separately. Teenage model of a bed with a dresser happens single or double. At the bottom of the model are spacious boxes designed for storing bed linen or clothes.

Such a product saves room space, and the side and top shelves provide space for storing books, textbooks, and writing materials. A TV can be placed at the top of the dresser.

Size selection

When buying a bed-dresser, you need to remember that the overall size of the product is slightly larger than an ordinary children's bed, usually by 10-20 cm. Therefore, when planning the situation in the room, this should be taken into account. In the case when the room has a small area, a large bed-dresser with an additional wardrobe and shelves will look too cumbersome. Conversely, if you put a small set in a large room, you will get the impression of incompleteness.

A place under the transforming bed is planned so that in the unfolded state the product does not interfere with walking, and there is enough space for transformation around, whether it is a sliding or folding mechanism.When choosing furniture for a children's room, it is better to give preference to a product with a large number of shelves to accommodate children's toys, textbooks and personal belongings.

Important and tone in which the bed is decorated. For girls, light pastel shades are preferred, for boys blue, green or light gray tones.

The deciding factor in choosing is the opinion of the child himself, since it is he who will have to spend a lot of time in the chosen environment.

In the next video you will find the assembly of the crib-transformer Antel "Ulyana 1".

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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