Retractable beds for two children: design features and tips for choosing

 Retractable beds for two children: design features and tips for choosing

It is necessary to approach arrangement of a nursery with all responsibility. Fortunately, the range of modern furniture for children of all ages is striking in its richness and diversity. If there are two children living in the house, then you can purchase a functional and very comfortable retractable bed for them. It is worth getting to know this practical piece of furniture.

Special features

For the children's room, it is necessary to select high-quality furniture, the use of which will bring only positive emotions to young users.This criterion is especially important in choosing a children's bed designed for use by two children. In today's market there are a lot of different options that have a multifunctional design. Of course, the most famous are the classic two-tier models.

However, relatively recently, pull-out beds designed to the last detail, which are also made for two children, have appeared on the market. In such furniture, there are mechanisms that allow you to make the beds more functional and roomy, while beds can be pulled out with the help of castors or special fixed rollers. In most cases, such products are easy to use, fold and unfold easily.

It is not difficult to choose a suitable pull-out bed for two children. The only thing that can complicate the search for the optimal option is a huge assortment in which you can simply “get lost”. The bed with the sliding mechanism can be made from different materials, and the designs in these products are different. If you decide to buy such children's furniture for your children, then you should first familiarize yourself with its pros and cons.

Start better with the advantages of these beds, namely:

  • such pieces of furniture boast multitasking; in addition, they can be purchased for both boys and girls - there are no restrictions;
  • in modern furniture stores there are high-tech beds, equipped with a special system that allows the chosen design to "grow" with the children;
  • high-quality children's beds, designed for use by two young users, are characterized by a long service life;
  • It should be noted a huge range of such models; to choose the perfect option for the interior, made in any style, is not difficult;
  • similar designs will turn out to choose for children of different age categories; in stores it will be possible to find such models that are designed for use by very young children;
  • In most cases, children's pull-out beds are characterized by increased stability and excellent strength characteristics; to knock down or damage this furniture will be very difficult;
  • These models are often equipped with additional drawers and cabinets, usually they store various bedding accessories, toys or books;
  • to use similar products easily and simply; even small children cope with the mechanisms by which these beds are equipped;
  • with the help of pull-out beds you can save a lot of useful space in the children's room; this property is most demanded, if we are talking about the organization of a small space;
  • This furniture can be equipped with safe orthopedic mattresses that have a beneficial effect on the health and sleep of children.

As you can see, this furniture has a lot of positive qualities. For this reason, it is so popular today.

However, it is important to consider the following disadvantages of sliding structures:

  • In most cases, beds for two children, equipped with additional mechanisms, are quite expensive; Of course, you can find economical options, but the quality of their design can be much lower than the more expensive items;
  • the use of structures consisting of two “floors” can be complicated by the fact that one child will be in danger - you can fall down from tier 2 not only during active games, but also in your sleep; Of course, you can prevent these consequences by buying a version with side walls, but they cannot guarantee the complete safety of young users;
  • the lower part of these beds can scratch the floor, especially if the design is made of fairly heavy materials, such as metal or natural wood;
  • these types of furniture for two children are not designed for too serious loads; if you often jump on such a bed or behave too actively, you can seriously harm the mechanism;
  • retractable beds for two children are not the most successful equipment; The lion's share of models is equipped with a bottom made of plywood, which is not ventilated at all and saves moisture in its structure, which can result in damage to the mattress.

Many problems associated with retractable baby beds can be avoided if you choose a really high-quality model made of natural and strong materials. In addition, it is desirable to treat such furniture with care so as not to damage the mechanisms present in it.

Characteristics of different models

As mentioned earlier, retractable baby bed options are plentiful. They differ not only in cost, but also in technical characteristics, as well as in their design.It is worth getting acquainted with the most common models that are chosen by many buyers.

All types of beds with a vykatny mechanism are divided into the following categories:

  • ordinary - these are classic stationary products, equipped with a retractable sleeping place (most often a similar instance is bought for guest rooms in order to accommodate overnight guests);
  • recessed - in these designs, sleeping areas are easily disguised as other types of furniture.

In the furniture stores will be able to meet with several variations of such children's furniture.

  • Models with separate tiers. These two-tier products are equipped with a lower roll-out bed for sleeping, which is not fixed in relation to the upper one, and the 2nd “floor” itself is placed slightly higher. To him, as a rule, leads a small and very comfortable ladder with safe wide steps.
  • Models with fastened "floors". In these bunk beds, the lower level extends from under the upper front or to the side. Such models are quite popular today, but they are not considered to be the most convenient, due to the fact that a child who is used to resting on the second “floor” will have to be as careful as possible so as not to step on his brother or sister.This will be doable only if the furniture is located sideways in such a way that one of its sides will be far away from the wall in the room. These types of beds with enviable popularity are chosen for kids.
  • With drawers. The most popular today are retractable baby beds, equipped with drawers. In these storage systems usually place various things, bedding or toys. Basically boxes are located directly under the first tier of furniture design.
  • With a table. In search of multifunctional and practical furniture, you can dwell on designs with a table. Such options are not only the most comfortable to use, but also save a lot of space in the room. During the day, children will be able to complete study tasks while sitting at the table, while the first “floor” is usually removed.
  • Low tier. Rolling out varieties of children's products create the impression that the child is sleeping right on the floor. Such models are recognized as the most economical, but in them the lower level must be equipped with a rather thick mattress, especially in the winter season. Otherwise, the baby may get sick because of the drafts.
  • Bed-podium. Beds for two children will be equipped in furniture with a podium. In these models, the space located at the top, it is possible to equip at their discretion. It can be not only another sleeping place for a child, but also a small guest area or even a working corner. But it should be borne in mind that organizing a comfortable and cozy bed on the podium will require ceilings whose height is not less than 2.8 m.
  • Three-tier models. Functional beds equipped with three tiers are no less in demand today. As a rule, these options are bought by parents who have three children. Of course, it is permissible to choose a three-tier structure in order to have an additional sleeping bed for those cases when children will stay with their friends overnight. In a more complex embodiment, this furniture is a small cabinet, which is very similar in appearance to a chest of drawers. And in the disassembled state of this element are formed 3 beds, having the same size. However, there are also two-tier versions on sale with separate beds for sleeping, at which it is possible to push the third bed out from under the lower “floor”. It is important to bear in mind that basically these specimens have large dimensions.Most often they are purchased for teenagers.
  • "Growing" transformers. Today, many parents prefer these types of cots, because they are very economically beneficial. This furniture is able to "grow" with children. In addition, the “sprouting” allows you to save the available space in the room, which is important if we are talking about the arrangement of a modest area.
  • With a barrier. Two children's beds, combined in one design, are often supplemented with a necessary safety element - a barrier. These options are most often bought for very young users. Side rails can prevent a child from falling out of bed. Of course, this does not mean that such consequences will be completely excluded. Too active kids can roll over the side and get serious injuries, so parents should always be on the alert.

As you can see, the variations of sliding models for young users of different ages delight with their diversity. The lion's share of them makes it possible to save space in the room, and this property is especially important now, because many people live in small apartments,where every centimeter counts. An ordinary double bed in such conditions will not fit.

Manufacturers Overview

Currently, in the furniture stores you can meet a large number of different baby beds, produced by various brands. There are many large and well-known brands on the market, under whose name high-quality, beautiful and reliable structures are made, and it is convenient and safe for children to sleep on. It is worth getting acquainted with the most popular companies whose products are chosen by many buyers.


This world-famous Dutch brand produces a lot of various home goods - this is furniture of all modifications, and various accessories needed in everyday life, and decor items. Children's beds from Ikea today are very popular. Retractable designs designed for use by two children are no exception. Such products boast excellent reviews from both parents and young users of different age categories.

The products of this Dutch brand have the following distinctive characteristics:

  • the company manufactures sliding structures for children from 3 to 15 years, there are also rich collections filled with products for the youngest users, whose age ranges from 0 to 3 years;
  • Ikea doubles for children are equipped with their own sliding systems;
  • In the range of the brand you can find many high-quality structures made from environmentally friendly materials, for example, solid pine, and the company offers a choice of customers to choose from metal options that are perfect for hyperactive users;
  • in Ikea sliding beds there is a bottom of the rack type, the slats themselves are made from pine and are thoroughly processed, and metal structures are also equipped with slats - plywood bottom is not used; such parts are high quality - they contribute to the ventilation of the mattress.

It is worth noting the nice design of brand beds for young users from Ikea. Both laconic and very colorful items are on sale. To find the perfect product is not difficult for the nursery, made in any colors.

"West Eco"

This Russian factory offers consumers a choice of high-quality and reliable furniture. Separately, it is worth highlighting the popular line called “Vyrastayka”, represented by beds for children from 3 to 12 years old, which has the following characteristics:

  • the initial width of the Vyrasayka models is 79 or 89 cm (that is, the working surface reaches 70 and 80 cm); as for the initial length, it is 120 cm, but it can be increased to 160 or 180 cm;
  • the height to the bottom parameter is 35 cm, for this reason these beds are absolutely safe for small children; in addition, the model “Vrarasayka” are equipped with side bumpers that prevent the child from falling out of bed;
  • beds from the children's line of the Russian manufacturer are made from solid pine or beech, which are painted or varnished; drawers in furniture are made of laminated chipboard, such a combination can withstand severe loads without problems, but it is much cheaper than options made from solid wood as a whole.

"Mebelenok. RF"

This manufacturer offers a choice of parents popular collection of children's furniture called "I grow."This line is presented concise, but very reliable and high-quality designs, devoid of sharp corners - all the contours of the products are rounded. The products of the company "Mebelenok. RF" has the following characteristics:

  • children's beds are made only from beech; if there are additional drawers and wardrobes in the furniture design, then they are also made of natural wood; there are no elements from cheaper chipboard or MDF;
  • in the line “I grow” there are models both with side rims and without them; boxes can also be provided, but there are also models without them;
  • complete with any product is a high-quality mattress consisting of two parts, while the second part is used in situations where the furniture is moving apart;
  • The original dimensions of this children's furniture are 77x133 cm, and the parameter for the length of the bed can be increased to 195 cm;
  • it is possible to choose a model of different colors, because the palette is presented in 12 shades, if you wish, you can buy a bed that has a natural shade of beech;
  • In these models there is a solid bottom, made of plywood, whose thickness is 6 mm.

"Lived once..."

Cheap children's beds with sliding mechanisms called “Once upon a time” are very popular today. This children's furniture is represented by models painted in different colors. For example, rich orange or green variants will look great in the nursery. The lion's share of sliding beds "Zhili-byli" is made of eco-friendly chipboard. The headboard in many models made from MDF.

It is not difficult to choose the ideal option for children of different ages, since the sliding beds are represented by models with different dimensions. The bedding comes with mattresses (8 mm of polyurethane foam) and high quality pillows. To form an organic interior in the nursery, you can choose cabinets and drawers of similar design to the selected bedroom furniture. Such a headset will look harmonious and attractive.

How to pick up by age?

Retractable beds made for two children should be chosen according to the age of young users. So, if children of the age have not yet turned 6–7 years old, it is necessary to buy such beds in which both the upper and lower levels will be equipped with a side rim.In addition, all corners of the cabinet furniture should be rounded - avoid models with sharp details. Do not buy furniture more modest sizes. For children, it is best to select options that are slightly larger in size, due to the fact that in too cramped conditions, children of any age will simply be uncomfortable to sleep.

If you choose a bed for schoolchildren or teenagers, then it is better to refuse from too bright and “children's” paints in furniture. Such palettes are more suitable for kids. The older the child, the more “serious” the model will suit him. For babies from 0 to 3 years old, it is recommended to buy not very high pull-out beds with barriers of optimum height. For crumbs, such furniture will be not only more convenient, but also safe.

Assembly and Installation Tips

Included with most of the sliding beds are detailed assembly instructions (they depend on the specific modification of the product purchased). Many users neglect familiarity with these documents, which as a result leads to serious problems. As a result, the furniture may be less reliable and safe, or the assembly process will stop at all.certain stage. Perform all actions carefully, so as not to damage the construction of the bed or fasteners. Otherwise, you will have to buy new components, and this is extra waste.

Many parents wonder where it is better to install a bed for two children. Experts advise to have such furniture in one of the free walls in the nursery. However, care should be taken to ensure that there are no nearby windows near the beds. Opposite the door such furniture also should not be. Remember that the door-window line is the most ventilated place in the room.

Retractable bed is desirable to put in a special niche. Such a design solution will allow you to visually divide the available space into separate functional areas. For example, you can divide the area for sleep from the game. To further zone the area of ​​the nursery, they often turn to transparent partitions that form the feeling of a separate corner.

It is much more difficult in the nursery to correctly install a large bed, designed for use by three children. In this case, the sliding mechanism slightly simplifies the solution of this problem.For example, you can turn to a fashionable catwalk layout - with two sleeping beds in the lower part, and one upper place shares the available space with a working area or space reserved for storing different things. If children of the same age live in a room, then a three-tiered bed installed near the wall will be an excellent solution. Such a model is worth contacting if you are equipping a room that is rather small in size. The remaining free space in this case will turn out to be used both for active recreation and for organizing a working corner.

Beautiful examples in the interior

A pull-out bed for two children should be not only comfortable and safe, but also aesthetic. This furniture, like any other, needs to be selected, starting from the style and color palette in which the children’s room is made.

For example, in a light room with an accent dark wall, complemented by a plant print, a two-level pull-out model with a body that combines cream and dark chocolate tones will look harmonious. If there are small children living in the room, you should choose a bed with wave-shaped lateral sides.You can complete this interior with a multi-colored striped carpet on a light laminate and light peach wallpaper.

A high-quality, retractable dark wood bed, complete with a high headboard with open shelves, will look harmoniously in a cozy room with soft blue walls and a light brown floor finished in brilliant laminate. You can complete such an interesting ensemble with a fluffy gray-beige carpet on the floor, linens in blue-white-purple tones, as well as various items of headboard décor.

For lovers of rich colors, a retractable two-level transforming bed made of light wood and a lower "floor" equipped with drawers with rich red doors will be perfect. Such furniture will look even more interesting if you supplement it with snow-white linens and burgundy rug and pillows. Such ensembles will be a bright accent of the room. "Support" this bed is worth open wooden cabinets and racks with red boxes. Against the background of such interior details, it is better to glue light wallpaper and light gray carpet or laminate. Dilute the furnishings with blue details (red and blue are perfectly combined) - round floor carpet and figures on the shelves.

The beautiful one-sided, two- or three-tier beds, made of natural wood with its natural patterns, have a beautiful appearance. For example, such a high-quality model with wide dark steps and high side boards can be put in a nursery with soft cream walls and a pale beige floor, finished with laminate or parquet. Dilute the “soothing” tones with red bedding, striped carpet and photographs in the scarlet frames. On the windows it is permissible to hang maroon roman blinds. The result will be an original, quite bright, but not annoying ensemble with its colors.

How to assemble a pull-out bed for two children, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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