Choosing a desk for girls

 Choosing a desk for girls

If you can not decide between the children's corner white table model for girls of 7 years old and a beautiful pink version with a superstructure for teenagers, this article will help you make the right choice.

How to choose?

The decor of the room of a little princess should reflect her inner world and correspond to her interests and hobbies. Therefore, you should definitely ask your child's opinion on the choice of furniture, so that in the future he would be as comfortable as possible in his room. Desk is an essential attribute in the interior. In order for the hostess of the room to spend time with him with pleasure, you need to take care that he does not resemble the school desk that had time to get bored.

The main task is to choose a table at which your child will feel comfortable and cozy.

When choosing a desk for a girl, you should consider the following nuances:

  • the table and chair should be placed at the optimum height so that the baby can sit comfortably in one place for a long time;
  • the presence of properly organized drawers and shelves is also important; it is necessary to check that all the boxes are opened easily and smoothly, so that the baby does not accidentally injure itself;
  • The workplace is reconstructed so that everything the child has at hand; next to the desk is to put the tables on the wheels, even a small lady, if necessary, can easily move them;
  • special attention should be paid to models-transformers, because their height and angle of inclination are adjustable; such a writing table can serve for a long time, changing under a growing child, so you can organize a place to study for the entire period of study in school;
  • the table is bought as soon as the child starts to go to school, therefore boxes and shelves for storing educational supplies will be an essential attribute; the table should perform its main function well - a convenient and practical workplace.


Manufacturers produce many different types of tables for girls. Eyes diverge from a variety of models that differ not only in attractive appearance, but also in good functionality.

  • Corner table - This is an incredibly convenient design that allows you to reach a much larger number of objects, which is due to the curved shape of the tabletop. It is often called the computer table, because it is very convenient to have a monitor on it, and a keyboard is placed on a shelf that slides from the bottom.
  • Table with superstructure - This is another ergonomic option. Imagine how much space you can free up by placing textbooks and other necessary items, not only in the boxes under the table, but also in the shelves above it.
  • Double option became very popular in recent years. Happy parents of twins living in the same room can now practically recreate the workplace for both children at once.

Thus, the room will be much more spacious than in the variant, if for each girl would have to organize a separate place to study.

Color spectrum

Worth paying attention to the following points when choosing colors:

  • the best choice will be bright colors, perfectly reflecting the inner mood; the girl's tastes may differ from yours, so the main task is to listen to her wishes in order to choose the right design;
  • choosing a color, it is necessary to take into account the lighting of the room - if it is located on the sunny side - any bright shade will do; but dark rooms are more suitable for white tones that can add light;
  • if the child grows up a little pedant, striving for order, then the choice is to stay on the brightest shades;
  • overactive children are more suitable bright scale.


Modern desks for girls are presented in different styles. A classic table for a girl of typical shape and colors is a standard solution for parents who trust the long-proven and all-favorite options for children's room furnishings. However, more unconventional options in more interesting styles are also worth considering. A minimalist high-tech table can be a good solution.If the table is needed for a girl - it is worth considering a neat model with rounded corners, devoid of unnecessary details. The next option worthy of attention is a table in a romantic style. Made in soft pink or lavender shades, it is an excellent design solution.

Varieties of materials

When choosing a desk always better to do the choice in favor of natural materials from a tree, at the same time it is worth considering the following options:

  • furniture made of solid wood is not only durable, but also astronomical prices; if you are planning to buy a table that matches the age of the child, in order to subsequently change it for a more teenage model - you can always find an option at lower prices;
  • for the girl a more practical option would be a MDF table, all this material is known for its durability, and it is also environmentally friendly;
  • Chipboard in the interior of the nursery can not be used, because a very large chance of the occurrence of toxic emissions;
  • plastic furniture is not worth buying for the same reasons;
  • for a metal product is not too nice to sit for a long time.

Even its durability can not be a big plus compared to its traumatic risk.

Solid wood

How to equip?

You should always pay close attention to the position in which the child sits. You will have to make a lot of effort to study the space was organized by the rules. Otherwise, you risk the physical health of your child. Failure to comply with the following recommendations may result in loss of visual acuity, scoliosis, headaches and other unpleasant consequences. which can be avoided if you approach the task wisely:

  • between the knees of the girl and the table in the reserve should be no more than 15–20 cm;
  • the legs of a sitting child should reach the floor well, which is not so easy to achieve, given that the baby is constantly growing; instead of constantly adjusting the height of the chair, you can use a stand under the legs of a suitable size, which will help to form a good posture;
  • the chair should be equipped with a back that comfortably supports the baby’s back;
  • armrests will help to add convenience at long stay in a sitting position;
  • the tabletop should be level with the child’s elbow in a sitting position; the ratio of the height of the table and chair depends on whether the child will slouch behind the workplace;
  • placing a table by the window, consider the moment of lighting; the light source should not be too bright, it is absolutely unacceptable that the light blinded and hit the eyes;
  • if you purchased a curved table, make sure that the computer on the table does not take up much space, the child should be spacious behind his workplace; the equipment is designed to help in the study, but not to distract and drag all the attention of the baby.

    Keeping up with the rapid growth of the child is not always possible. The way out is to buy a table with a margin of 1-2 years. When buying a transformer, this problem is solved by itself, because the height of the tabletop can be adjusted after each jump in the growth of the girl.

    There are two options for the correct location of the desk.

    • Across from the window. Most often, the girls' desktop is placed at the window, which allows them to learn lessons in natural light, which is extremely useful for sight. A child can take a break from artificial lighting.It has been proven by psychologists that the natural source of light has a positive and soothing effect on the human psyche. And you can also arrange a short respite and enjoy the view from the window. The location by the window perfectly saves space in the room. If such a situation has shortcomings, then they are easy to eliminate. When the sun is too bright outside the windows, this can be corrected by hanging thick curtains.

    They will hide from the eyes too entertaining look.

      • Opposite the wall. The workplace for the student can be placed opposite the wall, then it is very convenient to hang shelves on which you can put teaching accessories, and interesting views outside the window will not distract from the classes. True, then you should attend to the choice of a table lamp so that the child would not have to do homework in dim lighting. Homework can take a lot of effort. You can hang on the wall a few interesting paintings with animals or landscapes to lift a little student mood.

      On how to choose the right desk, see the following video.

      Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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