Illuminated mirrors: features and types

 Illuminated mirrors: features and types

Mirror with built-in lighting devices is a very original detail in the interior. Such an accessory attracts not only makeup artists, but also ordinary lovers of creative design. There is a huge variety of mirrors with illumination, and it is important to find one among the wide range that is suitable for your apartment. Before you install this attribute in the apartment, you should also familiarize yourself with all the nuances and characteristics of popular products. Only by taking into account all the features, you will be able to successfully equip the room with an illuminated mirror, without experiencing difficulties in the course of its operation in the future.

Special features

Products with built-in lighting have a number of characteristics that distinguish them from ordinary mirrors and other accessories. These features must be considered both when choosing and installing instruments.

  • The primary feature of the illuminated mirror is its original appearance. Such devices will transform the look of the room and diversify its design.
  • Usually these mirrors are not used as the primary, but as an additional light source. They can also function separately from basic lighting, helping to create a romantic or even intimate atmosphere.
  • Products can be of any shape and size. They will fit perfectly even in small rooms.
  • Mirrors with lamps can be combined with different styles of interior. For most areas, you can pick up devices that do not violate the concept.
  • Illumination is not limited to only one type of lamps. You can choose among a variety of lighting models as single lamps, and popular among many users of LED-backlighting. The location and number of light sources can be designed independently.

For many models of mirrors such a feature as compactness is characteristic. They are equipped with a transformation mechanism that makes them less cumbersome and allows folding when necessary.

  • The mobility of products is also important. Small models equipped with a special cover, folding mechanism and lighting on batteries can be easily carried or taken on long trips.
  • Mirrors of this type can be combined with various interior items, creating a separate cozy space. Products can be built into various pieces of furniture and headsets, greatly simplifying the process of their operation.
  • Modern models are often equipped with additional devices, such as a monitor or built-in telephone. In addition, various modern light control systems are offered to facilitate the use of the device.
  • For each product with lamps, an accessory kit is offered, which may include items such as special batteries, a power adapter mechanism, brackets, and convenient covers for transportation. A universal option are models with a socket, which are often installed in bathrooms.

It is important to pay attention to the power of built-in lighting.Rates range from 300-400 lux.

  • Such mirrors are an excellent tool for zoning rooms. By placing the lights as needed, you can create cozy areas in both large and small rooms.
  • When installing mirrors with lamps should be aware of safety. Use grounding technology as well as protective insulation to minimize all risks.
  • It is important that the product lighting does not cause damage to health. Do not install the lamp with too harsh light, otherwise there may be tension and fatigue.

Taking into account all the features, you can get a complete picture of what are the mirrors with light, what are the main nuances of these products.


The range of mirrors with integrated lighting is huge: there are telescopic models, samples on the leg, and even mirrors with light, creating a 3D effect. Products are classified into types according to several characteristics.


The most popular configurations are as follows:

  • Round productpopular for the bathroom, usually has a small size and a strictly delineated contour. It often does not have a frame, or its frame consists of an integrated light strip.
  • Oval mirror can be used as an embedded piece of furniture.Often it has a separate frame, equipped with lamps. A similar form is also common for miniature designs.
  • Rectangular product It may have both straight and rounded corners. It hangs horizontally and vertically. Light is sometimes embedded in the form of a contour that runs counter to the contour of the product itself, creating an original asymmetry.
  • Among the mirrors with light meet non-standard shape models. By such an option can be attributed to the design in the form of the heart, triangular shapes and products with smooth contours.


It is important to take into account the parameters of the mirror.

Depending on the place where it will be located, the model may have different dimensions:

  • A large floor mirror has a height of more than one and a half meters, and an average width is 90 cm. The width of 900 mm requires a large section of the wall under the mirror surface. Such models can be equipped with large lamps.
  • Popular sizes of medium mirrors with illumination are 1200x900 mm and 1200x800 mm. Reflecting in such a mirror, a person sees himself approximately to the waist.
  • A 800x600 mm mirror is usually placed horizontally above the sink.In it you can see yourself on the shoulders or chest. The vertical alternative of 600x800 mm captures less space in breadth, but significantly increases visibility in length.
  • The product with parameters 400x800 mm is a horizontal strip. It can be an interesting decorative detail of any room.
  • Among the square models are popular both large and small dimensions. You can find products with a length and width of 50 cm, a considerable section of the wall is occupied by models of size 80x80 cm
  • Rectangular mirrors often have parameters of 60x80 cm.
  • A small product has parameters 370x170 mm. The smallest illuminated mirror is presented in the size of 110x110 mm.


In the manufacture of mirrors, including models with lamps Different materials are used for mirror coating and frame making:

  • Silver is used for spraying. This option is considered the highest quality. The image in this mirror is always very clear, not distorted.
  • Titanium spraying may slightly distort the reflection in the mirror, but this change is not critical.
  • The cheapest - products with aluminum coating.This component can significantly affect the clarity of reflection.
  • The most suitable surface coating is considered to be a combination of copper with titanium or silver.
  • Paintwork has the lowest quality.
  • Materials such as ivory, wood and steel are used to create the frame. Specific material must be selected depending on where the mirror structure will be located.

In areas of high humidity should not install products with a wooden or metal frame.

An important aspect is the color of the mirror surface.

There are various options for models:

  • With the help of a film of aluminum and silver, colorless surfaces are created, which are considered to be the traditional variant of plate glass.
  • Matting the surface of the mirror followed by engraving with silk-screen printing creates a matte finish.
  • There are also bilateral options for mirrors. One side is a clear glass while the other has the appearance of a mirror surface that does not transmit the view. Such models often have a rotating body.
  • Some models have an optical zoom effect. Especially often these mirrors are used in the field of cosmetology and makeup.

In addition to the fivefold increase, there is even more powerful - tenfold. It allows you to see the smallest details in the reflection.

An important principle for the classification of mirrors with integrated lighting are the types of luminaires in them:

  • Incandescent bulbs are used for inexpensive products. They have more disadvantages than advantages, because they are not capable of a long service life. Having a rather fragile design and large size, they are not very reliable lighting fixtures. Such lamps will look organically only in certain styles of interior.

Fluorescent lamps have a fairly high level of efficiency. They create natural light in the room. Such devices may flicker, which will lead to eye fatigue, therefore, when installing them, special starter circuits are used. The system of such lighting is from 50 000 to 100 000 hours.

  • The difference of halogen lamps is the presence of gas, which is filled with the internal space of the lamp.Such devices are considered energy efficient, they have a long service life.

Such lamps can withstand contact with water, so are great for placement in the bathroom.

  • Neon products are characterized by high light output, but they can cause eye fatigue with prolonged use.
  • The most economical in terms of energy consumption - LED varieties of lamps that give a bright light and have an aesthetic appearance. Such products are characterized by the longest service life, which often exceeds 10 years. Such lamps do not harm the eyes and have a very soft technique of inclusion. Lamps with LED elements can serve as a source of additional lighting or used as a decor. The latest varieties include LED strips. If the lighting is made in the form of ribbons, then it may have different color solutions and switching modes.

It is also important to check the tightness of lamps, especially if they are located in the bathroom.

  • One of the unusual types of lighting - diode tape - used as an additional light source, a decorative element or as a means of zoning a room. The surface of the tape is self-adhesive, so with its help it is easy to arrange the mirror yourself. Tapes do not require the creation of an additional insulating layer.

When choosing, consider the following factors:

  • The density of the diode lamps. In the decorative version, it can be small - from 40 to 70 diodes per meter of tape. If you want the diodes to function as a lighting device, place at least 120 lamps on one meter.
  • The method of mounting tape. When you need increased waterproofing, it is better to give preference to silicone mounts. In other cases, glue will do.
  • The lighting color should be in harmony with the style in which the room is decorated. It is permissible to choose not only one, but several shades, if the tape has a color switching mode.

Lamp location

There are two main types of location of lamps near the mirror: external and internal. Exterior lighting mirrors can be made in the form of incandescent bulbs, spotlights and even sconces.

The mechanism of regulation of their position is built into the mechanism of devices:

  • Lighting devices are often located around the perimeter of the mirror frame.
  • Large lights should be placed carefully because they often create unwanted shadows.
  • There is a portable type of device, which is characterized by the compactness of the lamps.
  • You can use point elements, the light of which falls on the location of the mirror. They are often embedded in the surface of cabinets or shelves.
  • The surface is mounted and spots, which are regulated by means of brackets.

Interior lighting involves the placement of lighting devices on the inside of the mirror frame. For the design of the backlight, special profiles of gold or silver color are used, with which you can hide the cable. For such a backlight most often used built-in tape or LED design. Many models are equipped with a heating system that allows the mirror not to mist up in conditions of high humidity.

Internal type of illumination enhances the detail of the reflection.

Luminaires, in addition to the full frame of the frame, can have the following layout options:

  • Only at the top of the product. In this case, they should be directed away from the mirror in order not to create unnecessary shadows or glare.
  • Lamps, which are located only on the sides, sometimes quite large, the direction of their light can be adjusted independently.
  • The working type of lighting implies such an arrangement of lamps when the light is directed at a person sitting in front of a mirror.

A separate type of lighting is decorative. It does not perform the function of additional lighting, but simply introduces an original note into the design of the room. In this case, the entire perimeter of the mirror, as a rule, is filled with LEDs, presented in various color incarnations. The backlight can be turned on and off as desired.

There are models of mirrors with a different color of lighting.

There are two main types:

  • Luminaires of warm color suggest the presence of a yellowish subton or daylight unsharp light. This kind of lighting looks quite modest, but it brings a cozy atmosphere to the room.
  • Cold light bulbs have a brighter and brighter glow. They are used as accent interior details. Bright light contributes to a strong detail of the reflection in the mirror, it can also adversely affect the condition of the eyes.

There are optimal options for mirrors with lighting devices. They are equipped with dimmers for the brightness of the lamps.

In modern devices there are various options for the inclusion of light in the mirror design:

  • The classic version is the push-button. Lamps are activated by pressing a button, usually built into the back or side of the mirror design.
  • The touch sensor suggests turning on with a touch of the hand. Sensors are infrared. They turn on when you bring your palm to a special sensor. The touch sensor involves igniting the backlight by directly touching the surface of the mirror.
  • Exist remote switching mechanisms. They involve the use of a special remote, allowing not only to turn on and off the light, but also to choose the mode of the backlight.

Where to place?

There are four main types of mirrors with light,which largely determine their main functions.

  • Universal designs usually place on a wall or on a table. They are often equipped with two types of fasteners, allowing, if necessary, changing the position of the mirrors. Such options can be located in almost any room at home. They are perfect for those who like to periodically change the situation in their apartments.
  • The wall mirror has only a mount for a vertical surface that provides fundamental fixation. Sometimes the mount can be movable, allowing you to change the angle of the mirror relative to the wall surface. The work of the backlight is carried out by connecting to the electrical network or from the battery. If the mirror is powered from the mains, then it is important to hang it on the wall and position the outlet so that the cord does not catch the eye. Sometimes a cosmetic mirror with light is attached to the wall. It is located on a special cord mechanism and is a very convenient and compact accessory for daily use.
  • Desktop models are often used by beauticians and makeup artists.Fastening to a horizontal surface by using a special stand, the main advantage of which is mobility. You can install the device on any part of the table, as well as take with you. Small products of this type are often bilateral, one of the surfaces is magnifying.
  • An illuminated floor mirror can often be seen in the dressing room. It reflects the person to his full height. The option can be equipped with rather large incandescent lamps. In such a mirror, the frame must necessarily be allocated a different texture. Disguise the connection of the backlight of this device to the power supply is quite easy, just place it right in front of the outlet.

In various rooms

In each room mirrors with lighting look different, but always original. From the main function of the room depends on the choice of model mirror design.

  • In the hall You can often see large rectangular wall mirrors. They are equipped with large lamps or monochromatic diode illumination. Sometimes in the corridor hang less dimensional mirror with light, placing it on the wall horizontally.
  • In the bathroom There may be wall mirrors of various shapes and sizes. Most often, designs with light have near the sink. Mirrors should have such lighting that would ensure the convenience of daily hygienic and cosmetic procedures.
  • In the bedroom You can observe the presence of floor mirrors with light. They are often located next to the dresser or dressing area. In some rooms for sleeping there is an element such as a pier glass. It is very often equipped with a mirror, complemented by lighting devices.

For the children's room you need to choose colorful models of mirrors of unusual shape. They should not be overloaded with lighting devices. To protect your child, choose products with internal illumination or with low-power lamps as external.

How to choose?

In order not to be mistaken in the choice of a mirror with light, remember about the strategy that you need to develop before purchasing this accessory.

She assumes the account of the following nuances:

  • The location of the mirror. This criterion determines the size of the structure and the need to equip the mirror with a heating system.
  • The need for additional accessories. For some rooms, a single illuminated mirror will suit; for others, a combination of the product with other pieces of furniture, such as a shelf or a closet, will be a convenient option.
  • The intensity of the light that is needed for a lamp or a backlight. After analyzing this factor, you will be able to determine the number of luminaire or diodes when choosing a diode tape.
  • The need to transfer the design. If you will expose a mirror to transportation, then pay special attention to the mechanism of its attachment and accessories.
  • The purpose of using a mirror design with lamps. This factor plays a huge role. It determines the location of the lamps, their color and orientation.
  • Stylistics. Choose a design from such materials that will fit into the concept of the interior. The form also plays an important role, because for some styles only one type of mirror is permissible.
  • Reviews Carefully read the reviews of various manufacturers. Do not limit yourself to the most popular ones, because such companies may offer products at too high a price.Choose the best price-quality ratio.
  • The ratio of the weight of the design and reliability of fasteners Shaky fasteners can not withstand a heavy frame or a massive mirror cloth.
  • The method of inclusion and the presence of devices. For those who lead an active lifestyle, it will not be superfluous to purchase a mirror with a built-in clock or socket. Fully meet the current trends of the design with touch inclusion.
  • The role that the mirror performs in the interior. In accordance with this role is chosen frame design. A baguette product often attracts attention. This design is extremely functional, it is usually an indicator of luxury and wealth. Products in a more modest frame are selected if the illuminated mirror is not installed as an attribute with an accent role in the interior.
  • It is necessary to remember about the permissible norms of mirror distortion, to know a few basic indicators.

Indicators M0 and M1 imply perfect mirror accuracy. If the figures vary from M4 to M10, then there is a slight distortion. If the indicator is more than M10, then the distortion is above the permissible rate.


The process of installing and connecting a mirror with lamps is easy to do with your own hands. From the installation of a conventional mirror, this type differs only in the need to connect the built-in light bulbs to the mains. It is important to take care of installation safety. The connection process is recommended at the stage of repair of the apartment. This will help you avoid wasting time installing additional outlets or troubleshooting and pollution.

To make it easier to connect, it is recommended to stock up the following necessary equipment:

  • Bulgarian;
  • perforator;
  • screwdriver;
  • roulette;
  • building level;
  • simple pencil.

If the laying of wires occurs in a room with a high level of humidity, then their location in metal hoses or pipes is unacceptable.

It is also recommended to create a double insulation level on the wires. It is necessary to remember a number of nuances:

  • It is necessary to provide such a case as emergency shutdown.
  • In advance, you should consider the possibility to hide the wires.
  • When operating the equipment, do not deviate from the fire safety regulations.
  • Clean the room of excess water before installing a mirror with lights, do not turn on the water during the installation process.

The progress of the installation work consists of the following:

  • using a simple pencil and tape measure, you should outline the boundaries of the area where the mirror product will be located.
  • In places of future abutment of mounting the mirror it is necessary to drill holes in the perforator. The perforator should work at low speeds.
  • Next is the insertion of dowels in the drilled holes. They are inserted as tightly as possible into the wall surface.
  • Then the mounting of the suspensions and the adjustment of the position that the mirror will occupy is carried out.
  • An important step is to connect to an electrical outlet. If the selected mirror runs on batteries, the process is carried out without this step.
  • If the mirror is equipped with additional shelves or cabinets, they are attached last.

When the mirror is installed on the surface of the tile, the wiring is often hidden in its joints, smearing the affected area with putty. If it is impossible to carry out the installation in the joint, then make a cut in the surface for the wire.

For more information on how to install a backlit mirror, see the following video.

Suitable interior styles

Mirrors with integrated lighting are not a universal component for all interior styles, but such products look very organically and bright in some directions.

  • The Art Deco concept allows for oval, circular or rectangular mirrors with a discreetly bright backlight.
  • In the loft style, where the very shape of the light bulb is an important component of the attic concept, tall mirrors equipped with incandescent lamps as outdoor lighting are popular.
  • Illumination is an important attribute of mirrors in rooms designed in high-tech style. The restrained concept is usually vividly underlined with the help of neon glow along the contour of mirrors of various sizes.
  • Fusion style allows for the presence of round mirrors and even elements in the form of colored diode ribbons or decorative lighting on the mirror surface.
  • The direction of retro welcomes the side exterior lighting of mirrors with the help of large-sized lamps. Most often, these rectangular mirrors can be seen on the table or dressing table.

For the style of techno popular color lighting mirror surfaces. Juicy neon or acid shades will fit very organically into this concept.

Interesting examples

Modern designers offer many unusual solutions for the design and location of mirrors with built-in lights.

The most interesting options are the following:

  • The drawing on the illuminated mirror looks incredibly aesthetically pleasing. Usually it becomes an alternative to the frame, framing the edges of the coating. Often, lighting components are embedded in the pattern itself.
  • When beautiful mirrors are combined with small cabinets, it turns out a practical option. Located in the bathroom or hallway closet with a mirror door and lighting will be a very original piece of furniture.
  • A stunning option for some styles will be the illusion of the tunnel, created by decorative lighting on the surface of the mirror. Such an optical effect looks very creative.

Having decided to decorate your house with an illuminated mirror, carefully study all the nuances of choice and the types of products. Do not be afraid to experiment, combining mirrors and other interior items.With a well-chosen mirror with integrated lighting, your apartment will have a truly refined and beautiful look.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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