Mirror in a frame - a functional and beautiful decor of the room

The tradition of decorating an interior with a mirror goes back centuries, this decor item has a rich functionality. It can be fixed above the dressing table, decorate the wall with it, use it to visually adjust the room. Most often used mirrors in frames that serve as decoration and protect the fragile material from chipping and damage.

Selection of baguette is an important step in the design of the room, this element will overlap with the overall style.

Special features

In each house there is at least one mirror that helps its owner to monitor appearance. With the help of this object you can divide the space into separate zones, hiding its shortcomings.

A mirror is a semblance of a window that visually expands the space. In combination with a beautiful frame, it will become a spectacular art object, not inferior in importance to the picture. Due to it, a small room will visually increase and become lighter.

In the manufacture of a mirror cut to a predetermined size and produce processing edges. After that, cut out the details of the frame, which are then assembled, perform the finish. When everything is ready, the mirror is placed in special grooves, previously plastered with glue. Therefore, the product is durable: moisture does not penetrate the grooves.


The mirror in the frame is a classic element of the interior, floor models are often installed on a stand, wall hangings are mounted on the wall with the help of special fixings.

This category also includes desktop models used mainly for cosmetic procedures. Growing mirrors are products with a frame on wheels, purchased for wardrobe and clothing stores.

Along with the usual models, there are also colored mirrors with the effect of toning. In addition, there are other original effects that give a special charm to the reflective surface.

On sale there are the following types of mirrors: patterned, aged, decorative, with LED illumination.

Mirror with a facet or baguette frame looks great in any interior.


The edging of the mirrors is produced using natural or synthetic materials. The basis of the design is a sturdy frame, which can be covered with paint or decorative elements. The main materials used for making frames are:

  • Tree. Suitable for mirrors of any size (including floor).

Wooden frames - one of the most expensive, these are premium products, which can be decorated with carvings or paintings.

  • MDF. These are sheets of compressed material pasted over with a decorative film. In appearance, they resemble an array of wood, at a price much cheaper.

MDF does not withstand exposure to high humidity and soaks, this material can not be used in the bathroom.

  • Metal. Aluminum is commonly used, which is suitable for framing mirrors in offices and shopping centers. It is applicable to modern minimalist interiors. There are also forged models.
  • Plastic. Often used for bathrooms and public spaces, where the importance of finishing.

Since the material is brittle, it is not suitable for heavy floor mirrors.

  • Styrofoam. Serves as a decorative ornament for wall models. Can imitate complex stucco or wood carving.

As an element of the supporting structure is not used, as it is too fragile.

  • Glass. Attached to the base with metal fasteners, not suitable as a carrier element.

Allows you to create a feeling of spaciousness, glass decor is typical for minimalism.

  • Textile. In development it is used as a decor (from fabric and lace to ropes). The base is covered with a cloth or wrapped with a decorative cord.

If you are engaged in decorating yourself, you can use various scrap materials (from rhinestones to cutlery). In this case, acquire a solid frame without decor, which is then decorated to their own taste. It will be convenient to fasten decorative elements with the help of a glue gun.

The edging of the mirror can be leather, brass, plaster, or made of polyurethane. Choose only you.

To learn how to decorate a mirror with the help of ceiling plinth, see below.


Miniature modifications come in 50x70 cm sizes. Larger items (120x120 cm) are often placed in the hallway so that you can see yourself well before going outside.

For large mirrors more than 2 meters high, a stand is necessary, compact and floor versions can stand without it. If strict compliance with the design project is necessary, it may be necessary to manufacture it according to individual measurements.

Large modifications with a size of 3x2 meters require more fasteners, as they weigh a lot.

Frame colors

Classic black and white colors remain the most sought after. Achromatic color range is multifunctional. Versatile white frames that look spectacular in cramped spaces and spacious halls.

They easily fit into strict office space and rooms with antique furniture and rich decoration.

A black mirror will harmonize well with the room where cold colors prevail. Also, a conceptual solution with a black frame will be relevant for high and spacious rooms.

The golden frame is decorated with a classic or Italian interior. Gray shade is appropriate in modern interior designs.

Warm red frame framed will create an atmosphere of comfort in the bedroom. Metallized products are most suitable for technical premises (kitchen and bathroom). They are also suitable for an apartment in a space style. The gilded frames of solid wood will resemble the luxurious atmosphere of baroque palaces. If it is necessary that the reflection seems to be a continuation of the space of the room, the frame will suit the color of the walls.

The form

It is the shape of the mirror that determines how well the product fits into the interior. There are the following options for the form of a mirror:

  • Rectangular - the most common classic version, such a mirror allows you to get a good overview, so it is suitable even for a dressing room, as well as any style decision (classicism, pop art, Japanese, Chinese style).
  • Round or oval creates a feeling of comfort, it looks advantageous in small premises.

The circle is a symbol of harmony, for a person who is looking for peace and tranquility, this form will be an excellent choice.Especially good circle looks in combination with flowers and other floral ornaments.

  • Figured and polygonal. More often similar products are made to order for a specific project.

The octagonal mirror is suitable for the living room in the Moroccan style, a model in the shape of a heart will harmoniously decorate the dressing table.

Style and design

All the details of the decoration, including the mirrors, must comply with the general concept. Therefore, the design should match the design of the room. The main styles:

  • Modern classic suggests that the owner is a respectable, confident person who loves stability. The interior is dominated by straight and strict lines, there are no flashy colors. For decoration use a rectangular or oval frame with no frills (often with a natural wood structure). She should not stand out from the general range.
  • Modern - modern style with elements of unusual geometric shapes. Mirrors are part of a complex geometric shape, the surface of the frame is often matte, without a pattern.
  • Provence - suitable pastel colors, olive, sand, pink tone. Often, products are made with the effect of aging and painting.This style is reminiscent of carefree rural life in the south of France.
  • Nautical - for those who love the romance of travel and great discoveries. The frame decorated with a rope will be part of the nautical style. You can also use a mosaic or even use an inflatable life ring as a frame.
  • Country music translated from English as "rural", so the frame should be nostalgic, made of natural materials.
  • Baroque - Bronze, carved or made of expanded polystyrene frame with a large number of ornaments. They are painted for gilding or white.
  • There are mirrors in an openwork or mosaic frame. Also looks original design "sun."

How to choose?

It is necessary to carefully consider the choice of a mirror: it must have a solid foundation, otherwise it is likely that it will quickly break. In addition, the image in it will be distorted. It is important to select only branded products. If you make the frames yourself, all the elements must be firmly connected. Otherwise, a fragile mirror sheet may fall out.

The decor element must be combined in scale with the other objects.In the spacious living room a small mirror will be lost.

It is necessary to take into account the color range: if the furniture set is made of dark wood, it is best to choose a frame for a mirror of the same color range.

Advantages and disadvantages

Many in the apartment have a mirror in the frame, it is less prone to chipping and looks neat. Installation is simplified, usually the frames are delivered with ready-made fixings. A quality product will create a festive atmosphere and will never go out of fashion. Since a gap remains between the wall and the frame, installation can be made even on an uneven surface. The usual mirror sheet, which is attached to the glue or at the expense of the holders, cannot be mounted in this situation.

There are few flaws in the mirror frame:

  1. injury risk (if the house has small children or animals, they can break such a fragile object);
  2. such an ornament is not always appropriate (if the model is chosen incorrectly, it will violate the general plan);
  3. the surface must be cleaned regularly (dust, drops of condensate or grease immediately catch the eye);
  4. an abundance of mirrors can tire the psyche, so you need to know when to stop (especially when designing bedrooms and other rooms designed for relaxation).

Useful tips

Do not install a mirror along a narrow wall if the configuration is far from the square. When planning the interior please note that mirrors cannot be installed on opposite walls (opposite each other). Otherwise, everyone passing between the mirrors will experience discomfort after seeing many of his twins. If you consider yourself to be adherents of non-standard solutions, instead of a regular mirror You can decorate the interior matte or amalgamated. You can even place the reflecting surface on the ceiling, but for this it is better to contact a specialist who will firmly fix it. If desired, it is easy to give individuality to the mirror, for example, attach decorative stickers to it. It can be inscriptions, figures, ornaments.

Manufacturers and reviews

You can purchase a mirror-like interior item from a famous designer in the Russian Federation or stop paying attention to budget options. According to reviews on the net, quite a few people choose the simplest frame, and then add decor on their own. For example, with the help of a thermogun can be glued to the frame shells, glass mosaic and much more.

But if it is necessary that the interior decoration looks expensive and respectable, it is better to buy a factory-made product. Otherwise it may look handy and cheap.

Popular brands are listed below:

  • Salvadori cornici It is in the first places among other Italian manufacturers. The brand produces wooden frames with a variety of design options (from classic to modern). Most of the profiles are handmade, not stamped, so the cost of products is high.
  • Moscow Mirror Factory on its own equipment produces frames and mirrors. A rich assortment, there are models with original effects, classic and with silver amalgam.
  • Dortdivan - plastic baguettes from Turkey, the budget equivalent of Italian products.
  • Nielsen Bainbridge - An American company that has existed for over 40 years. It occupies a leading position in the manufacture of aluminum profiles for baguettes. Offers a wide selection of models with a variety of decorative coatings.
  • Emafyl - a company from the UK, began its history in 1980. The founder is David Simon, a native of Russia. The company specializes in the production of plastic baguette and is one of the largest suppliers in the world market.
  • Ikea - the famous Swedish network offering affordable products. Over the appearance of the products are working designers of the company, in the production of advanced technologies are used. Products are distinguished by a strict Scandinavian design, there are models made of wood and synthetic materials.

Beautiful examples and options

For an antique interior suit antique mirror. It will further emphasize the trend of past times. Such a mirror will be expensive.

Soft frame decorate delicate mirrors. They can be hung in the children's room and additionally decorated with various fairy-tale characters.

In the bedroom, place the mirror canvas with a strict frame. It should not distract your attention and interfere with a peaceful sleep.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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