Door chains: variations and installation methods

 Door chains: variations and installation methods

Protecting the home from intruders with strong doors and sturdy locks is crucial. However, from time to time the door will still have to be opened. At this moment, the correctness of the choice of the chain, the literacy of its installation come to the fore.

Special features

Once the door chains were used very widely, in almost every home. Now, after a long oblivion, they are experiencing a real rebirth. These products solve the most important task: they allow you to talk to people outside the door, while preventing intruders from entering the premises. Sometimes they are not able to reach the door eye, so you have to look out to see visitors.

The chain on the door is convenient when small children live in an apartment or house.

Even in the last century, such chains were placed in the apartments of all houses that were not served by doormen. Having opened the doorway, you can not only talk quietly with people standing on the staircase, but also send (receive) various correspondence, small things. The same functions are successfully implemented by modern chains. Their design has not undergone significant changes. The only exceptions are the options with careful design study. The classic type of chain is a cap, in this variant one edge is soldered to the fastening element screwed on the door frame.

In addition, the hook chain uses a hook inserted into the groove of a special part placed on the canvas. In a looped configuration, the usual metal chain is replaced with a loop, the end of which is equipped with a ball. The use of such an achievement of modern engineers is not recommended. Protection from attack, even if defended very stubbornly, is unlikely to last until the end of the call to the police. It is not known, someone will have time to call there before the bandits rush inside?

What should be considered when choosing and installing a chain

First of all, contrary to popular belief, the widespread use of eyes and intercoms does not allow us to treat the choice of chains lightly. Having bought the first available product, you can then suffer for a long time from the consequences of such a decision. If the main material of the construction is strong steel, then this guarantees sufficient protection. Specialists were able to ensure the opening of the door leaf is no longer 5 cm, as it was in the past, but 15 cm (this also needs to be clarified). Be sure to pay attention to the design characteristics of chains.

The protective mechanism can be put both on a wooden, and on a metal door. It is important to note that when installing a chain on a steel structure, you will have to select the color of the metal. Otherwise, there will be an unpleasant feeling. With wooden partitions easier. They can be supplemented with accessories of any shade without the slightest doubt.

The chain will avoid the full opening of the door, but leaves it ajar. The emergence of a gap between the sheet and the frame will allow potential attackers to stick their hands, reset constipation, and then easily get inside.Therefore, from the very beginning it is necessary to decide how to make the installation of the chain with your own hands or with the help of professionals correctly. Marking the place where it will be put, immediately find out whether it will be safe enough. Here we must pay attention to the direction of opening the door.

When the canvas when opening goes inside the house, it is best to attach the chain to the frame. Fixing on the casing is not allowed! The reciprocal construction is fixed on the canvas. It is checked, in this case, that in the case of opening the door, only such a gap will appear that does not allow to push the hand. It should consider how the chain will be removed when the doors are tightly locked.

If you install it on the door that opens outwards, then the location of the elements is reversed. The chain itself is placed on the canvas, and the counter element is set on the frame.

Operating procedure

To put the chain on the iron door, you need to cook besides the model itself:

  • fasteners;
  • screws or screws 30 cm in length;
  • screwdriver;
  • construction pencil (or a usual marker).

Begin by applying the main unit to the doorposts. There will need a pencil that will mark the installation point of screws or screws. To the metal partition wall - exactly opposite the installed part they fix the rail-runner.At this moment, a point is marked on the canvas where the part will be placed. It should be screwed with care, otherwise the finish will be damaged.

Now you want to close the door and evaluate how everything works. Screws, which are used for mounting chains on steel doors, must be made of strong metal. Another essential requirement for them is a large thickness.

Both points are related to ensuring the strength of the structure - otherwise it will not protect against criminals.

Additional recommendations

It is undesirable to pick up a chain 34 cm long - this product is more decorative than providing real security. Ten centimeters of clearance is already a reasonable limit. It is necessary to apply only to trusted suppliers and trade organizations. A metal door that opens into the interior of the room can be equipped with either a ring or hinge chains. If the canvas when opening goes outside, it is allowed to use only blocking options.

    Best of all, when the door chain is ordered with the door, because then the product is easier to fix. If you want to create an original environment, order the manufacture of chains, made in the format of locks, keys and other design details.Vintage framing is achieved through the decoration of carving or by artificial aging. It is recommended to use those designs that have quality certificates and warranty certificates. In this case, there will be fewer problems with replacing the product when a defect is detected.

    See the video below for tips on installing the door chain.

    Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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