Choosing accessories for the door-books

The most pressing issue of modern small-sized apartments is the saving of useful space in residential spaces. The use of folding interior door designs as an alternative to traditional hinged door linens has a number of advantages, allowing you to save the room from unnecessary "dead zones". This is the only way to arrange furniture more comfortably. Accessories specially designed for folding models, which differs from the ordinary ones, can provide convenient operation for door structures made of several sectional elements.

Special features

It is not recommended to install a folding type of door structures on wide openings, just as you shouldn’t do this in rooms with large cross and where the door will often open.This is due to not too hardy fasteners. In addition, a variety of components here are present in large quantities, which ultimately can affect the greater likelihood of failure during operation. It is best to install such doors on the interior opening in the dressing room or bedroom. There is another option - you can install a folding door as a partition screen for zoning a room.

The folding type of all doors is arranged in approximately the same way, but still the constructions of this kind can be divided into two separate subspecies:

  • "Accordions";
  • "Books".

The design of the door-accordion is made up of a separate panel-section with a width of 15 centimeters. They are connected by a hinged type of profile, sometimes mounted on end loops. The already assembled door is attached to only one rail on top, so then it will be possible to move them thanks to the rollers along. The extreme panel is attached to the inside of the joint, the other sections at the time of opening will be folded accordion.

But the design of the “book” consists mainly of individual moving sashes. When the door is installed in a large opening, there are many more sections.When moving the folding door panels will not be used one upper rail. Here, the bottom rail will serve as a support for dimensional structures with parts connected by loops.


Folding type of door is usually upon purchase provided with a set of fittings, which is necessary for installation. The number of elements included in the kit will depend on the number of panels.

This kit mainly contains:

  • set of sections;
  • upper guide made of aluminum or steel material;
  • carriage slider (the quantity will depend on the manufacturer);
  • videos;
  • hinges or articulated joint profile;
  • adjustment key used in the assembly of the structure;
  • additional set of mounting hardware, which is determined by the manufacturer.

There are models that are equipped with a locking mechanism with a lower guide profile. In such a profile, there is usually no need, because the door-accordion is made of a very light material - plastic. Expensive models of doors made of MDF manufacturers complement the bottom rail.Sections of the doors at the same time have a filling of glass inserts, stained glass for decoration or some special design ideas and delights.

The fragility and fragility of parts, the fastener itself, plastic rail, the absence of metal framing on the panels, the connection of door structures with a hinged profile instead of using a front hinge - all this is reflected in the product, so this door is of little use for long or frequent exploitation.

The use of such structures as door-book, is considered the most reliable and practical option for creating floors in interior openings. The number of sectional panels here will depend on the size of the opening itself. Of course, to install the doors will require more space compared with the folding structures "accordion". In fact, the “book” is much more massive, therefore it is much stronger.

Different models are made of plastic, aluminum material, ordinary wood or MDF. It happens that the design also includes asymmetrical doors that open in different directions. Consequently, the whole furniture set can be very different.

The set of doors of 2 leaves may include:

  • ball bearing carriages for a driven leaf, which has 2 levels of freedom;
  • rotary axes from below and from above;
  • guide rail support at the top and bottom for the main sash;
  • hinges with fasteners.

It should be noted that almost all the existing parts of the door construction mechanism, such as, for example, the bearing carriage, hinge hinges, or the pressure type of the device for the casements, are made adjustable. This ensures a secure fit for a long time. The high cost of fittings is considered the only exceptional disadvantage. The higher the quality of all components, the, accordingly, the cost of the structure as a whole will be more expensive.

Additional elements

If you install an additional type of fittings, you can add any additional charm to any folding door.

Variety of accessories:

  • end loops of unusual shapes and colors;
  • comfortable beautiful handles;
  • inlaid linings for folding sectional panels.

In addition, additional functionality of folding door structures can be provided by using hinges with a door closer.These mechanisms will add ease of opening and folding door panels. The mechanism has an adjustment of the closing speed with the function of locking the valves when they are in the open position.

On how to install the door-book, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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