Tips for selecting accessories for entrance doors

 Tips for selecting accessories for entrance doors

The door must be reliable and stable working - no one doubts that. Even the best canvas, if it is not complemented by suitable fittings, will act incorrectly. Its selection should be given maximum attention, and be guided not only by price considerations.

Hardware for metal doors

An essential element of this design are loops. The most stringent requirements are imposed on the upper loop, which helps securely fasten the canvas to the frame. When reading the reviews and descriptions, with the technical documentation it is worth asking whether the opening sash will be enough.Hinges for metal doors are most often made of an alloy of aluminum with zinc and magnesium. It is recommended to clarify whether they will withstand the regulatory load from 80 to 130 kg.

Even the expensive profile and energy-saving characteristics, declared by manufacturers, do not always allow us to judge the real properties of products. In order for the metal-plastic construction to work normally, the seal is very important. Need to check whether the gum is well pressed to the frame when the door is locked? It is from this element that the comfort and calmness in the house depends. Errors in the selection of the seal often provoke clogging with dust, corrosion of metal parts due to contact with condensate.

Only a few materials are allowed to be used in sealing circuits for entrance doors. Most often it is:

  • Classical rubber;
  • silicone;
  • thermoelastic polymer;
  • PVC

Door leaf necessarily has fittings perimeter. The role of these elements - the transfer applied to the handle efforts on the axle. They block the canvas in the closed position. If the door is placed on a balcony opening, “scissors” are added to the already mentioned fittings, without which it is impossible to use the ventilation mode.Usually, all components are selected during installation, and the subsequent replacement (if necessary) is charged only to experienced performers.

In addition to the main parts, the accessories of the balcony door may also include auxiliary elements. Most of them use devices that limit opening. The system of the “comb” type makes it possible to easily and quickly establish the gap between the blade and the frame, to change it. If the comb for some reason does not fit, you can use a cable lock. To him additionally selected key. The big benefit is brought by the equipment for micro-winding.

It can improve the microclimate in the room, but also eliminate the flow of excess masses of cold or hot air. Slit micro-ventilation is performed using a special handle. Depending on its position, a certain distance is set between the upper part of the web and the frame.

An alternative solution experts believe climate valves. They are placed in the door profiles (both at the manufacturing stage and after installation). An important difference between the individual valve options is manual or automatic control.Regardless, the valve system is more advanced than the slot inflow. It is able to measure the air flow much better.

Aluminum Door Accessories

Accessories for aluminum doors also have their own characteristics. Preference is given to European-made structures. Every detail must have a certificate of quality. Good hinges on the aluminum door differ smoothly adjustable in three planes. In sets with standard color hinges on the RAL scale, unpainted products are also supplied (they are chosen if the standard colors are not suitable).

Other considerations that need to be taken into account when selecting fittings for Chinese and aluminum doors made in other countries are:

  • value;
  • portable load;
  • method of transmission of force;
  • travel speed

The best hinge designs provide loads of 200 kg or more. Such details are recommended to apply to fire doors. As for the Russian-made loops, it is difficult to give an unequivocal assessment. Yes, the products of domestic firms can hardly be considered a high-quality product, however, it allows significant savings.

Additionally, you should pay attention to the minimum number of openings that the design will accurately transfer to the corrosion resistance. The standard test implies a sample exposure of 240 hours in salt fog.

It is very good if the manufacturer has indicated such verification in the accompanying documentation. Categorically you can not buy products supplied by unknown firms.

For metal entrance doors, anti-vandal hinge characteristics are very important. Saving on such protection is completely unacceptable, otherwise unscrewing or cutting from the street will be very easy. Experts recommend to pay attention to the interchangeability of fittings. Sooner or later, even the steel elements have to be changed, and it’s very bad if you can’t find the appropriate parts.

Brass hinges are well combined with doors based on aluminum profiles. The advantages of the material are:

  • flexibility;
  • the possibility of polishing;
  • a wide range of available processing methods;
  • optimum strength and durability;
  • the possibility of staining;
  • zero risk of corrosion.

It is important to understand that the brass product will gradually turn black.In this case, it will inevitably need to be polished. Loops of ferrous metal operated for a long time and wear out a little. If the need arises, they can always be adjusted. There is a limitation: it is impossible to use such hinges under the plates.

In addition, black steel quickly rusty, smoothly open the door will be impossible. Resistance to corrosion, peculiar to stainless steel grades, helps to safely recommend them to most people. Such products are especially relevant when it is necessary to withstand the load from a heavy sash. There are two disadvantages: the difficulty of applying a decorative coating and high cost. Aluminum hinges are aesthetic, but they easily wear out and can be applied only on doors lighter than 50 kg.

Steel Door Accessories

Pens for them should look harmoniously against the background of the canvas. It is possible to use both the separate, and handles mounted on a level. Definitely should give preference to products of more popular manufacturers. To improve the safety of the home, it is recommended to choose eyes with a 180 degree view. If the products with such characteristics for some reason do not suit, you need to put eyes with a smaller viewing angle (at least 120 degrees).

A glass system transmits light best of all. When in the first place is the resistance to mechanical stress, it is necessary to choose plastic - it does not scratch. Eliminate errors in the selection of the desired length can, if you prefer a peephole with thread. If you have the means, you can install a video eye that broadcasts a picture to the monitor. We must remember that such a product is mounted and configured only by professionals.

Steel design door can have a variety of eyes and handles, but in any case it is necessary to equip it with another detail - with a snitch. Such a word is called a latch locking the opening from the inside. It enhances protection, especially at night. Experts recommend to put steel valves. The longer and thicker the bolt, the more reliable it is.

It is also useful to put a chain. This design will allow the door to be slightly opened, leaving only a sufficient gap for communication with unknown guests. Best of all, if the chain is completely made of steel. Finally, you can make such recommendations:

  • it is advisable to use universal loops;
  • on the door with a vestibule only screw-in hinges are installed;
  • the thickness of the seal is chosen according to the overlapped gap;
  • the simplest models can be mounted on plastic glazed doors;
  • At least two different types of locks are placed on a full steel door.

In the next video you will find a brief overview of fittings for doors from SFS-Intec.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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