Magnetic door stops

 Magnetic door stops

To use the door was convenient and comfortable, you must make the right installation, use quality materials and ergonomic handle. For safer use, sometimes accessories are placed on the door leafs that make life easier. One of such products is a magnetic clamp capable of locking the sash in the desired position. This is an extremely useful accessory that has won the hearts of many people.

What are we for?

The door stoppers are medium in size and inexpensive. These are extremely necessary and useful accessories that are used in private homes, at work, as well as in public institutions. They are multifunctional and have many positive qualities.

  • Thanks to this product, the flaps swing open safely, which protects the door leaf, furniture and walls from any damage.
  • The door leaf is fixed in any particular position in rooms with high traffic. With the help of stoppers without any problems you can carry large objects.
  • The sash will not close sharply, will not be damaged due to gusts of wind or drafts. That is why this version of the stoppers are often used for entrance doors. This allows the door wings to be safe and not damaged.
  • Pets can easily move around the apartment or house.
  • Thanks to the restraints, parents will be able to leave their children unattended in the room for a short time.

Special features

The magnetic limiter has two parts: a stop with a magnet and a counterpart, which is made of metal. The first is attached with screws to the floor or wall (there are different types of products), makes the opening angle already. Coaxially to the first part on the door it is necessary to fasten a metal element.If the product is attached correctly, when plowing, the door “sticks” to the support and is locked in the open state until someone pushes it.

A simple stop is a common door stop, while a magnetic stop includes the role of a lock. This multifunctionality is a definite plus, however, such a product is rarely used for the doors to the toilet or bathroom, for example. The door must have a mass of up to forty kilograms, otherwise the magnet strength will not be enough, and the fixing function may be lost. The magnetic stop for the door is suitable for a variety of options for door panels, especially those that are made of very soft materials. This device will help keep them intact.


There are several types of electromagnetic stoppers, so everyone can choose for themselves what is best suited for a particular door leaf.

By appointment clamps are divided into the following types.

  • Door stopper in open position. Extremely useful product that allows you to easily carry things or ventilate the room. An accessory that is popular in public places where there are a large number of people.Such a stopper allows you to avoid a variety of damage and injuries from the constantly closing and opening doors.
  • The hidden clamp with a magnet, established on interroom and balcony doors. Able to fix the doors in the closed position.


The most popular and reliable option, having an affordable price. Represent the stops columns made of metal which need to be fixed to a floor. In their head is a medium size magnet. A metal plate is attached to the door. The height of such an emphasis is three to seven centimeters, the average diameter of a cylinder is twenty to thirty millimeters.

To prevent the door from being damaged, a groove is provided on the posts, where there is a seal made of rubber or polyurethane. If the installation was carried out correctly, the column will function for many years, but the seals must be periodically changed.

Wall mounted

If the room is very expensive floor and you can not attach the limiter to the floor, wall models will be the best solution. They are products that differ from floor clamps only by the stem length.Otherwise, they are exactly the same.


Convenient stoppers that are mounted directly on the door. Holders of wooden and plastic doors can attach the product with a screwdriver (it is quite easily fixed). In some cases, you need to use only glue. This is the best option, as the walls and the floor remain intact.


The limiter with a magnet for easy and convenient opening of doors without problems is established independently. This can help screws. Let us consider an example of how to install a floor door stopper.

  • First you need to open the door so that the gap between the handle and the wall was about twenty millimeters. Next is a mark on the floor. Noting, you should set the emphasis at the desired angle.
  • Then you need to carefully drill a hole under the dowel for the screw and insert it. Now it remains only to fasten the stop using the screw to the floor.

Popular models and reviews

If you need a simple latch that will be installed on the interior door, it is recommended to purchase a model Palladium 100-Mwith a large number of positive reviews on the open spaces of the network.This model is ideal for a light door leaf (do not forget that it has a weight limit). The construction work is carried out silently, the product is characterized by low cost, excellent quality and long service life.

A more interesting option - Apecs 5300-MC. This is a complete lock that locks the door with keys. High-quality functional model - magnetic latch AGB Mediana Polaris, which is designed for a variety of interior doors. It is great for the door of the bathroom or toilet, has an easy installation.

Any high-quality and properly installed model will serve its owner for a long time. It is important to choose the most suitable option so that the stopper makes life more comfortable and easy. The owners of the magnetic clamps report that their installation is quite simple, so everyone will be able to implement it on their own. Convenient door stoppers are exactly what people need who love comfort.

How to install the door stop with a magnet, see the video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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