Characteristics of modern wall stoppers for the door

 Characteristics of modern wall stoppers for the door

Modern wall stoppers for doors is a necessary accessory that allows you to maintain the appearance of the walls and doors of offices, shops, offices, apartments and other premises. A stopper (alternative name for the stopper) is an easy solution to the problem of over-opening the doors. Particularly relevant is the issue of preserving walls and handles in places where doors are constantly in operation, when a large number of people enter and exit the premises. At the same time the low price, favorably distinguishes the product from door closers.

Limiter classification

Modern manufacturers produce a fairly large range of limiters for doors,in the variety of which we are trying to understand now.

There are several types of limiters.

  • Stops - the main purpose is to limit the angle of rotation of the door, as well as fixing it in the desired position. The stops are floor and wall; with magnetic, rubber or plastic covers; metal, fully plastic; multicolored.
  • Stoppers - designed to lock the door in a certain position, for example, when you want to open it. If you remove the stopper, then it opens to a much larger angle. The most common stopper - door chain.
  • There are overlays. They do not allow the door to close completely, leaving a small gap. Available in a wide variety.
  • Closers - complex mechanisms that allow you to smoothly close the doors independently - entrance doors, in offices, in offices.

Closers are much more expensive than stops, you need to constantly monitor their technical condition, carry out maintenance, they require time and material costs.

Wall stoppers

One of the most common stops is the wall limiter. It is a fairly simple device.The stops differ in fastening methods. There are self-adhesive stops (found most often), fastened with screws.

Wall stoppers can be round, oval and square. They are most often made of metal and plastic. Have the overlays made of rubber, silicone, plastic, are equipped with a magnet.

Limiters can be mounted on the wall at the top of the door or at the bottom. You can choose the size, color, appearance for a specific room, taking into account the furniture.

The stop with a magnetic lining has also a metal lining that is attached to the door. This product is necessary in cases where fixation is required in the open position.

Features of the installation of wall stoppers

Self-adhesive wall stops are easy to install. The manufacturer applies a layer of special glue to the product in advance. It is enough to choose a place, remove the protective sticker and attach it to the wall. As a rule, you need to hold it in this position for a minute, the support is ready for use, if the damping pad is not magnetic. Otherwise, it is necessary to fix the metal plate on the door itself, at the same level as the stop, for subsequent fixation of the door in the open position.However, in the case of the use of self-adhesive stopper, special requirements are imposed on the wall surface. It should be smooth, not have pasting.

Painted glass walls and plastic partitions are best suited.

The stops having fastening screws require the preparation of the wall, it is necessary to pre-drill holes in it. Requires a tool - drill, screwdriver, ruler and some others.

The material of the walls should be evaluated. Brick, concrete, SCC blocks and other durable wall materials do not require additional strengthening of the installation site. If they are sheathed with gypsum plasterboard, plastic panels with materials that have voids, then the place for fixing the stop must be additionally equipped, since kinetic energy occurs when the door is opened, which can damage a wall made of the specified materials. Accordingly, one of the main tasks assigned to the wall stoppers will not be fulfilled - preserving the integrity of the walls and doors.

    As a "reinforcement" of the wall, you can use a metal plate, which is enclosed under the support.At the same time, it should be approximately 4 times larger in the area of ​​contact with the wall than the wall limiter.

    We have considered only the main features of wall stoppers for doors and methods of their fastening. These products are widespread and simple in self-installation.

    How easy it is to mount a magnetic stop for the door, see the video below.

    Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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