How to disassemble the door handle interior doors?

Nowadays, almost any interior door is completed with such a thing as a door handle. And this is not about a conventional handle, for example, a round one, for which you can simply take up, but about a mechanism that allows you to open and close the door and, if necessary, keep it in the closed position, despite the efforts made to open it. Such a mechanism is, for example, a latch with a lock. As the operation of the door accessories wear out, and any handle just breaks.

Today we will talk about how to disassemble and dismantle it.

Features of various designs

To begin with we will tell about designs of door handles and their features.

  • The first category we consider is - stationary models. This is the most common solution for interior doors. The similar accessories now practically are not applied. Is that on the doors installed in the days of the Soviet Union, which since then have not been modernized. Yes, and in residential areas, it is usually not used. Externally, it looks like a bracket. There are two types of such a model. The difference between them is that they can be one-way or cross-cutting.

If we talk about the latter, then on long screws fixing 2 handles, which are placed on different sides of the door leaf - one against the other.

Such a handle is removed very easily - just unscrew the bolts that hold this design. Such furniture can be called a penny in the literal sense, since it has a minimal price. Yes, and it makes no sense to repair it, because she does not understand.

  • The next option is push construction. Such a decision on the structure will be a little more difficult. The handle is a lever-type product: the working elements, due to the axis, are tied to the lock mechanism. Some variants of this type are additionally equipped with a retainer that locks the locking part.

Such a handle can be dismantled using a screwdriver with a narrow sting. By the way, such a handle can have a lock with a metal core.

  • Another design to mention is - swivel model. It has a lot of differences from the above options, which are in the form and design features. The general principle of operation is the same as that of other models.
  • The next version of the considered accessories for interior doors - pen with socket. Such pens have a round shape and, depending on the version, can be sorted out using different algorithms. They differ in the method of fixing the decorative element. The spherical shape is very convenient in operation. Such models are also called knobs.

      In general, as you can see, there is a large number of door handles for interior doors. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages, at the same time, the algorithm for their disassembly will be approximately the same.

      Required tools

      To disassemble the door handle you need to have a certain tool on hand. Regardless of its type, it may contain some hidden elements and parts that can not always be pulled out with the help of ordinary devices.

      For this reason, you should have the following list of tools at hand:

      • hammer;
      • screwdriver;
      • drill and a set of drills with a crown;
      • pencil;
      • awl;
      • gon.

      How to disassemble and remove?

      It is quite easy to dismantle the door handle if you have the aforementioned tools, as well as little theoretical knowledge of the structure of this mechanism.

      To do this, you must perform the following steps.

      • Support and securely fix the door so that it is in a fixed position.
      • Now you need to pry the flange of the decorative type and slightly pull it away. Under it are fasteners that should be unscrewed.
      • There is a special pin on the flange of the pressure part, which is stop and spring-loaded. Press in with a screwdriver. In the swivel version, it is usually located in the housing. To get there, you must insert a key or an awl. If it was not possible to probe it, then the flange should be rotated until it touches the pin.
      • Now you need to click on the pin and at the same time to delay the design of the handle.
      • Now unscrew the bolts fasteners.
      • Separate the inside of the element from the outside, take out the handle and the flange of a decorative type.
      • If there is a need to remove the latch for replacement or repair, then you should unscrew the screws that fix it on the side of the door block, then remove the bar, and then the mechanism itself.

      When mounting accessories to a different position, it is better not to disassemble it into parts. It is easily attached to the door structure, but in reverse order.

      Now tell directly about the disassembly of each category of handles.

      • Let's start with the stationary, which does not have a pressure headset, and is not equipped with a mortise type lock. In order to unscrew such a handle, you need a cross-head or a flat screwdriver. Alternatively you can use a screwdriver. Removal should begin with loosening the screws that secure the mechanism.

      If there are decorative items, they must first be removed. As you unscrew the bolts, you should hold the response parts on the back of the blade. If this is not done, the structure may simply fall out of the canvas and deform.

      It should be noted that the fastening can be one- or two-sided, respectively, the design can be dealt with differently, which means that it is necessary to take care of this in advance.When all bolts have been removed, it is necessary to carefully remove the handle from the door leaf using a flat-tip screwdriver. In place of the old pen put another mechanism or the same design, but with new parts.

      • If lead Speech about disassembling a knob with a socketthen it is necessary to clarify that the word "socket" usually means a mechanism that allows locking the lock using a small key on one side, which is not used on the other side. On the second side there is a special lamb. In this situation, the disassembly of the mechanism will be carried out according to the following algorithm:
        1. first, loosen the screws that hold the pads, performing a decorative function, on both sides;
        2. unscrew the screws connecting the mechanism on both sides;
        3. the handle design is pulled out and its remaining part is removed;
        4. pulled out the lock mechanism.

      If the handle needs repair or it is necessary to replace any part of it, then after that it is necessary to completely disassemble the individual elements and determine the cause of the malfunction. It is necessary to carefully monitor the safety of all small structural elements,otherwise, if they are lost, it is simply impossible to assemble the mechanism back.

      • Now let's talk about disassembling a knob knob. To remove this element from the door leaf, the following steps are usually performed.
        1. Fasteners bolts on one side of the door.
        2. The mechanism is dismantled through special holes.
        3. Disassembly of the additional return plate is in progress. To dismantle this element, simply pull it to your side.

      Disassembled knob is fixed using the most simple screws for fasteners. This mechanism was made with the expectation that later no repairs will be carried out, but a new part will simply be purchased, which will take the place of the old handle.

          • Push options. Usually instead of turning decisions they are used. This is due to the fact that they are durable and very easy to use and repair. Disassembly is performed as follows:
            1. first, unscrew the screws holding the decorative fabric patch type, performing the function of sticking;
            2. after this careful overhead canvases are removed, located on both sides;
            3. bolts of fasteners are unscrewed and structural elements of a round shape are located on both sides of the door leaf;
            4. it only remains to open the reciprocal bar and the lock itself, after which to pull them out of the fitting slots.

          How to fix?

          Often repair the door handle is carried out in the following situations:

          • the handle jams and turns hard;
          • the handle after pressing does not move to the normal position;
          • the handle falls out and the base is not damaged;
          • the tongue does not move when pressed.

          As a rule, the cause of these faults is wear, as well as erasing parts due to constant use. For this reason, it is necessary to periodically lubricate the parts of the lock and mechanism, to clean everything from dirt. When lubricating, the product scrolls so that the liquid evenly falls on all elements and parts. If there was a loosening of the handle, then the fasteners should be corrected and tightened.

          Sometimes it is required to carry out repair of accessories of an entrance or interior iron door. If we are talking about the interior door, the repair or replacement of the mechanism is usually carried out when the handle falls out.

          This happens if you use poor quality fittings, because of which the retaining ring could break or fall out.

          For the implementation of repair work should perform the following steps.

          • Detach the base from the door leaf.
          • Look at the condition of the locking ring. If the ring has shifted, then its position should be adjusted. If it is broken or snapped, it should be replaced.

          Also, the repair of the handle is carried out, if after opening the fittings do not become in the usual position. The cause of the problem is the offset or breakage of the spiral.

          To replace the helix, the following steps are required:

          • dismantle the device;
          • remove the damaged part and replace it;
          • now it is necessary to carry out fixation with the help of a locking mechanism;
          • the design is mounted on the door.

                If the spring has burst, then it can be made independently from a small piece of steel wire. The billet must be heated to a bright red color on the fire, then immersed in water. After that it can be applied.

                How to repair the doorknob with your own hands, see the following video.

                Information provided for reference purposes.For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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