Latches for balcony doors: functions, types and features of installation

Balcony today is in almost every apartment. If we talk about the room in a high-rise building, then this probability is almost one hundred percent. Recently, everyone is trying to save on space heating, so a high-quality balcony door should be installed unconditionally. And, of course, it must be equipped with such an element as a latch for the door leaf on the balcony.


The latch for a door made of plastic is a fairly functional and convenient element of the door hardware, which also performs another important function - it protects the home from unauthorized entry or hacking. The principle of operation of such a latch is extremely simple and similar to the work of latches located on the doors of the cabinets in the kitchen. This makes it possible not to be distracted by monitoring the position of the door.

The design of such a device is designed so that a person can open the door freely.while he did not have to put any great effort. At the same time, the closure of the door can not break even serious wind gusts. Just this is the main purpose of the mounted door latch for the door to the balcony - keeping it from plowing.

Another name of the mechanism, which should say a little bit - the latch of the smoker. It is quite simple to explain this name - it is only necessary to slam the door on the latch and cigarette smoke will not start entering the room. Yes, and the use of such a latch is simply convenient, as for a short exit to the balcony there is no need to close the door to the lock. At the same time, when using a 1-sided lock and the absence of a latch on either side, the door cannot be closed leaving the room. As you can see, it is impossible to dispute the need to install the snap mechanism on the balcony door.


The latch for the type of door in question is a great solution that will not only prevent the door from slamming,but also protects the glass from breaking or deformation. There are three options for such decisions. Each category has its own advantages and disadvantages.

On magnet

If we talk about the magnetic solution, then this mechanism is usually used in kitchen cabinets. Its convenience lies in the fact that such a latch can be mounted on the place of the pin, which usually completes such solutions, and install a magnetic-type tongue on the frame that will hold the sash when closing. Several categories of similar snaps can be found on the market, but, as a rule, there is usually a plank in the shape of a letter G. There are holes in it through which it is easy to fasten it to the door. Many models have holes in the same place as ordinary fittings, which makes it possible to attach the bar quite simply. If the latches do not have fixtures, then they can be made using the simplest drill.

To planochka secured tightly with one hundred percent coincidence of holes with those on the fittings, you can simply use slightly larger screws. The case, inside which there are magnets, is attached to the door frame. It is usually made of plastic and needs to be attached using screws.Such a latch is very simple in terms of design, which ensures its high reliability. The latch prevents the magnets from rubbing against each other, which allows them to extend their life.

At the same time, magnets will not allow the door to slam, which will be a plus for those who do not like loud sounds. In general, this is a simple and effective solution to the issue of closing the door to the balcony.

On the video

Another interesting option is the roller type mechanism. He will be in the special corps. Its reverse side will be supported by a spring. This device is placed in the butt door to the balcony. It is worth noting that the movie has the ability to rotate. There is a special deepening in the plank, when the roller is in it, it seems to go deep into the structure and cannot return to its original position, which allows fixing the door. At the same time, it is easy to open the door - for this it just needs to be pushed a little.

That sash can not open due to the containment of the spring. Designs of rotary type in opening do not participate that allows to make a design more durable. To install such a latch need a screwdriver, drill and screws.The highlight of this mechanism will be the need for accurate selection of the location of the groove and roller against each other. If this is not done, the mechanism will be inoperative. If the roller is crooked or incorrectly mounted, the door will not close at all. This type of lock can break if handled incorrectly, which is why it is properly installed. In addition, it must be periodically checked for damage or misalignment.


False latches are another fairly common category that a mechanical latch has. This option is considered traditional. It works along the same lines as the video. The part enters the recess, and the special spring does not allow it to exit without using the mechanical type of force from the person. In order to open the door normally in such a situation, you should install a special handle equipped with a swivel mechanism. A bar should be mounted on the glass frame, after which the latch is placed on the door.

When installing, you should avoid distortions or this will cause the door to stop closing.Such a mechanism is not very convenient if the hands of a person are occupied with something.

How to choose?

It is worth talking about how exactly you can choose a locking mechanism for a plastic door. The selection of the mechanism of fixation should be treated responsibly, because it will depend on the functionality of the door. The following criteria are usually important for selection:

  • how often the tenants from the room go to the balcony or loggia;
  • how much they have;
  • whether the aesthetic appearance is important or not;
  • complexity of installation.

If the door leaf opens infrequently, there are no people in the house who smoke, then it will be enough to install a simple mechanical latch. Then the sinking of the structure will be extremely slow, which is why a roller or any other latch will last as long as possible. If the need to exit to a balcony or a loggia arises frequently, then it will be better to install a magnetic solution for a balcony door made of polyvinyl chloride.

It will be much easier to close and open the sash, it will work even if there is a skew. The advantage of this option is that the product is small and after installation it will be made invisible. The installation of the magnetic latch is also quite simple.The only disadvantage that does not allow to call this option ideal is the high price.

Important! All the latches on the market today are universal, which allows them to be used with most of the profiles used today. But when purchasing it will not be wrong to ask the seller about the compatibility of the product with the profile that will be used.

How to install and adjust?

It should be said that the installation of roller and magnetic type solutions on the door in question is very similar, but there is a slight difference between them, for which reason it is necessary to make out how to put different versions of latches. If we talk about mounting the roller version on the door leaf, then regardless of the type of construction - a roller or a hard tongue, the order of installation will be the same. It is worth noting that there are two categories of latches on the PVC door - the size of nine and thirteen millimeters. Model selection will vary by profile category that was previously set. That is, when buying enough to say this to the seller, and he will select the necessary solution.

Before starting the process described, unscrew the screw located at the end of the door leaf at the main handle. The plastic door tends to slightly bend and if a person decides to put a latch on the underside or at the top of the canvas, then there is a chance that the canvas will need to be pressed further so that the roller is completely in the counterpart. Now the roller is screwed into the end of the door.

It should be understood that the roller stands for the canvas, for which reason it is immediately better to choose a longer self-tapping screw, so that the difference in distance is compensated by it. You should not take too long a decision for the reason in order not to damage the glass unit, which is located directly opposite it. At the same time, it should be longer than the previously established solution.

In order to mount the counterpart on the frame, it is necessary to clearly mark the place where the roller will be located. Then it is necessary in a horizontal position to attach the ruler to the roller center and mark the location on the front side of the canvas, and then the door closes and the marking is already transferred to the frame itself. The line on the frame end must be located right in the center of the inletType on the latch. It is necessary to attach the latch and then fasten it on top with a screw. It is best to use a screw with a size of 19 millimeters.

You should check the accuracy of the entry of the roller. It is necessary to close and open the door several times. If everything came up exactly, then you can screw and screw the bottom. If a mistake is made and the counterpart does not converge, then you should look where and at what distance it has shifted. After that, unscrew the upper screw and attach the plank using the lower screw. And after the test should be screwed to another place and screw above. But full fixation of the return type bar is carried out only after the inspection.

It is worth considering the installation of the mechanism of the magnetic type. In general, the installation will be carried out similarly to the above procedure. First you need to start with the fact that you need to unscrew the near self-tapping screw to the handle, as well as to dismantle the fastening of the steel strip. In this situation, the screw can not be changed to another, because the thickness of this bar does not exceed one millimeter.Now you should close the door a little bit and put marks on the lower and upper border of the steel bar on the frame, and fasten the latch with the magnet to the frame of the counterpart.

In general, it is easy to see that mounting such a latch is not difficult, as well as its configuration. The main thing when carrying out these processes is to be guided by the knowledge of the technical features of the door itself, as well as the type of latches selected. In addition, you should properly pick up the latch depending on the needs of the occupants of the room.

In the next video you will find the installation of a balcony latch.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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