How to choose and install a magnetic latch on the balcony door?

 How to choose and install a magnetic latch on the balcony door?

Locked balconies have begun for quite some time. But doing this with old-fashioned latches is impractical and inconvenient. There are more convenient and modern solutions that need to be sorted out before repairing or replacing the old door.

Special features

A high-quality magnetic latch on the balcony door secures the sash outside, while the street or air stops getting into the house or apartment. If there is no stop valve, then it penetrates uncontrollably and unlimitedly. As a result, the microclimate changes frequently and in unpredictable ways. Especially important is the correct choice of valves for those people who often visit the balcony.

Plastic doors that are not equipped with snaps are closed only from the inside. Inevitably, the door will swing open, and the problem is not only with noise or claps. If a smoker goes to the balcony, the smoke will be drawn inward. It is extremely difficult to constantly air it, clean it from extraneous odors. If the latch is set, then it is able to provide a tight pressing of the door leaf to the frame.

The minimum pressing force is very carefully selected by engineers. It must keep the web in the closed position, even when a very strong wind is blowing, while maintaining a slight opening of the doors from the inside. In other words, the maximum force of fixation is thoroughly calculated. Balcony latches are sold as components for plastic constructions.

How to install?

The problem of all mechanical systems is quick wear. The severity of the construction leads to sinking of the sash. In this case, the protruding part can not fully fall into the groove, as a result of which it is impossible to fix the door. Therefore, many experts consider magnetic latches a more practical solution.

Such devices make it easy to open and lock the door, even if the design is slightly skewed. The magnet can be placed in a plastic or metal housing.The canvas will be attracted to the frame due to the steel plate mounted in it in the shape of the letter G. In addition, the magnetic system works without any noise and lasts a long time. The lifetime is limited only by the gradual loss of the working mechanism of its magnetic properties.

You can even put the latch on the balcony door with your own hands.

  • ruler measurements are made;
  • marks make a pencil or marker;
  • Screws are screwed into the designated places using a screwdriver or a screwdriver.

But initially you should check whether the flap is adjusted correctly, whether there are any distortions in it. Sometimes you even have to reinstall the door.

Starting installation of the latch, you need to immediately choose the place where it is best placed. It does not matter in principle - you can choose any point that seems optimal. But still, professionals generally place the latch as close to the handle as possible. Near the handle itself, the screw is removed from the profile. Instead, there will be a part of the magnetic retainer.

It is important to know that when installing the latch, you must use the supplied self-tapping screw. If it is absent, then a 3-3.5 cm long screw is taken for replacement.The mark for placing the parts is first made on the sash and only then transferred to the frame. When installing using self-tapping screws, the need to drill a hole disappears - plastic allows you to screw in the screw without any difficulty, and using a drill can destroy the glass unit.

The reciprocal bar must be fastened in such a way that the groove is directly opposite the roller element or the fungus. The advantage of installing a magnetic lock is the minimum required accuracy. The long length of the element and the strap allows you to guarantee a full clamp even with a rather gross error. To install the handle, providing a convenient opening of the sash, apply small screws.

How to choose?

If the magnetic latch is properly installed, but is chosen incorrectly, you can run into big problems. A common mistake is to ignore design considerations. The shape of the latch should be harmoniously combined with the image that creates the door structure as a whole. At the same time, a discrepancy with the decorating concept, which was used in the room arrangement, is undesirable.

    The next important point is the fastening method of the latch.

    There are mortise, overhead and partially mortise products. The approach to installing each version has a number of features. More information is always available in the instructions. But with any method of installation it is necessary to select only such a product that will withstand the load created by the door leaf. It should be noted: if the door is very heavy, sometimes you even have to buy a door closer.

      Having dealt with all these moments, you need to decide which coating is better. The best options, most professionals believe the shell of zinc or nickel. These two metals tolerate mechanical loads and air temperature surges better than others.

      Another nuance is the brand. Virtually all qualified repairmen prefer the magnetic latches of the Palladium and Mediana Polaris AGB brands.

        Most balcony doors are fitted with recessed locks. In such products, the magnet is triggered by a handle mounted on both sides of the canvas. In the other, passive version, there is a small-size steel bar that is attracted to the magnet. The two designs are well kept together, but to separate them is also quite simple.

        It makes sense to choose an electromagnetic latch only if there are available funds - the high cost of such a device is justified only by the fact that it replaces a full lock.

        As for the size of the latch, the professionals recommend to pay attention to such parameters as:

        • the length of the mechanism;
        • lining width;
        • the magnitude of the magnetic reeds used as a locking mechanism.

        How to install a magnetic latch on the balcony door, see the video.

        Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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