How to use a sealant gun?

The gun for sealing is an excellent assistant in construction and repair work. It is required in various construction works, both internal and external. The name of this tool was due to the characteristic features of its action. In this case, the sealant comes out of the gun after a person presses the trigger, which determines its similarity with the weapon. However, it should be understood that such a comparison is not quite true. After pressing the trigger, the piston starts moving and squeezes the sealant.

Types of guns for sealant

The mechanism for sealing can be classified depending on the characteristics of their design.

In this situation, there are several types.

  • Tubular. The models presented were made to seal the joints by means of a viscous silicone or acrylic mass. Such a device is equipped with a rod and a cylinder with a void inside.It is there that sealant is poured. As a definite advantage of this mechanism, it is worth noting that there is no need for frequent refills.
  • Skeletal modelsDesigned to work with sealant in a standard cartridge. This mechanism is equipped with a rod and stiffeners. The advantage of this product is the ability to use sealant only partially. There is no need to immediately use the entire cartridge, but you can use only a certain amount of it.
  • Semi-hullwhich imply installation of cartridges with a volume of less than 310 milliliters. Their design is very similar to the previous version, but the difference is the lack of a solid frame. It is replaced by a stand for installing the cartridge. This mechanism is very convenient to use, because during operation the composition does not follow.

It is also possible to classify sealant pistols according to other criteria. If we consider these mechanisms on the principle of substance supply, we can distinguish several types of pistols.

  • Mechanical. These are devices that have a universal design.This mechanism can be used by both professionals and beginners for home use. To squeeze the composition of the gun, you must push the rod with a certain effort.
  • Pneumatic option. It is used usually in the case when the work does not require a large amount of means for sealing. In this situation, the composition is fed automatically after lowering the handle.
    • Rechargeablewhich are commonly used by professional workers. Such models are used in cases where a large amount of work is expected. The gun functions similarly to the previous version. The difference is the involvement in the operation of the battery.

    Principle of operation

    Even a beginner is able to use a sealant gun. First you need to decide how the device in question operates and how to open it. The sealant is extruded in the form of a strip after pressure is applied to it. By controlling his strength, a person can control the amount of extruded mixture. The pressure is generated by the rod, which starts moving after you pull the trigger.

    It should be noted that in pneumatic type pistols air acts as a rod. Compositions for pistols can be both in tubes and cylinders. This mounting device must be used extremely carefully.

    Instructions for use

    This tool is characterized by ease of use.

    Beginners should familiarize themselves with step-by-step instructions before using this mechanism.

    • The first step is to take care of protective measures. You need to wear gloves, cover objects and surfaces near the working area with a film or cloth. This will protect them from sealant ingress.
    • In the future it is necessary to prepare everything in order to apply the composition. In this situation, you must be guided by what is written on the back of the cartridge. The only thing that must first be removed from the surface of the previous coating, and this can be done with a sharp knife. To remove crumbs, you can use a brush or vacuum cleaner, while the surface must be degreased.
    • Then it is important to remove the limiters.
    • Then you need to remove the rod from the device. To do this, push the lever and remove the part.In the free space you need to install the cartridge and perform a few small pressure on the hook. This will allow the container to firmly fix in the gun. It is important to note that this instruction is provided for the skeleton species. Other ways of using this device differ only in the method of insertion of the cartridge.
    • Then it is necessary to make a small hole in the tank through which a smooth line of sealant will exit. To do this, make a cut of the existing cone.

    Please note that the cut should be slightly smaller than you need to do the work.

    The method of using a tubular pistol should be considered separately.

    • Initially, you must create a hole in the pipe with a sealant. If you choose a material that is packaged in bags, then one corner must be cut as accurately as possible. Otherwise, the mixture will probably flow out.
    • It is required to squeeze the sealant into the tool itself, but before that it will be necessary to remove the rod in the same way as described in the previous version.
    • Typically, these pistols are in the set of several different nozzles, which are characterized by the presence of different-looking tips. It is necessary to choose a suitable option for work, to twirl a cylinder with it.If there is no hole on the tip, you can make it yourself. To do this, take a sharp knife and make an incision at an angle of 45 degrees. Please note that it is necessary to predict the size of the future hole. This is necessary so that the seam is of the required diameter. Thus it will be easier to apply the mixture.

    Despite the instructions provided, the manufacturers of these pistols indicate on the product how to use it and how to insert a new one correctly and pull out the old cylinder. It is worth getting acquainted with the information provided by the manufacturer, since each type has its own specific features and it is necessary to insert the device with extreme caution.

    Tips for a newbie

      If the instrument in question was well-equipped, then there should be no difficulty in using it. If you managed to put the cartridge in the device, then halfway already passed. All that remains to be done is to slowly pull the trigger and squeeze the mixture onto the desired surface.

      You should use a few tips to get the job done with the utmost quality.

      • If a skeleton or semi-pistol pistol is selected, it may take several taps for the sealant to begin to exit the hole. Remember that pressing should be smooth to ensure even squeezing of the tool.
      • If you are using a model that is powered by electricity or a battery, then by pressing the trigger you can control the flow rate of the mixture.
      • Working with this device for the first time, it is recommended to practice on low-visible places or on individual objects. To do the job well, you need to learn a little about how to use the tool.
      • If in the course of work it will be necessary to trim any part or to introduce sealant into a narrow gap, then you can do it with your fingers. The only thing - be sure to wet them with soapy water. It will help sealant not to stick to hands.
      • Please note that the sealant does not require additional drying. If he is in the fresh air, he will acquire the necessary strength in a few hours.
      • As soon as the sealant gun is finished, it is imperative that you wash the mechanism well under warm soapy water.
      • For a beautiful seam is best to take masking tape. They need to glue the surface from two sides, leaving free only that zone, which must be covered with sealant. You will need to remove it immediately after applying the layer.
      • To get a beautiful corner seam of excellent quality, you must first moisten the sides with soapy water. In advance, you should find a stick made of plastic or wood. On the one hand, it must be cut so that it can be used to define the shape of the seam. This is a very simple and convenient technique, thanks to which you can get a beautiful seam. There is no need to search for this special nozzle, as the situation will save the usual stick.
      • If you overdo it with a sealant, then you should not worry about this. This situation can be easily corrected. It will be necessary to dry the seam well. This can help ordinary hair dryer. Next, you will need to remove the remnants of the material. This can be done with the help of a stick, which was previously soaked in soapy water. It is important to note that with this solution you can remove various contaminants, but you should still try to work as carefully as possible.
      • There is a situation when the sealant gun is missing, but it is necessary for operation. In this case, you can use the improvised means in order to "knock out" the sealant. This is not the most convenient option, but it will help save the situation.

      Based on the foregoing, it becomes clear that it is not that difficult to charge and use a gun for sealant. All that is required is to choose the right tool, choose a quality sealant and practice a little how to fill it up quickly.

      For information on how to use a sealant gun, see the following video.

      Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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