Features of the choice of sanitary sealants

The market of building materials is periodically updated with convenient innovations. They facilitate not only the process of construction or repair, but also the life of a person as a whole. One of these unique tools was sealant. Having not received due attention at the very start of his “career”, this indispensable assistant became truly the best way to solve any plumbing problems in sealing.

Special features

Sealant is used to ensure uninterrupted operation of sewer pipes and plumbing. In order that the plumbing accessories do not leak and do not spoil the mood of their owners with constant dripping. But this is only a small fraction of what this material is capable of.

Miracle tool is made on the basis of silicon. Since it is a hard stone, at least 4 more components are added to it, which lead the sealant to a paste-like form. The plumbing option also contains fungicides - components that protect against bacteria and mold, which are a good antiseptic. Organic additives in the composition of the sealant are responsible for reducing viscosity, and mechanical - improve the adhesion of the product to the surface to be treated.

Today, one of the most fashionable trends is maintaining the repair of the premises in the same style, color, design. The sealant has an extensive color gamut, which is achieved by adding special dyes to the initial composition.

Another nice thing about using this putty is that it can be stored for long enough when opened. To prevent its premature drying in the tube, it is necessary to close the hole with something.

One of life hacking on the convenient and correct application of sealant sounds like this: the depth of the layer should be almost twice as wide as its width. If the slot is larger, additional players come into play.

What the sealant does not want to interact with under any conditions is:

  • polypropylene and polyethylene;
  • PVC;
  • polycarbonate;
  • acrylic.

That is, no smooth surface in combination with a sealant will not give the very powerful adhesion that is necessary to prevent the ingress of moisture, which is not necessary. And the use of silicone with copper, zinc or lead can lead to intoxication of the body. Because this explosive mixture releases poisonous vapors.

To understand what kind of sealant is better to buy for a given situation, we will try to determine their main types.


Of course, since the use of flax fibers as a sealant for water pipes, much water has leaked. Including through this method of sealing. Now sanitary means for sealing up the cracks can be divided into two main types: universal and neutral.

Universal sealants are made with the addition of acetic acid (they are sometimes called acidic), have a corresponding smell. This tool is applicable to any surfaces that are not contraindicated in contact with acid. Non-ferrous metal, cement and marble are materials that should never intersect with universal sealant.

Acidic, universal or sanitary sealant has a lower price in the entire range. Temperature permission for operation is fixed in the range from -60 to +150 degrees.

Neutral options are based on alcohol or ketoxime. These tools are suitable for contact with any surfaces. The seams made with a neutral sealant are not destroyed or deformed by the action of acid or alkaline agents and do not come into contact with the treated surface.

Silicone rubber is another complementary to neutral sealant.

Among the advantages of this putty stand out:

  • maximum adhesion with all types of surfaces;
  • very moisture resistant material;
  • has good resistance to direct sunlight;
  • efficiency is observed in the temperature range from -60 to +300 degrees Celsius;
  • practicality and durability.

However, the increased waterproof effect completely deprives the possibility to paint the sealant in the desired color after application. It is better to choose a tool with a pronounced color before the repair.

    Silicone Adhesive Sealant - Liquid Clear Sealantwhich provides not only sealing of the room, but also glues surfaces in necessary places. It is not an electrical conductor, it is easy to apply, it lasts a long time, it is imperceptible due to its transparent structure, it is heat-resistant, and mechanical damage is completely unaffected.

    Alkaline sealant is a special-purpose tool that is used in quite rare cases and, as a rule, has a paste format.

    Get lost in such an abundance of building materials can be easily. Let's try to understand the main areas of application of sanitary sealant.

    Scope of application

    For those who have decided to resort to using this super-tool for carrying out the sealing process in the bathroom, there is no question of choice. Silicone sealant is used, as a rule, to create joints between the plumbing and the walls of the room so that moisture does not get into these gaps. Transparent plumbing material is used to connect sewer and water pipes. Sometimes a special FUM tape is also suitable for these works.

    Practically any type of sealant can be used to handle standard plumbing items.For PVC products, silicone is still the best.

    One type of sealant for sewer and water supply pipelines is epoxy resin. But previously it is mixed with a hardener. In this case, it is necessary to follow the instructions for creating such a hermetic means.

    As for the processing of cast iron pipes, they use the standard sanitary sealant.

    Spheres for the use of silicone and polypropylene compounds in the apartment is actually a lot. And we can talk here not only about the treatment of the water block, the bathroom and so on. Sometimes sealant is used to seal joints between the window frame and the opening.

    It is very convenient to resort to the help of white sealant when installing the toilet bowl. In this type of plumbing a large number of points are concentrated on which special attention should be paid. Thus, the water hose, which supplies the fluid to the tank, has a peculiar shape, which can be sealed either with a FUM tape or with a neutral silicone sealant.

    To seal the duct in cable ducts, you can use both standard neutral or acid sealants, as well as portland cement, which is more powerful in its properties and functions.

    Even for the busiest owner, that awkward moment comes when he simply has to attend to not only the presence of sealant residues in the tube, but also the date of its release. Because different manufacturers give different shelf life for both open and closed funds.


    Among the most popular companies for the production of sealants, it is worth distinguishing four main ones.

    • Ceresit. German products, which has in its arsenal European quality, standards and practicality. Sealants of this brand are known for their best adhesion to the treated surface, excellent waterproofing properties and the presence of special additives that protect the room from mold and microbes.
    • "Moment". The brand, founded by a German chemical company in Russia, has a large number of necessary construction assistants. Among them is the very popular Moment-Germent. A large number of varieties of sealants of this company allows you to choose your tool to any master. Among the unique products there are frost-resistant, high-temperature and restoration options.
    • Ciki Fix. The Turkish manufacturer is also among the top four leaders in the Russian construction market. A characteristic feature of the sealants of this company lies in its extraordinary ability to fasten differently textured surfaces together. The seams are waterproof and elastic, but do not protect against mold and mildew.
    • Makroflex. Another high-quality brand comes from Germany, but with Russian production. This is a modern and timely solution to any construction and finishing tasks. The company produces a variety of sealants that cope with both internal and external use.

    Choosing sanitary sealant in this variety, the main thing is not to forget its true purpose. And we must correctly take advantage of this construction miracle with maximum efficiency.


    Practical tips on sealing the premises will help to quickly and accurately carry out all the work. As practice shows, With modern means for waterproofing, it is not difficult to do this even for a person who first picked up a tube with a sealant.

    • At the first stage it is necessary to prepare the scope of work.Before sealing, it is necessary to clean the surfaces from building dust, dirt and foreign objects. To fill the joints between the bathroom and the tiles you need to dial in the first water, which will provide her working condition. It is from this position that it is more convenient and more rational to apply sealant.
    • The next step on the way to waterproofing becomes direct sealing. First you need to open a tube with a pre-selected tool. Cut the end of the nozzle at an angle of 45 degrees. Insert the tube into the mounting gun. If it was not at hand, craftsmen recommend using any piston: be it a hammer handle or any other durable heavy object that will help squeeze the sealant to the surface. Of course, this way is more labor-intensive and time-consuming, but it also takes place.
    • Proceed to applying the required layer of sealant. It should be remembered that the line should be continuous, of equal thickness. If something went wrong, it is better to take immediate steps to remove the incorrect area. Otherwise, after drying, you will have to use additional tools such as a solvent.
    • The third step involves the design of the insulating seam itself. This is done with a small spatula. This process can be carried out personally, having previously protected your hands from contact with the silicone mass with the help of gloves. So, with the chosen tool we gloss over the seams so that they are smooth and neat. For greater productivity and practicality, professionals advise moisten the spatula with soapy water before each contact with the sealant.
    • At the fourth stage, the final cleaning of the working surface from excess silicone, dust, water and other things is performed.

    For information on how to properly use sealant, see the following video.

    Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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