Silicone Sealant "Moment": types and specifications

 Silicone Sealant Moment: Types and Specifications

When sealing joints, cracks, joints, when gluing parts together, homemade mastics, bituminous mixtures or putty were used, which were not distinguished by high efficiency and quickly destroyed. Innovative technologies have come to replace the old inefficient methods.

The modern market offers a huge range of silicone protection from various companies, but the most popular among them is the Moment silicone sealant.

The use of this tool simplifies the work of sealing seams, cracks and much more effectively protects against moisture and damage.

Special features

Moment is a product created by the German company Henkel, whose successful experience in the market of industrial and household chemicals is more than 130 years. They are the first to be helped by the latest equipment, technologies, constant modernization of the trains, focus on environmental protection and strict quality control.

The brand mainly produces adhesives, mounting foams and sealants. Most of their products belong to the line "Moment". The composition of the means of moisture insulation includes many components that provide the most efficient execution of tasks.

General characteristics:

  • The main component is rubber, which provides the viscosity of the mass, due to which the sealant can be applied to any deformable surface.
  • The structure includes various amplifiers that provide different degrees of strength, as well as vulcanizers, which are responsible for the consistency and plasticity.
  • For more reliable adhesion with surfaces, coupling primers are added.
  • A variety of fillers give the composition volume and color.
  • Silicone plasticizers are added for added elasticity and elasticity.
  • Antifungal additives protect the surface from mold.

The purpose of the sealant is to protect from moisture and drafts, tight adhesion of parts to prevent leakage of water or other substances.

In carrying out this task, certain factors help sealant “Moment”:

  • Combination with all surfaces, strong adhesion with any materials.
  • Sealant tolerates very low temperatures (up to - 40 degrees) and high temperatures (up to +100 degrees).
  • The service life of the supplied sealing is about 10 years.
  • High plasticity, which allows the substance to have the dynamics of deformable materials.
  • It is not destroyed by sudden changes in temperature.
  • Resistance to ultraviolet, that is, the substance is not afraid of direct sunlight.

The "Moment", like a protective coating, has some minor flaws:

  • Sealant cannot be painted.
  • Strong smell in some types of products.
  • At low or high temperatures, the cooling time of the upper layers can reach 5 hours.

Despite the combination with a large number of materials and surfaces, sealant is not recommended for the treatment of metals prone to corrosion, natural stones, plastered surfaces, concrete and cement.

Types and characteristics

Silicone isolating agents are used in all areas of construction, they are divided into two types.

  • Single component - the most common on store shelves. They are used for household standard tasks. They are offered for sale in special tubes with dosed nozzles. Hardening occurs due to the moisture present in the air, therefore, there are fixtures for the cap in the package, due to which the substance inside the tube does not freeze. The only disadvantage of a one-component sealant is that freezing occurs only with thinly applied layers - from 2 mm to 15 mm.
  • Bicomponent insulators are used only for industrial purposes, their cost is much higher, as well as indicators of technical capabilities.
Single component
Two component

Silicone sealants are not painted, but they carry the basic color range.

The substance itself is divided into two types.

  • Colorless - widely used for baths, sinks, joints, plumbing and kitchen furniture. Differs in high moisture and heat resistance, eliminates the possibility of leakage.
  • Color - in the palette there are red, beige, black, white, yellow and brown shades of insulating silicone. Steals up to color furniture and designs.

Colored silicone is less common and popular, preference is mainly given to a transparent substance.


The company Henkel, creating products "Moment", divided it into narrower specialized areas:


This composition is used in the insulation of roof tiles, embedding cracks in the foundations of the foundation, in the basement. Used on metal, plastic, wooden surfaces, it has high moisture resistance, adhesion to the listed surfaces, heat resistance.


It has a colorless base, used to prevent drafts. The sealant is designed for external work, often used for the insulation of window frames.


The insulator differs from other types of products Henkel environmental composition, it lacks toxic chemical additives, which makes it safe for people and animals. It is used in showers, well suited for aquariums.

Differs in the high speed of drying and moisture resistance.


The peculiarity of sanitary silicone for sealing is the content of antifungal and antibacterial additives.It is versatile and widely used in rooms with high humidity.

Heat resistant

High-temperature "Germent" is a premium branch of the usual sealant "Moment". It belongs to insulators with a rich variety of components. It is especially heat resistant, it can be used at extremely high temperatures of up to +300 degrees and in cold conditions - up to - 50.

Heat-resistant insulator is used more often for industrial purposes, for the treatment of electrical wires, shields, furnaces, chimneys, motors.

Sealants are sold in tubes of 280, 310 and 600 ml, and small tubes of 85 g are put up for fine grouting.

Also distinguish two types of silicone insulators.

  1. Neutral - Alcohol is added to the mixture; ketoxime may also be used instead of vinegar (the smell of the composition is weaker). Used in exterior and interior work, it is white and transparent
  2. Acid - As part of the vinegar is present, has a sharp characteristic odor. Marked by the letter "A", in some cases it can cause corrosion on the surfaces of non-ferrous metals, marble and cements, which contain alkali. The cost of acid insulation is less.Sold in white and transparent versions.

Application area

The scope of application of the “Moment” sealant is diverse, it can process various surfaces, it provides resistance to moisture and drafts, it is used for such purposes:

  • insulation of window frames;
  • ensuring the moisture resistance of bathrooms, washbasins, toilets, pipes;
  • full sealing of greenhouses and pools;
  • repair of barrels and watering cans or other equipment;
  • ensuring sealing, automobile headlights, glasses;
  • the use of sealant as a sealant;
  • mirror processing;
  • electric installation work;
  • seal of seams in flues, motors.

Usage tips

Before you begin to use the silicone sealant "Moment", it is worth reading the instructions, since different types of insulators have their own characteristics. It is recommended to wear gloves that protect the skin from the substance.

Accuracy and consumption depends on the correct use, which involves a standard procedure and some nuances:

  • The surface, which is applied, must be cleaned of dirt and dust.
  • When processing seams it is worth limiting the edges with duct tape for a more accurate result.
  • Put on a special mounting gun.
  • Remove retainer. Back side to pierce the hole.
  • The end of the tube can be cut to the desired size, focusing on the size of the seam. It is better to do this on the sideways, so the substance will flow out more evenly.
  • Begin to apply silicone gently, while keeping the tube tilted at 45 degrees.
  • The thinner the substance layer, the faster the silicone dries.
  • Completely sealant dries in 24 hours, and a solid film on the surface may appear after 20 minutes.
  • Apply the substance should be close to the surface, it will provide maximum adhesion.
  • It is better to remove excess material immediately with a spatula or rag.
  • If the sealant is dry, but its excess remains, you can use white spirit or special substances to remove the silicone. You can also try tearing away the stiffened silicone, but there is a big risk that the surface will be scratched.
  • Pay attention to the expiration date of the sealant, if it has expired, the substance will lose its adhesion.

Be sure to pay attention to the smell. It is better to buy sealants neutral, without odors - this is a guarantee of the absence of toxic substances, or ventilate the premises.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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