Characteristics and features of sealants "TechnoNIKOL"

 Characteristics and features of TekhnoNIKOL sealants

In construction and repair today it is difficult to do without sealants. They strengthen the structure during installation, seal the seams and therefore are very widely used.

There are many similar products on the market, but you can’t go wrong if you prefer TechnoNIKOL materials.

Special features

Sealants "TechnoNIKOL" have a number of features and advantages.

  • TechnoNIKOL is one of the best manufacturers specializing in waterproofing materials. The fact is that the company develops products together with practical builders. As a result, the products not only will not yield to anything analogs from Europe, but will even surpass some indicators.
  • The sealants of the TekhnoNIKOL company have a unique composition that forms a waterproofing coating with high elasticity and resistance to environmental influences.
  • They guarantee excellent adhesion with all kinds of materials and surface types, they have a fairly high setting speed.
  • After drying, UV resistant, no cracks are formed on it.
  • The waterproofing layer not only reliably protects against moisture and under its influence does not collapse, some species even become stronger.
  • The product is also biologically stable: if the environment has high humidity, the sealant will not be subjected to organic destruction, the fungal mold on it will not start.
  • The resulting elastic coating is very durable, will last 18-20 years, which significantly increases the lifetime of various structures and structures without repairs.
  • Sealants prevent corrosion of metal structures and fasteners from developing; they are neutral to solvents and resistant to the effects of oils and gasoline.
  • Many species do not shrink, resistant to temperature extremes.
  • Species intended for installation of building blocks in residential premises are non-toxic, do not emit harmful substances into the surrounding space and therefore do not harm health, are fire and explosion-proof, dry quickly.
  • There is a fairly wide color variation of sealants, some types can be painted after hardening.
  • Sealants "TehnoNIKOL" economically spent, have a reasonable price.

When choosing a material, it is necessary to pay attention to its purpose, that is, whether it is roofing, waterproofing, universal, adapted for outdoor or indoor use. Also note that when working with sealants, it is useful to protect the skin of the hands.

During the work with them it is necessary to observe technology, norms of a consumption of material. When choosing a material, you need to familiarize yourself with possible shortcomings, for example, intolerance to low temperatures or heating above 120 degrees. Therefore, before carrying out the work it is better to seek advice from professionals.

Types and specifications

"TechnoNIKOL" produces many types of sealants, each with its own characteristics and technical characteristics.


Polyurethane sealant is widely used as it is suitable for fastening and gluing metals, wood, plastic products, concrete, bricks, ceramics, and elements of lacquered tin. Convenient to use, securely connects, not afraid of vibration and corrosion, and when exposed to moisture, its strength increases.

It is used at temperatures from +5 to +30 degrees C, after curing it is resistant to temperatures from -30 to +80 degrees C. It is necessary to apply the product on a clean, dry surface. Film formation occurs after 2 hours, solidification - at a speed of 3 mm per day.

  • Sealant "TechnoNIKOL" PU number 70 it is used when you need to seal various structures, fill the seams in industrial and civil construction, create waterproof connections. The product is a single-component visco-elastic mass, which polymerizes under the influence of moisture and air. The sealant is gray in color and can be painted. Packed in 600 ml foil packages.
  • Other polyurethane sealant - 2K - used mainly in construction. They are sealed with joints, seams, cracks, cracks in buildings for any purpose.The product has a gray or white color, after curing it can be coated with facade paints. This is a two-component material, both components are in the package (plastic bucket, weight 12 kg) and mixed immediately before use. It can be applied at a temperature of from -10 to +35 degrees C, during operation it can withstand from -60 to +70 degrees C. Its consumption depends on the width and depth of the seam.


Among the developments "Technonikol" - bitumen-polymer sealant №42. It is based on oil bitumen with the addition of artificial rubber and minerals. It is used to seal joints on asphalt and concrete roads, on airfield pavements. It has a short curing time, high elasticity. It does not shrink. Three brands are produced: BP G25, BP G35, BP G50 for use in different climatic zones. G25 is used when the temperature does not fall below -25 degrees, G35 - for temperatures from -25 to -35 degrees C. G50 is necessary when the temperature drops below the mark -35 degrees C.


Sealant mastic №71 most often used as roofing material. It is needed to isolate the upper limb of the edge rail, repair the roof, install various elements of the roof.

It has good adhesion to concrete and metals, high heat resistance and water resistance.


When carrying out many construction works, silicone sealant will be of interest. It is characterized as a universal product that reliably seals and has a wide range of applications. Interacting with the moisture of the air, it becomes a durable elastic rubber and shows itself well as an elastic seal in various designs.

It can be used with metals, concrete, brick, wood, porcelain, glass, ceramics. It has a white color, freezes at a speed of 2 mm per day.

Scope of application

Due to the diversity of types, sealants "TechnoNIKOL" have a huge scope. They are used by masters in the repair of premises, using as waterproofing and for filling the voids around pipes in bathrooms, for filling cracks and leveling joints and panel joints in rooms, when installing door blocks and PVC windows.

Sealants are used by many industries: shipbuilding, automotive, electrical and electronic. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of sealants in construction.

TechnoNIKOL does not stop at what has been accomplished and creates new products.

One of the innovations in waterproofing technologies is polymer membranes. They are a completely new approach in the arrangement of roofing. They have a long service life - up to 60 years, they have many advantages:

  • fire resistance;
  • resistant to UV rays and temperature fluctuations;
  • aesthetic appearance;
  • waterproof;
  • not subject to mechanical damage and puncture;
  • suitable for use on roofs with any inclination and any size.

After watching the next video, you can learn about the characteristics of butyl rubber sealant "TekhnoNIKOL" No. 45.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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