Living room in beige tones: design features

In modern design living rooms often use beige color: in contrast to the colorful and bright colors, it creates the most comfortable atmosphere in the room and gives the room an elegant look. Beige living rooms look great in large houses and small apartments. Designers recommend using this tone in the design of the flooring, walls or ceiling. The interior with beige decor is perfect for any style: it makes the shade universal and popular.

Color psychology

Beige in the color palette is considered the most soothing shade. He is positively perceived by man and is able to relax the nervous system as much as possible after a hard working day. For many, the living room in beige tones is associated with home comfort and an atmosphere of peace.

More often, the design of the hall in beige and brown colors is chosen by people with rich creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.

At the same time, many homeowners consider such an interior as casual and monotonous. But if the living room is diluted with a bright background and filled with contrast, the room will turn into a real paradise where you can fully relax and relieve stress over a cup of coffee.

Beige tone is not only easily perceived by sight, but also capable of visually expanding the room, filling the space with special warmth and lightness.

In addition, the living room in chocolate and beige colors is characterized by notes of aristocracy. Therefore, this design is preferred by people who love everything expensive and exclusive.

Fashionable shades

The beige color is a universal tone in the decor, it beautifully adorns all the surfaces of the living room, is represented by a huge selection of shades. Due to this peculiarity, there are great opportunities for designers to embody unusual interior ideas.

To date, the most popular beige colors are:

  • Sand. It is presented in warm and cold wheat color.To complement the sand shade can chocolate beige, coffee and white. In this case, it is better to choose rich beige for the walls, and the flooring and furniture should be made of natural wood. Beautifully looks in the living room laminate color wenge.
  • Yellow. It is used mainly for the decoration of the room. These can be curtains, vases, sofa cushions or lamps.
  • Ivory. This shade gives the living room a light and airy look, it is very refreshing. It is used for finishing flooring and as a major supplement to materials of natural origin. Linen curtains, sofas and armchairs with leather upholstery look unusual in this color.
  • Apricot. One of the delicate shades, akin to wheat and brown. Mostly apricot tone is chosen for living rooms with large windows that face the north side.
  • Cream. Designers use this tone for the walls. It looks good, being the color of furniture, textiles and ceiling. To give the living room originality, cream shade combined with decorative elements of darker colors.

How to combine with another gamma?

Beige tone is perfectly combined in combination with other shades of a color palette. Thanks to the unusual play of colors, you can get a dynamic, colorful or calm design. If you plan to arrange a living room with a relaxing atmosphere, it is recommended to use the following duets:

Beige and chocolate

The most popular combination in modern design. This unobtrusive range can be expressed in wallpaper, furniture upholstery or curtains. The correct solution for the interior of the living room would be a chocolate-colored coffee table and a light beige floor covering. The same applies to furniture upholstery: it must be neutral.

Gray beige combination

A bright tone is suitable for spacious living rooms; for rooms of a small area, you need to apply decorations with light gray accents. It is undesirable to choose rich colors of gray in the decoration of the ceiling and walls, as the ceiling of the room can be visually lowered. In this case, individual inserts of green or olive shades will become an original addition to the design. They will help to dilute the dullness and dullness of the situation.


Blue (blue, turquoise) palette with beige color favorably emphasizes the design of the hall, visually enhances and refreshes it.Special attention is paid to the blue patterns on the pillows, carpets and curtain. At the same time, shades of blue can be emphasized with contrasts of purple shades. Revitalize the living room can lavender ceiling or wall decoration.


The perfect contrast of beige is the shade of fuchsia. For a unique design, it is recommended to use more contrast in the form of a motley upholstery of furniture.

At the same time curtains in a shade of fuchsia will look fresh and catchy.


For lovers of colorful decor, the use of lemon, golden and burgundy tones will be a real find. Bright details in the interior are suitable for spacious living rooms with small windows. For example, the red finish on a beige background looks beautiful. At the same time it is necessary to ensure that contrasting colors are present in moderation. For this, small patterns of red color on ottomans or a carpet will do. An unusual solution is considered to be furnishing a room with expensive red wood furniture.

Whatever combination of colors is chosen to decorate the beige living room, you should always follow the rule: the decor is formed by one large object or several small ones.For example, it can be curtains, rug or shelves with vases. Do not forget about the surface of the furniture.

It is advisable to give preference to beige color: it should be the dominant style of the living room.

The choice of stylistic design

The beige living room looks better in a classic style, for which the combination of rich and light colors is important. As a rule, in this case, for its decor choose a delicate finish of the walls, a floor of chocolate shade and furniture with light upholstery.

If home owners love design with natural materials, country style will be a win-win for them. In such an interior it is allowed to decorate the walls with decorative stone, and the furniture becomes simple (without any decorations). On the windows you can hang the curtains of wheat color and add them with beige curtains made of flax.

Recently, minimalism has become very popular, in which the beige room should not be filled with a large number of objects. Design is minimal and monotonous. It is necessary in this style to avoid buying furniture of irregular geometric shape.

The narrow configuration also does not fit into the general view of the room.As for the flooring and windows, they are decorated minimally. A small carpet and simple, light curtains will be enough to decorate the living room.

The original solution to the beige living room is considered to be the use of Art Nouveau style, thanks to which even the smallest room will turn into a modern and comfortable seating corner. For such an interior, it is recommended to finish materials that differ in color and texture. Fine decoration for the living room in this design are paintings, decorations from mosaic, a variety of graphics and abstraction.

To fill the room with unusual notes, designers recommend using combinations of beige color with golden hues. For example, it may be golden drawings on vases and lamp decorations.

Walls and floor

The walls in the beige living room can be decorated in various ways. The most suitable options are decorative plaster and wallpaper. It is good if several shades of beige are used in the decoration of the walls at the same time.

In order to emphasize the neutral palette beautifully, it is recommended to use separate inserts made of stone or natural wood in the design.Textured wallpapers are considered a good solution. To the color of the walls of the living room was not dull, it must be combined with bright and saturated objects (furniture or textiles).

The flooring is best done in laminate or linoleum dark shades.


Special attention in the design of living rooms is a choice of furniture. Its color in the design can dominate or blend seamlessly with the overall background. Both options are good for interior decoration. If you want to revive the decor a bit and give it a contrast, it is better to choose bright designs.

As for close or identical shades in the furniture and decoration modules, they allow to fill the room with peace and comfort. A good option is the arrangement of the room, using contrasting furniture. Light palette must be supplemented by dark modules. In small living rooms it is good to use bright sofas, they will help to compensate for the lack of an account and will give space to ease.

It is worth noting that all the hull structures must be purchased from natural wood: the leather armchairs and massive oak tables will look solid in the room.


Making windows in beige living rooms need to be done with natural fabrics. It is recommended to give preference to silk and linen. In the curtains can be a variety of colors. For example, a yellow or apricot curtain with an emerald, heavenly or orange pattern is considered a good option. Beige curtains decorated with gold ornaments also look great.

It is important that the decorated windows stand out against the background of the walls. If the living room is spacious, you can purchase thick curtains for it and install bright lighting. If the room is small, it is necessary to give it lightness and airiness, this will help transparent curtains made of natural fabrics. Portieres are chosen according to the style of the room.

An important role is played by the size of the windows. For large openings, curtains with ruffles and ruffles are considered to be relevant, lace and transparent fabrics are quite suitable for small windows.

Textiles and accessories

Mandatory component of any design is the decor of the room. The living room in beige tone can be decorated with soft carpets, knitted wool blankets, as well as paintings in gilded frames.Wicker baskets, vases, unusual figurines will be suitable interior items.

In order to choose the right accessories for the hall, it is necessary to take into account the overall design of the room, the style of decoration and the prevailing colors. Most often such living rooms are filled with variegated objects, and they should not be large or too bright. The texture of the material can be glossy, embossed (silk), matte.

Modern design ideas

The hall has a special place in the apartment, the interior of this room needs to be decorated in a stylish and beautiful way. Unusual look in the living room beige walls. They allow you to visually "pull out" the height of the ceiling and fill the space with an atmosphere of homely warmth. In this design, you should finish the ceiling and walls in the same color. In this case, the floor is better to install a light color, and the ceiling is preferable to decorate with white accents.

For a suspended structure, it is recommended to use canvas with a glossy surface, the final touch of this composition will be a small coffee table in black.

A great option would be a combination of walls, decorated with wallpaper with patterns and ceiling beige tones.Walls in this case can be decorated with wallpaper under velvet or suede. Allowed the design of the living room in several shades of beige. This will allow to visually expand the room and make it unique.

White furniture and a dark laminate floor look unusual in this design. On the windows you can hang golden curtains. It is recommended to complement the interior with small objects of decor and small light-colored mats.

For information on how to arrange and arrange the living room in beige tones, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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