The subtleties of the dismantling of brick structures

 The subtleties of the dismantling of brick structures

Dismantling is a complete or partial demolition of any part of the structure. Such work presents a certain danger and, if improperly performed, can lead to the collapse of the entire structure. Therefore, it is required to preliminarily assess the state of the structure and develop the project, as well as carry out all work in accordance with safety rules and according to a certain technology.


Before proceeding with the operation, you need to prepare documents that claim dismantling. When re-planning can be used inventory plans, as well as the results of a survey of structures. On their basis, a new project of planning rooms is being compiled,which is approved by the commission. This document also describes the methods and technologies of work, schemes and other points. It is also important to prepare the necessary tools and accessories for safe events.

The whole process is divided into the following stages.

  • Mechanical separation of the base parts of supporting structures. In this case, all fasteners are removed from the walls, if such are present, and brick or stone structures are also loosened.
  • Garbage collection and waste. Next is the removal of materials to landfill.
  • Preparation of the site for the construction of new facilities.

To prevent a lot of dust from appearing in the room, initially it is necessary to moisten the walls with water and remove door and window structures, if any, so that the dust can be removed from the room. Also, before dismantling the brick wall, it is necessary to remove the putty or plaster from it so that it does not cause dust. When carrying out work, one should remember that in the process of breaking down walls, individual bricks may fall, and this can lead to injury. Therefore, we must take care of security.If electrical communications pass through the wall, they must also be disconnected from the network.

When self-analysis of the walls of brick, you can save money, but for this you need to have the necessary training and tools. Also, when carrying out such work, you should not forget about your safety, so you need to provide for the presence of goggles and masks.

Initially, work begins with the removal of several elements from the wall. Usually remove the upper and lower parts, which are located near the ceiling or floor. This weakens the strength of the structure and then it can be easily destroyed. Also, when working, one should try to separate small-sized elements in order to make them easier to carry out in the future.

    Usually the disassembly of the walls start from the top. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that large structural elements do not fall to the floor, as they may damage it. When manual work is used:

    • chisel;
    • hammer;
    • sledge hammer;
    • power tool.

    Sometimes the event involves the use of large ticks, which capture immediately the impressive part of the wall. But such devices are usually used when the base is more than 40 cm thick, and the bricks are laid on a strong mortar.

    Ways to work

    Depending on the technological process, the work can be carried out automatically or manually. If experts are not supposed to participate with the necessary equipment, then the analysis is usually done manually. But it must be remembered that the wall can be easily dismantled if the bricks were laid on a cement or lime mixture of not very high concentration. In this case, the structure can be disassembled with a pick or a hammer. It will be a quiet and silent process that can be carried out even in a high-rise building.

    The advantage of this type of work is that after dismantling you can get a brick that will be reused later. To do this, it will only be necessary to clear the solution. However, if the bricks are laid on a strong mortar, then a lot of effort is needed to carry out the work. In such cases, you will need an electric tool, for example, a perforator.

    Dismantling process

    If it is necessary to dismantle the chimney in the boiler room, demolish the window sill in the house or the fence, then it will be necessary to prepare for such work.In some cases, such activities allow you to free up more space in the room and improve the layout.

    According to the legislation, smoke gates or exits to balconies and loggias should be dismantled by specialists after preliminary calculations of the bearing capacity of the structure. It is also recommended to call the experts for the drafting of the project. After that, all documentation is agreed with public utilities and the process of redevelopment is determined.

    For the demolition of such structures is usually used shock method, which can be provided only with power tools. It is important to pre-secure the area and determine the thickness of the walls or chimney. The choice of equipment and its power depends on it. If the wall is on a concrete masonry, then you need to use a diamond tool with which you can achieve cutting accuracy. This equipment is also used when it is necessary to carefully disassemble and ensure accurate cutting.

      The need to dismantle the chimney in the boiler room may arise in cases where the structure itself is in an emergency condition or the re-profiling of the enterprise in whose building this pipe is located is required.Therefore, even those chimneys that are in good technical condition and can serve for several more decades are often subject to demolition.

      All work is done with the help of industrial climbers, which allows to achieve the following advantages:

      • low noise level;
      • no dust.

        If the pipe is in poor condition, preference is given to the method of directional explosion or roll. But industrial mountaineering is the cheapest and most practical way to demolish such structures.

        Features of the method:

        • the dismantling of the brick is done individually, and the material is discharged into the pipe, which allows not to use the space near it from the outside;
        • the dismantling period may be delayed for several weeks depending on the size of the structure;
        • special techniques and tools are applied.

        When carrying out this work, it must be remembered that such activities pose a threat to the person, as well as other buildings that are located near the pipe, therefore dismantling is done only according to a previously prepared and agreed plan with the participation of professionals.

        Removal of partitions and walls

        Depending on the purpose of the structures, the methods of dismantling are determined. If this is a partition between the rooms, then all the work can be done independently using a conventional puncher or a hammer. If the basis of the carrier, then this involves the use of props, which will not allow the structure to collapse. It is necessary to begin dismantling from the door, knocking out gradually over the brick with the help of a hammer. When carrying out work, it is necessary to periodically remove garbage.


        When performing all the above work safety regulations must be observed:

        • install warning signs on site;
        • simultaneous removal of several walls at once is not allowed;
        • It is prohibited to disregard constructions that may collapse on their own.

        As can be seen, the dismantling of partitions or walls in any building is a rather complicated process that requires certain experience and tools. Also, it is necessary to first examine the technological process and coordinate all the details of the activities with the regulatory authorities (ZhEKami). Only after that you can get to work, ensuring the safety of yourself and others.If the work will be done incorrectly or not agreed with the authorities, then you can get a fine for it. In some cases, there may be consequences that will be very difficult to eliminate.

        On the dismantling of various buildings and structures, see the video below.

        Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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