Design options for white brick walls

 Design options for white brick walls

Snow-white brick walls look harmonious in many stylistic directions. Such components not only refresh the situation, but also make it more original. This interesting design can be performed using both natural and artificial materials. Today we will take a closer look at this design solution and analyze how it looks in different premises.

Real brick

White brick walls are the trend of recent years. Such components can often be seen in the most unexpected stylistic ensembles.They fit perfectly into many environments, making them more interesting, while emphasizing the individuality of the home as a whole.

White walls made of natural bricks look especially fashionable and attractive. Such options can be safely attributed to the classics of the genre. Many users are easier to use - use the existing brick wall in the room and do not complete its decoration with decorative trim. In order to use such a detail as a decorative note of the interior, it will be enough just to cover it with a primer and a transparent acrylic composition.

Of course, if you don’t like a simple white color, you can seamlessly repaint such a wall to any other shade that suits the environment.

Often, the white brick walls are not completely finished, but look rude, especially if they are old. Do not be afraid of such details - they will look amazing in many styles. For example, this may be the currently incredibly popular loft, in which you simply cannot do without brick walls.

Also, such decorative elements can be made of facing or decorative bricks. Such constructions can be classified as simplified.The main advantage of these options is that they are thinner and lighter than the construction of a full-fledged natural brick of white color. In addition, decorative bricks occupy much less space, which is especially useful when it comes to arranging a small room, where every centimeter counts. As a rule, this kind of brickwork is set using reliable tile adhesive.

Additionally, a special grout is applied, with the help of which the remaining seams are rubbed off.

In most cases, the installation of decorative brickwork turn, equipping rooms such as a bedroom or living room. It should be noted that the installation of these parts is less time consuming and takes very little free time. The main thing is to act as carefully as possible and do not rush.


Many owners nowadays refuse to install natural or decorative bricks on the walls in their homes. This is due to the fact that today there are a large number of alternatives that not only have an affordable price, but are also more simple in terms of installation.Let's get to know them better.

Clinker tiles

Beautiful clinker tiles made under the color or snow-white brickwork are very popular among modern consumers. The main advantage of this design solution is that it occupies a minimum of free space in the room, and this is very important if your home does not have a large area.

Today, in specialized stores you can meet a huge number of different clinker tiles having different shapes, sizes and colors. The base in this case is finished according to the principle of standard tile material with the observance of neat seams. These options are ideal for the kitchen, because they are not afraid of any moisture or high temperatures.

Texture Wallpaper

Attractive textural wallpapers imitating snow-white brickwork are in great demand. Such products are so believable that they do not immediately impersonate, and many people confuse them with real white bricks. The difference can be seen only with the closest possible consideration.

Textured wallpaper under the brick is the ideal solution if you are equipping a small-sized dwelling, where there is simply no place for natural or decorative bricks. In the spacious rooms, these canvases also look organic.

It is worth noting that such varieties of wallpaper usually have a high class of wear resistance and seamlessly tolerate regular wet cleaning.

Textured putty

No less popular is the imitation of a brick wall, created thanks to a textured putty mixture. To organize such a spectacular decoration, you need to stock up on high-quality starting putty, as well as a suitable tile adhesive. These components are mixed in a ratio of 50: 50.

In different rooms

A stylish white brick wall is a wonderful decoration that looks good in a variety of rooms. It can be not only a living room or a bedroom, but also a kitchen or even a bathroom. Let's take a look at how this detail looks in different environments.

In the living room

The hall is ideal for placing a white brick wall. This is especially true of rooms with a non-standard layout.In such circumstances, designers recommend to allocate a brick finish for one of the walls in the room, making it accent. Moreover, this base may not have a perfectly flat surface. Shelves, niches or recesses may be present. In this case, brickwork will emphasize the individuality of the interior, as well as the non-trivial taste of the owners of the dwelling.

If we are talking about a standard rectangular living room, then it is recommended to equip the brick wall behind the main decorative element in the interior. In this way, you will decorate the decor and make it complete.

Along the wall, decorated with white brick, you can safely organize a recreation area. If there is such a good detail in the hall as a fireplace, then it can be safely placed near the brick wall - in a single tandem these components look irresistible and very rich.

In the bedroom

Remarkably white brick wall will look in the bedroom. Such a detail, despite the slightly rude image, will make such a room warmer, more comfortable and welcoming for the owners. The main thing is to beat the white brick with suitable textile parts - pillows, blanket, blanket. On the snow-white background will look organically and other decorative additions, for example, a variety of murals, mirrors or wall lighting.

Many people who are tired of traditional design solutions are turning to this kind of bedroom decoration today.

On the kitchen

Many owners wonder whether white brick walls are suitable for the kitchen. The answer is simple - of course, yes. In this setting, this design note is applied with the following objectives.

  • Installing the apron. It's no secret that the kitchen apron is constantly exposed to negative external influences. That is why for its preparation it is necessary to choose such materials that are not afraid of either heat or dampness. These requirements are met by a neat tile, from which spectacular imitations of white brick are obtained.
  • Zoning space. In many cases, the kitchen requires competent zoning. To delimit the dining area, you can turn to the white brick wall, emphasizing with its help the bright design of the individual decorations in the interior.
  • Installation of an island or bar. Of course, in this case it is meant a kitchen of sufficient size.

In the hall

An entrance hall is the calling card of any home, since it is the very first room that hosts and their guests get into when entering a house or apartment. That is why this space is so important to arrange correctly. If to finish a hall with a white brick, then it will seem much wider and more spacious. Against the background of such a decoration, various wall fixtures will look harmoniously, “seasoned” with live green plants in small pots.

In various styles of interior

As mentioned earlier, white brick walls look harmonious in many styles. Consider the most successful areas in which such components fit particularly organically.


The "attic" loft style is incredibly popular today and is found in many homes. It looks harmonious in both small and spacious living spaces. Such interior ensembles are characterized by coarse performance and mixing of various stylistic notes. The loft-style interior can be complemented by wooden ceiling beams, pillars and, of course, brick walls.

Brickwork in a similar setting can be either white or gray, brown or red - there are lots of options. Against the background of such a finish (natural stones are often used), furniture made in classical or even retro-style is often placed.

The remaining elements can be designed in a variety of ways, right up to steampunk lamps.

Country music

Harmoniously white brick walls look rustic country style. In such circumstances, it is recommended to have a finish of natural raw materials. Many owners make out in this way country houses and country houses.

The interiors in country style are cozy and welcoming, if they have a fashionable addition in the form of light brickwork. Especially effectively, this finish looks in combination with wooden elements, without which it is difficult to imagine a rural ensemble.


Today in the trend such a restrained, but trendy style, as minimalism. In such settings, classic and moderate colors usually dominate, diluted with various bright accents. In many cases, minimalist interiors are decorated with brickwork (can be as natural,and imitated). When choosing suitable wall panels for bricks or real stones, it is very important to keep in mind that they should echo the rest of the tones in the plain interior.


The direction of the grunge is a combination of several styles. Due to the stylistic mix in such settings, you can safely use a variety of (and even avant-garde) details. In the grunge style, white brick walls with dark joints and seams look spectacular.

In addition, the finish can be done with imitation of aging - laying can be worn or even damaged in certain places.

High tech

High-tech is a modern style with a predominance of restrained colors, as well as materials such as plastic, metal and glass. In such interiors, brick walls look white.

High-tech furnishings are not often complemented with natural brickwork. Instead, more often choose the tile, imitating a real white stone. Against this background, contrasting pieces of furniture in gray or black, diluted with glass or chrome elements look great.

The result is a high-tech and progressive ensembles, far from the classic or rustic country.


Strangely enough, the brickwork of a white color can be present and in a classical interior. Thanks to such a decoration, it will be possible to bring into the atmosphere notes of aristocracy, characteristic of castles from the distant Middle Ages.

Interesting design ideas

White brick walls look stylish, fresh and attractive. Often bases with such a finish become accent and attract the most attention.

For example, it can be a bright living room with white walls and a ceiling. In such an environment, one wall can be finished with imitation brickwork or natural white stone. It should hang watches and small paintings, cartoons with black lines. On the contrary, you can put a soft brown corner sofa, which will look amazing in combination with a parquet of brown and yellow hue.

Brick can finish the wall with a window in the room. If the remaining walls are covered with wallpaper, then the stone should be combined with them. For example, it may be abstract paintings with stripes of different shades of purple.In this setting, there is a place of light furniture, a light floor, live plants and chrome tables.

Red brick looks great in combination with red. For example, on such a wall you can hang a decorative scarlet / burgundy canvas and put in front of a gray sofa with decorative coral / orange hues. Get a bright and fashionable ensemble.

How to make a brickwork of gypsum plaster, see below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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