Characteristics and use of black brick

The most common in construction is red brick. In fact, in the sale you can find a lot of other, no less attractive options. For example, it may be pure white or yellow material. However, out of all the listed instances, the original black brick stands out sharply. He gets very interesting interiors that attract a lot of attention. Today we will take a closer look at this fashionable building material and find out what its features are.

Features, Pros and Cons

The design of apartments and private houses with the attraction of bricks is an excellent and fashionable solution, with the help of which you can truly update the situation. It is worth noting that the bricks in black can easily fit not only in the attic style loft, but also many other stylistic directions. For example, it can be a country country or brutal gothic.A brick of black color, like any other product, has both positive and negative qualities. It is important to take them into account if you want to decorate your home using such products. First, consider the advantages of black bricks.

  • The presence of bricks in the interior is an inexpensive but original solution.
  • In most cases, black brick is environmentally friendly. As part of such products there are no dangerous and aggressive components that can harm a person or the environment.
  • High-quality natural stone of any color boasts excellent properties of heat and sound insulation. In houses with similar additions there is no excess noise from the street.
  • Such a decoration inside the premises is quite easy to do. Even an inexperienced master, who very rarely encounters these processes, can quite easily cope with such work.
  • Black bricks look great in almost any room. The main thing is that they are combined with the surrounding decoration, furniture and decor.
  • If we are talking about a high quality brick wall, then it can perform not only a decorative, but also a practical function.It can be safely used as a separator of functional areas of the existing area.
  • With a brick finish, you can seamlessly refer to the installation of various kinds of wall structures. For example, it can be shelves, various equipment, lighting devices, decorations and other similar objects.
  • Black brick does not require regular processing to preserve its visual appeal.
  • With the help of brick decorations, you can seamlessly hide many of the flaws of various bases. For example, it may be damage to the wall structures that are present in many urban apartments. For well-established bricks they will not be visible.
  • Brickwork is a durable construction, not subject to rapid wear or loss of attractive appearance. For many years, these parts are able to preserve the original aesthetics.
  • Such design helps to emphasize the individuality and originality of an interior.
  • Usually brickwork is textured, which makes it more stylish and bright.
  • Black brickwork is wonderfully combined with many other paints and materials, for example, combined with furniture made of natural wood.

As you can see, the benefits of black bricks are many. However, you need to keep in mind not only them. If you decide to turn to this design in your home, then you should be aware of the disadvantages of building material.

  • If we are talking about natural black brick, then it needs adequate lighting. Natural light when falling on such materials does not always look advantageous.
  • Mostly on such a finish there are characteristic uneven and rough surfaces. Dust and dirt accumulates on them very quickly, and it can be quite difficult to clean it.

Making home black brickwork, you will need to observe moderation. When there are too many of such coatings, the interior becomes less comfortable and cozy. This should not be forgotten when you design a city apartment or a private house.


Fashionable loft-style walls can be finished with both natural dark brick and its imitation. We will get acquainted with the peculiarities of all specified facing options.

From natural stone

Decorative brickwork, made of natural materials, is considered the most successful option for interior design.Often the "bare" walls of bricks with a height from floor to ceiling are not subjected to additional finishing or plasterboard cladding. However, despite this, such grounds still require appropriate processing, and more precisely:

  • “Bare” masonry must be cleaned from dust deposits and residues of old solutions;
  • wash;
  • grind;
  • putty joints;
  • Cover the bricks with black paint.


If it is not possible to turn to a real dark brick, then it is permissible to use its various imitations. The cheapest option in this case are wallpaper with a print under the brickwork. However, we must bear in mind that this finish rarely looks very natural. As a rule, wallpaper weakly imitate bricks, even if they have a raised surface. Imitation of black brickwork can be organized using these materials:

  • decorative putty;
  • natural wood;
  • tile

Facing material

Today, quality veneer materials of various colors are widespread. Such building materials are good because they are more pliable and thin than natural brick.In addition, they occupy very little free space and have a modest weight. The facing brick of dark shades is made from:

  • artificially aged;
  • matte;
  • glazed materials.


The spectacular tile executed under a brick is not less popular today. Such products are thinner than standard bricks of natural origin. There are two main types of tiles under the brickwork:

  • ceramic;
  • clinker

Homemade finish

Homemade imitation of dark brickwork is very popular today. For its construction does not need to have special knowledge or rich experience. There are many ways to self-manufacture such cladding. For example, you can use special molds, varnish and special brick plaster.


Black brick wall decoration looks great in ensembles of different styles. Consider the most attractive and popular ones.

  • Loft. The interiors of this attic style are terribly popular among modern apartment owners and private houses. Against the background of black brickwork in such a setting, interior items made of coarse wood or metal look great.Since the interior of the loft can combine elements from different styles, the dark brick in them looks organically, balancing the overall ensemble.
  • Country The interior, designed in a rustic country style, is usually filled with soft wood furniture, as well as decorations with ethnic notes. Brick finish in these settings looks fresh and stylish, even if made in dark colors. The main thing is that the rest of the details and decorations should match the color of the bricks.
  • Gothic. This stylistic direction originates in the distant Middle Ages. In the Gothic style, the dark brickwork looks simply unsurpassed, especially if it is complemented with wrought-iron pieces of furniture and accessories, stylized as antique.
  • Minimalism. In this style look great brick combinations of any color. The main thing that they echoed the decoration of the floor and ceiling, as well as furniture that is present in the interior. It is also important to remember that in a minimalist interior there should not be too many decorative or colored details, because that’s what it is and minimalism so that there are no excesses in it.
  • Grange This style is a combination of several directions at once, in which the presence of elements of the most bizarre forms is permissible. Black brick looks spectacular in such settings, filled with bright style and personality.
  • High tech. In this modern style with a predominance of glass and metal parts, plain walls decorated with black brick look just right. Here we will admit not only a natural stone, but also a tile imitating it.

Beautiful examples

Walls trimmed with black brick or black brick coating look more attractive if you place light furniture in front of them. For example, it can be a brown table made of lacquered wood in combination with chairs upholstered in pink soft textiles. If you put such furniture on a light parquet floor and add a metal pendant lamp, you will get a harmonious ensemble that will look spectacular along with a dark wall.

Black brick can finish the accent wall in the living room and hang on it a flat TV with a dark body. Such an interesting "accent" should be surrounded by light walls and floors,decorated with lacquered red laminate. Finish the decor with white decorative details - flowers, vases. You can hang black pendant lamps.

The black brick tile is a great solution for a modern, gloomy bedroom with a double bed upholstered in creamy velvety material. In this setting, you can curtain the windows with dark blackout curtains and place the same dark bedside tables. But you need a lot of large lighting fixtures and a couple of bright accents - rich chairs by the window and a carpet on the floor. It is recommended to furnish such an interior in rooms with large windows. Otherwise, the situation risks getting too dark and repulsive.

A loft-style room can be completely finished with black paint or wallpaper, and one wall can be revetted with dark brick. Lay on the floor in such a room laminate or parquet, put a wooden rough furniture. Lay a striped carpet and hang lamps in the industrial style (can be in the style of steampunk).

On the black brick, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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