Characteristics and features of the brick M125

 Characteristics and features of the brick M125

Brick M125 is often used during construction work. Not only walls, but also partitions, stairs, fences are erected with its help. The basis for the production of the product is clay, it is burned under the influence of high temperatures. Depending on how the production process takes place, certain characteristics are assigned to the products.

What is strength?

Bricks have their own designation of strength. It consists of the letter "M" and an additional figure showing the size of the permissible load on 1 square centimeter. All designations are spelled out in GOST.

It is mandatory to check each batch, for this test samples are tested for bending and compression.Marking can have numerical values ​​from 75 to 300.

It should be borne in mind that when choosing a certain characteristic, for example, M150, there will be no difference in strength between solid and hollow bricks.

Brick M125 is used in construction work most often.. He gained his popularity due to such qualities as reliability and durability. The scope of use is wide enough.

The product is in the middle price category and depends primarily on its type. However, before you opt for bricks of a certain brand, you should carefully familiarize yourself with their characteristics and properties.

Product Description

M125 is a product made of clay with the addition of water and plasticizers. The product is environmentally friendly and can be used in the construction of any elements. The shading range can be varied, influenced by various grades of clay used in production, and the presence of impurities that affect the properties of bricks.

So what does the M125 label mean? The presence of these numbers indicates that such a brick can withstand a load of 125 kilograms per 1 square centimeter. At observance of the given loading the product is not deformed and will not start to collapse. Since the density is quite high, M125 brand brick is considered to be universalIt copes well with the adverse effects of the environment, is strong and durable.

It should be borne in mind that experts forbid the construction of buildings with more than 3 floors from bricks M125. This is due to the fact that the violation of this condition will entail an unacceptably high load on the lower part of the structure, as a result of which the walls may begin to collapse.


M125 bricks can be made using two different technologies. This formation in a plastic form or semi-dry pressing. However, both methods involve subsequent calcination at high temperatures. This product can be divided into 4 types. In addition to corpulent and hollow, there are also ordinary and facing bricks. Which one should be chosen depends on the type of work to be performed.

Hollow brick has a textured surface that allows you to use it for cladding buildings, both inside and outside the room.Walls finished with such material look very aesthetic.

Among the technical characteristics, it is possible to note the dimensions of 250x120x65 millimeters, weight from 2.2 to 2.5 kilograms, strength equal to 1.4-1.6 MPa. If the product has a uniform color over the entire surface, this suggests that we have a quality product.

As for the facing of such a brick, you should use products from one batch, it will be able to guarantee the most accurate appearance.

M125 solid brick also has voids, but their number is minimal and does not exceed 13%. This product is used in the construction of houses, household and storage facilities, buildings for various purposes..

This model tolerates adverse weather conditions and the negative impact of the environment, so it can be used in any strip of Russia. The surface is rough, therefore, requires the imposition of plaster before facing.

Solid brick is used in the construction of load-bearing structures. It is also called ordinary, building and ordinary.

According to the specifications, the product has the same dimensions as the hollow brick, bending strength and compression are also equivalent. It should be noted more serious a weight of approximately 3.5 kilograms and frost resistance from F50 to F75. The insulating properties of the material are low, so when using it for the construction of walls requires additional insulation.


Experts call a number of advantages that distinguish M125 brick favorably. First of all, it is reliability and durability. Walls built with the use of this material will last for many years, not collapsing and retaining their characteristics. At the same time appearance neat and aesthetic. Since the product has the ability to breathe, mold and fungus will not disturb the owners of the premises.

Brick can be single, one and a half or double. Different types are used for different types of work, for example, when building walls, the builders take a solid brick, but when finishing works, it is already face or hollow. This affects the appearance of the surface. In order to save, you can use silicate stone for finishing, it is perfectly combined with red brick.

Another undeniable advantage is the cost. It is average, however, may vary depending on the supplier, the region of delivery and the type of model.


To the result of the work did not disappoint the consumer, experts recommend using a number of tips. Their observance will save from possible errors. First of all, when working with a brick brand M125, you need to consider that the wall thickness should be at least 2.5 products. This has a direct effect on heat transfer. If the stone is of high quality, its core will have a brighter color.

If a deaf sound is made when striking a brick, and the color is dull, then the product does not meet the standards of GOST, therefore, it should not be purchased.

Also, when purchasing it will be useful to familiarize yourself with such a document as a certificate of quality. It can be replaced by a passport, however, if this document is also missing, there is a risk to purchase low-quality material. Before buying, you should estimate the amount of work and check the entire batch of goods. On the products should not be chipped and other defects.

On how to properly lay the brick M125, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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