Chamotte brick weight calculation

 Chamotte brick weight calculation

Construction materials should be used only with strict consideration of the load created on the foundation. That is why the weight of fireclay bricks should be carefully monitored. In addition, the organization of transportation of products depends on it.

Special features

ShA-8 and ShA-5 are the two most frequently used variants of fireclay bricks. They are obtained by burning with a significant heating clay mixture of a certain shape. For the production of the product using a combination of kaolinite with other minerals. The technology implies that a certain amount of aluminum and silicon oxides should be in the finished composition. The two brands of fireclay bricks mentioned above are widely used for:

  • installation of stoves and fireplaces;
  • chimney construction;
  • lining of smelting furnaces at metallurgical plants.

Selecting the composition of the refractory brick, technologists have learned to influence not only its thermal resistance. Differences in chemical composition cause a difference in density (specific gravity). So, 1 pc. fireclay bricks category SHA-5 weighs 3.4 kg. At the same time, its linear dimensions are strictly prescribed in state standards and amount to 230x114x65 mm. In accordance with GOST 390, a brick with a size of 250x120x65 mm should have a mass of 4 kg.

Standard Chamotte Products

GOST 390-96 also prescribes the mass of bricks stacked on 1 pallet. It can vary from 1350 to 1600 kg. This implies laying 385-400 pieces of finished products. The mass of one cube. m of refractory bricks ranges from 1745 to 2050 kg. Regardless of the total gravity in 1 cu. m should include exactly 513 pieces.

Characteristics by brand

When choosing a chamotte brick, there is no need to calculate the mass of products using complex formulas. It is enough to know the specific technical brand of the finished product.Thus, lightweight bricks of category SB 5 should weigh 3.5 kg. It is used to finish the stove, barbecue, make fireplaces and barbecues. Chamotte category SHA 5 has a weight of 3.4 kg. It is intended for individual residential construction.

The blocks ША 5 and ШБ 5 must have the same size - 230х114х65 mm. The blocks ША 6, intended for laying out the heat and heating equipment, are also produced according to standard dimensions - 230х114х40 mm. In this case, the mass of such a product is 3.4 kg. The heaviest items are Sha 8. They are needed for the formation of internal masonry in heating furnaces and smoke ducts.

Calculation example

Let the planned construction of the furnace height of 2400 mm (with a base of 24 bricks). Each row has a height of 70 mm, and 300 mm is subtracted from the planned height for “cutting”. Total remains 30 rows of masonry, and after multiplying by 2/3 (the usual proportion in the construction of the “Dutch”) will remain only 20 rows. The result is 480 bricks (plus 50 for "cutting").

If you order chamotte brick SB-5 straight, then 1 pallet will contain 385 blocks with a total weight of 1309 kg. The total demand in this case is 530 bricks with a total mass of 1802 kg.It can be concluded: it is required to use 1.37 pallets of building blocks. You can bring them in a car of the "Gazelle" type, however the car will be overloaded.

If you order direct chamotte ShB-8, 297 blocks with a total weight of 1188 kg will fall into 1 tray. The severity of a single product will be 4 kg. Thus, 530 pieces will weigh 2120 kg. Therefore, you will have to order a full-fledged truck to deliver a batch of fireclay bricks to the object. Of course, in reality, the size of the furnaces and the number of blocks used for masonry varies, it is also worth considering the chimney, but the general principle of counting remains unchanged.

You will learn more about fireclay bricks from the video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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