Citrus juicers: types, selection and use

Fruit and vegetable juices can bring a lot of positive emotions and benefit health. However, purchased drinks are not always of high quality, sometimes they are a danger to people. Therefore, many people try to use juicers, but these appliances need to be chosen as carefully as possible.


Citrus juicer is a very valuable thing if it works correctly and satisfies the needs of consumers.

For proper selection of devices, it is recommended to study the following parameters of each juicer:

  • capacity of the tank;
  • power of the device itself;
  • cleaning quality;
  • vibration level.

But even before getting acquainted with these properties, you need to clearly understand what consumers expect from the device, what it should be.At home, an automatic system is always better than a manual juicer. This device releases free time and human power. It will only be necessary to prepare the device for work and to put fruits prepared according to the instructions into it.

Squeeze system:

  • cut citrus fruits into 2 parts;
  • squeeze the juice out of them;
  • throw the peel in a special container.

After waiting for the end of the electric juicer, you can immediately take ready juice and drink it completely calmly. Since the engineers took care of removing the shell of lemons and oranges, the essential oils from it will not fall into the drink. Because the juice will be the most delicious, it will not be present foreign flavors. The disadvantage of such household appliances is only one: it strongly depends on the power supply. If it is not guaranteed, it is better to purchase manual squeezers.

One of their options looks like a large garlic press. This mechanism will allow to get 50-100 g of juice for salad dressing. But squeezing at least one glass of drink is more difficult.

Because in most cases, you have to choose a juicer, which has a bowl and nozzle.Fruits are manually cut into 2 parts, and the halves are alternately twisted on a nozzle: as a result, the juice enters the container, and the peel remains intact.

Engineers who have tried to improve traditional designs and overcome their shortcomings have created a manual juicer in the form of a spray. She does not demand preliminary cutting of fruits. A special rod is inserted inside the fruit. Then, pressing the sprayer, collect the juice. The disadvantage of this design is its low productivity - the spray can only irrigate the fish, the meat before being sent to the oven.

The auger manual juicer is similar to a mechanical meat grinder. The principle of its operation is the same:

  • raw materials are laid in the tray;
  • when turning the knob, it goes through a special auger;
  • pressed liquid passes through a metal grid, and solid particles reliably linger on it.

In restaurants, cafes, bars and canteens, industrial electric juicers are used. Such systems allow you to get a significant amount of juice. Developers must provide a cover that protects the hands of bartenders.

The delivery includes nozzles of various sizes.But neither these attractive features, nor the outward elegance make such equipment useful for the home.

In personal economy, it is excessively productive and does not justify the money invested in the purchase. In addition, the use of a serious juicer without full technical knowledge is impossible. Professionals recommend reading the instructions several times in a row to avoid crashing expensive equipment. But speaking about the price of products, it is impossible to ignore the fact that the lever (with the clamping lever) juicer is more expensive than other manual models. The lever locks the fruit in position. Almost all such structures are made of high-quality aluminum or stainless steel.

Manual juicers, although independent of the power supply, squeeze out too little juice. To get the same amount of drink, as with the help of presses or screw systems, you will have to use twice as much citrus. Presses with a lever work by shifting the handle down. Squeezed juice passes through the filter and is in the tank, located below the press. But if maximum performance is required,It is necessary to give preference to the screw apparatus.

How to choose?

Fresh juice is a pleasure only if it does not have to wait for a very long time. After all, even on a day off, you want to quickly start your personal business, and during working hours no one will wait late for the juicer. At home, use devices with a capacity of 20 to 100 watts. The principle is simple: the more powerful the device, the sooner it will be possible to pour the juice into a glass.

But still very important, of course, where it will pour. After a few minutes, freshly squeezed fruit drinks lose a lot of useful substances and become not so tasty. Therefore, most bowls in juicers are filled with 2-3 glasses of juice. There are also models that serve fresh drink directly into a glass or into a cup. Regardless, you need to pay attention to the look of the juicer nozzle. This detail should not even pass a small drop of drink past the cup. If the spout is equipped with another filter that complements the main unit, it will be very good.

Experts recommend to prefer structures with reverse.Such a function will ensure the extraction of the maximum amount of juice from citrus.

Some juicers are designed to get pure juice, and others - to produce drinks with pulp. It is necessary from the very beginning to choose one or another option. It is advisable to buy such mechanisms that allow you to vary the dimensions of the slots in the nozzle. This will allow a greater or lesser concentration of pulp. But whatever juice is made, the material of construction is very important.

The body of the juicer is made of plastic or metal. However, all parts in contact with the fruit mass must be made of stainless steel grades. This substance has an optimal ratio of mechanical strength and chemical inertness. The nozzles in the kit must be of different sizes, because citrus fruits may differ significantly from each other. But whatever fruit you have to handle, it is necessary to provide for a special holder. This part allows you to work more conveniently and safer.

Regardless of the configuration of the juicer and the amount of juice you want to get, you need to pay attention to the choice of the manufacturer.Devices brand Bork famous for stable operation and can be used for quite some time. Engineers of the company managed to solve the problem of engine overheating and even provide speed control. For those who want to buy a high-performance device with a decent design, Philips and Bosch products are intended.

Top models rating

But even among the products of leading manufacturers, it is necessary to carefully select the modification that is suitable for you. Among the centrifugal devices worth paying attention to Philips HR1922. It is rated by consumers as a powerful and comfortable device in operation. The engine, which develops a force of 1200 W, provides efficient extraction of juice, even from hard fruits. In the working compartment most of the citrus can be loaded completely, without splitting into parts.

The designers were able to achieve that in 1 run the juicer extracts up to 3 liters of liquid. Removable parts are easily washed in dishwashers. But it is worth noting that this model has a high price.

A good alternative is Bosch MES25A0. Such a modification works quickly and efficiently; it can even process hard fruit pieces.The wide neck allows you to load the fruit completely, but when preparing the juice, it is completely impossible to extract it from the cake. But the noise at the device is practically absent. German juicer is resistant. Washing the product is relatively simple. A brush that allows you to clean the grid, is included.

Kitfort KT-1104 - juicer, operating according to the method of slow cold pressing. This design carefully preserves the taste and useful substances. With the help of an additional filter, equipped with a grid with large cells, you can get the juice with pulp. The juicer engine allows it to operate for 30 minutes without interruptions. Reverse function is provided.

From Turkish manufacturers can recommend products company Maskot. Her models are made of stainless steel of various colors:

  • blue;
  • orange;
  • bronze;
  • green

Operation Tips

To get good juice, you need to be able to use a juicer, otherwise even the best devices will not help. It does not matter whether the juice will be squeezed out with your own hands or using a reliable motor, the basic rules will be about the same. The selection of the fruits themselves is very important.It is unacceptable to use citrus or dirty or deteriorating. In addition, you can not cook a drink from scalded fruits boiling water. Even if the oranges, tangerines or lemons themselves had impeccable quality, their juice would be frankly tasteless. You can not load apples and other fruits into citrus juicer.

Before each start of the device it is required to check:

  • is it properly assembled;
  • is connected to the mains;
  • Is it worth it?

In quality models, all this is controlled by automatics. However, it is much more correct to avoid the slightest risk from the very beginning. Mains wires, their connection, sockets and plugs are required to be checked in order to detect the smallest defects. Any such deviation must be corrected immediately. Do not wash the motor.

The instructions for the duration of continuous work must be strictly observed. If you exceed this period, you can quickly break the mechanism. Even when the neck allows you to lay the fruit completely, you should try to cut them into small pieces. This not only extends the resource of the juicer, but also accelerates the production of a drink. Push the fruit inside the neck can only be included in the kit pusher, but not manually.


Positive ratings of consumers earned the model Scarlett SC-JE50C03. This is one of the cheapest juicers, besides the low-profile appearance allows it to blend harmoniously into any environment. Among the shortcomings, there is a very small length of the power cord. It is about 1 m, so even in a small kitchen to put the device will not work everywhere. But this wire is easily hidden inside the juicer, so that during storage, it takes up relatively little space.

Polaris PEA 0930 works well with only finely chopped fruit. But two times to drive the citrus is not necessary, they are thoroughly squeezed immediately.

Scarlett SC-JE50C03
Polaris PEA 0930
Bork s700

If you need to buy a juicer that will last for a long time, you should prefer the Bork S700. The high cost of this model is justified, because it wring out a decent amount of juice at a time.

In the next video you will find a review of citrus juicer Philips HR2744 / 40.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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