Juicers for vegetables: types and tips for choosing

 Juicers for vegetables: types and tips for choosing

Vegetables are very useful for our body, so they should be consumed daily. For those who are tired of raw fruits, there are different options for their preparation: cooking, stewing, marinade.

To diversify the vegetable menu, juices are perfect. Fresh fresh juices retain almost the entire vitamin composition, so they are just as useful as fresh vegetables. In addition, it is a great way to quench your thirst. In order to pamper yourself every day with a glass of freshly squeezed vegetable juice, you should have a juicer in your kitchen.

You should know some features of her choice, because it will affect the quality of the drink.

Special features

The essence of all juicers is to separate the pulp from the liquid and squeeze the juice out of it. Each such device has in its configuration a container for placing raw materials, a working mechanism and a tank for squeezed juice.

But vegetables and fruits come in a different consistency: soft, firm, with a bone, without it. Because of this, the variety of such devices is quite large. There are juicers for citrus fruits, hard fruits and with a bone. They have a different power, which adapts to the structure of the pulp, as well as different mechanisms of work.

Distinguish devices and the amount of product emitted. For example, one machine is able to squeeze only 200 ml of juice for 1 time, that is, 1 glass. The other is capable of producing a drink in liters, which is successfully used by mistresses for the processing of garden crops.

As for the juicer for vegetables, there are also several options. For example, a carrot processing machine must have high power and a strong metal grinding mechanism in order to adequately resist the solid structure of the vegetable.

A device for producing juice from tomatoes is primarily equipped with a sieve.Through it the tomato pulp is ground, seeds are filtered.

Narrow profile juicers for vegetables do an excellent job with a certain type of fruit, but for others they are not always suitable. The best option would be a versatile machine for solid fruits and vegetables, which will make it possible to isolate juice from virtually the entire fruit and vegetable variety. Prohibited for processing fruits must be indicated in the instructions. This model is equipped with a quality filter and carries out about 1000 revolutions per minute. Such parameters will allow to crush and process hard fruits.

Universal juicers work in several modes, which allows you to assimilate the different texture of the fruit. These devices are made of stainless steel, which is not afraid of the action of plant acids and corrosion. Carbon in its composition allows to extend the life of the mechanism.

Despite the obvious advantages, such a device also has disadvantages.

  • impressive dimensions that do not fit into every kitchen;
  • high price;
  • requires a long wash.

All juicers conditionally divided into 3 types: domestic, industrial, professional.The last two types are used in enterprises, cafes and restaurants, schools, kindergartens, etc., that is, for mass production. Therefore, they have high power and performance. They are made of high quality and durable material, durable and have a high speed.


Juicing machines are of several kinds. First of all, they are divided into electrical and mechanical.

Electric juicers are powered by the mains. Synonymous with this concept are centrifugal, rotary or centrifugal machines.

The device works according to this principle: products are placed in a container, then they are crushed with a disk knife. This process takes place in a centrifuge. The crushed mass accumulates on the filter. When the centrifuge is rotated, the juice is separated from the pulp. The drink enters the reservoir reserved for it, and the cake goes into another container or remains in the main part. This model of juicers is ideal for hard vegetables, but is not suitable for fruits with a stone.

There are two kinds of similar models of juicers.

  • With a conical centrifuge. It is convenient because it has a separate capacity for pulp.It is easily removed and cleaned, does not require disassembling the device completely. But when operating such a machine, the juice output is only 65%.
  • With a cylindrical centrifuge. Before washing, requires complete disassembly, but juice allocates up to 95%.

The advantages of electric juicers are:

  • high speed;
  • the juice is clear, without pulp;
  • more productive;
  • fruits can be laid entirely.

The disadvantages of the device include bulkiness, noise at work and possible oxidation of the drink.

Mechanical devices require some effort to start the working mechanism. They are divided into hand and screw.

Manual mechanical machine has a fairly simple design, respectively, it is easy to operate. The device consists of a bed with a lever, under which is a conical funnel. Put the cut fruit on it, holding it with a hand or a special cap, and squeeze the juice. It flows into the glass, which you need to remember to substitute under the funnel.

Such designs can be lever and gear. In the first case, the amount of squeezed beverage depends on the effort you make. In the second version, your power is transferred to the gear,which increases its intensity.

Manual juicers are rarely used for vegetables. In such cases, it is used for soft fruits. Among the advantages of her work are the compactness and independence from electricity. Because of this, they are applicable where it is not. These devices function quite simply, are easy to disassemble and wash. One of their main qualities is the absence of noise, the device does not heat up and does not require a break in work. The main disadvantage is long-term extraction of juice and a small amount of output. Suitable for making 1-2 glasses at a time, but not for large-scale processing of abundant crops.

The screw juice extractor by the design reminds the meat grinder. Components are represented by the following elements:

  • auger or corrugated piston;
  • knife;
  • a pen;
  • grid;
  • bowl for raw materials.

Such models are used for mass production of juice, for example, tomato. In just one hour, about 50 kg of raw materials are processed.

Auger juicers are vertical and horizontal.

In vertical models, the screw performs not only the role of cutting vegetables, but also a mechanism for their promotion. Therefore, with this work, you do not need to use a pusher.

Horizontal machines work as a pusher, their speed is slightly less. They are well suited for processing greens.

Depending on the number of auger devices are divided into single screw and twin screw.

Screw machines are very easy to disassemble and assemble, have compact dimensions - you can easily find her place in the closet. This is a fairly economical option, as it does not require the cost of electricity. To control such a device is very easy. And its performance depends on the force you apply. Waste is generated in a minimum amount, and products - in the optimal allowable amounts.

This mechanism will serve you for many years, since it takes a lot of effort to break it. He processes vegetables of any degree of hardness and even greens.

Also among the screw types there are also electric models.

How to choose?

To find the optimal model of juicer, it is necessary to consider several aspects. Most importantly, decide for what you need a device - pamper yourself with a glass of juice in the morning or recycle the crop from the dacha. If you prefer a specific type of drink, you may want to purchase the device exclusively for hard or soft vegetable varieties.For those who love variety, it is best to choose a universal model suitable for all types of vegetables and fruits.

The main criteria to pay attention first of all, If you decide to purchase an electric juicer, this is power, speed and time.

  • Power. It oscillates in large limits: from 40 to several thousand watts. High-power machines are used to process solid raw materials. The softer the fruit, the less power it requires. Depending on the power, there are 3 categories of goods: 500 W or less, 500-1000 W, more than 1000 W.
  • Speed. It is determined in the number of revolutions per 1 minute. Too small or, conversely, a large number of them increases energy costs. Speed ​​and power affect the time it takes to work. They are also the first indicators on which the price of the product depends.

Pay attention to the material from which the device is made. Its main characteristics are strength, durability and safety. Stainless steel meets these criteria in the best way. Products from it are steady, it does not corrode and does not oxidize.

Plastic models are questionable in quality.Not every type of plastic meets the standards. But if you chose this type of product, make sure that the material does not creak and does not bend under pressure, and also does not produce an unpleasant smell when heated.

Other features include the following parameters.

  • Speed ​​modes. Preferably, when the squeezer has several speeds. This makes it possible to use fruits of various hardness as raw materials, as well as save electricity.
  • Completing. It is desirable that the kit additionally includes at least a brush to facilitate washing and a pusher. The latter helps to promote the fruit. In some models there are nozzles for the shredder in the form of a blender, spare blades.
  • Filter - an important component of the juicer. The quality and transparency of the juice depends on it. Therefore, it must be made of a suitable material. Best of all, if it is steel.
  • The diameter of the inlet. If it is less than 7 cm, then you will have to cut the fruit. With a size of over 7 cm, it is possible to download them entirely. Of course, you should consider the size of vegetables.
  • Capacity for ready juice: from 200 ml to 1,5 l.
  • Foamer Helps to eliminate the foam, which often appears during the squeezing of juices. Increases its volume, makes the liquid clear and transparent.

Manufacturers provide their products and additional features. They are not at all obligatory, but it will be more pleasant to work with them with the device.

  • Auto cleaning. Helps to eliminate some of the pollution, but does not preclude manual cleaning.
  • Last straw. Delay function of the last drop so that it does not fall on the table
  • Rubber pads on the bottom of the device. Do not allow it to shift relative to the surface.
  • Fuse. If the device is assembled incorrectly, it does not allow it to turn on to avoid breakage.
  • Auto feed vegetables. With such a function, there is no need to constantly stand near the machine, waiting for one fruit to pass and it will be possible to start another.

And, of course, a properly selected juicer should be compact, blend in harmoniously with the kitchen interior. So she will not interfere with her presence other work.

Choose a model with a sufficient cord length - 1.5-2 m. This will allow you to install it in any place convenient for you.

We offer to your attention one of the best options for completing a juice-cutting machine:

  • speed shift operation;
  • capacity for collecting cake and finished liquid;
  • skimmer;
  • wide entrance for fruits;
  • foam separator - allows you to control the volume of pulp in the juice, changing the configuration of the slots.

Top models rating

When buying a juicer an important point is the brand of the product. Preference is often given to popular brands that have been on the market for more than a dozen years and have already managed to establish themselves as high-quality products.

As a rule, the most popular models of foreign manufacturers: Philips, Moulinex, Bosch, Panasonic, Braun.

Although among domestic products you can find a good option at an affordable price. They lose imported design and noise, but gain in performance.

It is difficult to say unequivocally which of the juicers is the best. It all depends on personal preference. Here is a list of devices that are recognized as one of the most popular.

Bosch MES25AO

Refers to the type of centrifugal. Suitable product for the home.It is universal, as it processes raw materials of any hardness. It is difficult to call it a mini-model, but at the same time it is quite compact. Benefits:

  • has high speed;
  • silently works;
  • entrance admission is wide enough;
  • has additional protection;
  • cleaning brushes included;
  • rubberized suction cups are located on the bottom of the machine.

The cost of the device is 5500 rubles.

Tribest Solostar 4

Korean-made auger juicer with horizontal feed, powered by electricity. Refers to premium class. Its characteristics:

  • copes with all types of products, even with pine needles;
  • there are various nozzles that allow you to prepare not only the juice;
  • sieve and auger made of durable material;
  • high power;
  • silent operation;
  • motor is protected from overheating.

The cost is 26,000 rubles.

Panasonic MJ-DJ31

This is a powerful model that combines the functions of a juicer, blender and shredder. This allows not only to produce juice, but also to grind coffee beans, make cocktails, mashed potatoes and much more. Distinctive features:

  • power - 800 watts;
  • capacity for pulp - 2 l;
  • the grid in the centrifuge is made of quality steel;
  • the presence of a foam separator;
  • Anti-drop system;
  • wide throat for fruit.

One of the few types of products in which there are no flaws.

Bosch MES4010

Centrifugal type of instrument. Specifications:

  • power - 1200 W;
  • juice tank - 1.5 l;
  • direct juice;
  • Anti-drop function;
  • foam separator;
  • production material - stainless steel, aluminum;
  • universality;
  • security;
  • automatic pulp excretion;
  • juice line indicator.

It is difficult to clean, but processing is allowed in the dishwasher. The disadvantages also include fast wear of the rubber feet and noise when turned on.


First of all, it is worth noting that those who have already acquired such a household appliance speak of its indispensability. Such a thing should be in every home, so that at any opportunity please yourself and your children with a glass of fresh fortified drink.

Taking into account consumer reviews, the models of medium and high power are still the most popular. They are preferred for quick release of juice. The functions that allow to obtain a clear liquid are taken into account.This is especially important for children, because many kids do not like juice with pulp.

Among the materials of manufacturing products emit steel. It takes into account the versatility of the model and ease of washing. But on the additional features, few people pay attention. And, of course, not in last place is the design of the machine. Users more often prefer compact and elegant products.

In the next video you will find a brief overview of the Philips HR1897 auger juicer.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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