Varieties and tips on choosing covers for garden swings

Garden swings are a popular attribute of the dacha, designed to brighten up summer vacation and become a favorite place after garden labor. However, over time, this beloved accessory becomes useless, this applies both to its appearance and functionality. To extend the life of the swing, gardeners prefer to use special covers.


A swing case is not a necessary attribute, but its presence greatly simplifies the operation of this equipment.

  1. It protects the seat itself from the rain and snow and the accessories - pillows or capes. An even better option is an awning. It allows you to keep intact the upper structures of the swing.
  2. Arriving at the weekend to the country, you can immediately start to swingwithout wasting time cleaning the seat of dust and dirt.
  3. The cover protects the swing elements from the negative influence of the sun's rays. Ultraviolet, falling on a metal or wooden surface, quickly destroys it, so designs often have to be updated.
  4. Awnings are also an effective assistant in the fight against animals. It is unpleasant to detect traces of a neighbor's cat or waste products of birds on the seat in the morning. The cover will also relieve this problem.


Considering the design of covers, You should pay attention to the following types:

  • seat covers;
  • covers awnings.

The second option is considered more practical, since it completely covers the swing, thereby protecting not only the seat area, but also all the structural elements. The possibility of swinging or simply relaxing on a swing in bad weather also speaks in favor of awnings - it will not let the rain fall inside.

However, the first option is more economical, and most of the summer residents choose it, considering that they will be able to tint and update the rest of the details on their own.

Also in stores You can find the following modifications:

  • awnings for certain models;
  • universal.

The first option is selected in accordance with the model swing. If the owner of the summer cottage has successfully lost all the checks for the equipment and does not remember the name, you can take a picture of the swing and carefully measure the width, length and height - experienced managers in the store will tell you exactly which tent is suitable for the presented model.

Universal case - a better option. It will fit for all varieties. For example, such models as “Palermo Premium”, “Comfort-M”, “Standard 2”, “Lux 2”, “Quartet” are quite suitable for universal shelter.

How to choose

When choosing a case, first of all, you should pay attention to its fabric. Of course, the most reliable option will be the most robust, but expensive material. Most villagers prefer the Oxford fabric. This is due to the following advantages:

  • resistance to abrasion and durability;
  • elasticity;
  • resistance to precipitation;
  • easy to clean from dirt.

If the choice fell on the fabric "Oxford", then it is important to determine the density. This criterion is indicated by a number, for example, the most preferable in the circles of gardeners is the "Oxford 600 d PU".This reliable material is used in the production of tents, outdoor tents and covers for garden equipment.

Another option is raincoat fabric. It has a water-repellent effect, so it is often used in the manufacture of winter tents. Well this material is suitable for summer cottages, equipped in humid climatic zones.

Among summer residents there are many who pay much attention to landscape design. Many of them refuse to cover, preferring an open swing, worrying, as if bulky nondescript tents would not spoil the decorative look of the structures. But adherents of the ideal garden plot can be calm - now in the shops there are a lot of nice covers that will harmoniously fit into the overall landscape design. These shelters have blue, yellow, red colors, you can even choose an option with patterns and drawings.

Another important criterion when choosing this accessory is the shape and design of the case. To clearly pick up the tent or cover on the seat in size, you need to carefully measure all the parameters of the equipment. Some gardeners prefer to sew shelters to order: if you buy the necessary material separately, then this is a very practical way to get cover for the swing.

It is important when choosing an awning to study it for additional functions. Ease of use will provide some interesting additional elements.

  • Two symmetrical lightning, thanks to which it is possible to half cover the shelter. If necessary, only the upper part of the cover can be thrown on the upper crossbar of the equipment, without removing the protection completely.

  • Eyelets and ropes. Thanks to these elements, you can firmly strengthen the shelter for the nearby support. This will protect the case from the wind, which, in strong gusts, can carry away the awning.
  • Auxiliary supports. These parts need to be firmly stuck in the ground to further strengthen the cover.
  • Mosquito net. It is an additional mesh in the front, which can be lowered down and be protected from insects.

Another important point when choosing a protective case is the certificate of quality and safety. To give preference to a product that has an indication of Oeko-Tex Standard-100.


When choosing a case, you must also listen to the opinion of those who have already become the owner of this accessory. Usually gardeners are quite happy with the purchase. The main advantages, in their opinion, arethat now the equipment does not need to be tidied up each time in a shed or garage for the night, and by choosing the right option, you can leave the swing in the open air for the whole winter.

Many are faced with the difficulty of choosing an awning for a particular model. For example, the OBI swing cover was expensive but impractical. Buyers note its peculiarity to inflate and recommend to purchase anchors in addition. In addition, the cover of this model frightens summer residents with their rustling and overturns in strong wind. You can use this option only a couple of seasons. In defense, users note the resistance to wetting, good shade, ease of use in the presence of two lightning.

The average reviews received and covers for swing production "Capri". Despite these "water-repellent properties," the top of the tent does not let the water through, but gets wet, and over time the moisture seeps inside. Buyers also note the unreliability of fastening, and also advise using the awning only in the summer season, as it will not save the swing from winter precipitation.

Positive feedback is left by the owners of covers for the Sorento, Milan and Rodeo swings.All users agree on one thing - it’s not worth saving on this product. The price of practical fabric is added by high-quality fasteners, and this is already a question not only of convenience, but also of the safety of guests.

How to sew a roof awning on the garden swing with your own hands, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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