Fashion trends in landscape design: decorate the dacha

The territory of the suburban area offers a wide scope for the implementation of creative ideas, so you need to learn the rules with which you can competently create a stylish landscape design on your territory.

Special features

Landscaping of the dacha is a complex of works on the improvement of homestead land. This territory should fully reflect your taste preferences and interests, so you should approach the choice of the situation wisely.

Any type of landscape design, even if it is done by hand, must begin with a detailed plan. If you turn to professionals, they will be able to offer you many original ideas.However, you must remember that landscape design is a whole system of measures, with the help of which your site should acquire a single stylewhere all buildings and vegetation are combined.

It is important to remember the following features so that the arrangement of the territory looks competent and rational:

  • when you create a project, you should build on the climatic features of the area. Some exotic plants will not be able to survive the weather conditions in your region, so choose the appropriate varieties;
  • the type of relief is important for the choice of the project, since in each locality different activities should be carried out, which consist in the location of the buildings, the location of the garden, the garden, and other functional areas;
  • location on the cardinal points affects the layout of the design. This factor should be considered when choosing a place for a garden, trees, a vegetable garden and country houses;
  • so that your plot surprised other people and pleased the whole family, you should take care of the decor. For example, you can decorate the estate with natural stone. Create from it a mosaic for garden paths and the territory will noticeably change.Also, this material is actively used as a design of water facilities;
  • Proper lighting plays an important role in the design. With the help of modern LEDs, you can get an unusual light effect for individual elements or the whole country house as a whole.

Actual styles

Many owners of suburban areas want to make their homestead unusual and special. There are many styles with which you can express your emotions and transform the countryside. Having studied the features of each design, you can choose the best option that will emphasize your taste and atmosphere of country life.


This design is called regular and it is often chosen by fans of traditional solutions. This style is characterized by strict lines, weakly symmetrical compositions along with literate forms. If you choose such an interior, you will need to keep a good eye on the site and regularly take care of the territory. Everyone will be able to create landscape design in a similar direction.

For the situation necessarily need to identify the center. In its role can be a living room, a beautiful fountain or sculpture. The construction of the composition starts from this object. Arrange around a key link symmetrical paths, beautifully trimmed shrubs, lawn, decorative fences or attractive flower beds.

At the expense of fountains and sculptures you can smooth out the severity of the situation, giving her peace of mind and a sense of association with nature.


In this design there is a main rule - the imperceptibility of man-made creation of furniture. All components must be located. naturally and freely. It must seem from the outside that everything was created by nature, not by man. Irregularities in a relief, reservoirs with irregular forms, wild-growing vegetation are approved.

The style is chosen by romantic personalities and fans of the natural landscape. For the arrangement of such a territory does not require large financial costs and constant care. Natural beauty is the main principle in creating a landscape style with your own hands.


Country style has fun notes, unpretentiousness and naturalness.You can use bright colors in it. Another name for this design is “Russian manor”. He attracts many people with his simplicity and careless atmosphere. For the arrangement of the territory, you can use unpretentious plant varieties, compositions in a rustic style.

As a decor, use wooden wheels, beds in the form of wooden barrels and other components made of natural material.

This style is suitable for the estate of any area, but it is best to equip it in small areas.


English style is characterized by small mounds on which grows lawn, ponds with natural forms and winding trails. All shrubs should be trimmed beautifully and the garden be decorated with beautiful flowers. The design looks beautiful asters, dahlias, daisies.

Recreation areas should be located in the depths of the garden. Around her need to plant deciduous trees that will hide a place to relax from prying eyes.


Provence is associated with ease and expressiveness. You can always recognize it by its numerous decorative elements.Garden figures, flower beds, beautifully decorated garden paths will create a cozy atmosphere.

The main element of this style are fragrant herbs, which resemble the atmosphere of a vacation in the south of France.


Japanese design combines peace and harmony. There are only simple and symbolic items. The plot, decorated in this style will help you to escape from the everyday hustle and bustle and give time to think about eternity.

For decoration, you can use the bridges of stones, trimmed shrubs with clear outlines and processed boulders. This style most fit a small estate of 6-8 acres.


If you purchased a small family estate, pay attention to this type of landscape design. For the arrangement will require a large amount of sunlight. As a decor, use paths, water constructions with mosaic patterns, bright flowerbeds, roofs with a dome shape and window-arrows for decoration of arbors. On the territory must be present mirrors and bright components.

You can create such an interior from scrap materials.For mosaics, use the remains of tiles and unnecessary mirrors, and with the help of a golden color, you present the elements with an expensive appearance.


This situation will suit travelers, connoisseurs of unusual combinations. In the landscape should be present exotic types of plants that are located on the territory of the tiers. All compositions must be made. from natural raw materials: stone, dark varieties of trees.

Small streams and ponds will give the atmosphere a sense of naturalness.


Alpine style is popular when arranging cottages. It will be acceptable for areas of different sizes. The design will amaze your guests with mountain peaks that will remind you of beauty and pristine nature.

As a central link, use a residential house, which will be located on a hill, rockeries and rock gardens. In each decorative composition must be placed natural stones. This rule also applies to alpine slides, artificial ponds, streams, flower beds with flowers. Granite, slate or gravel can be used as a finishing material.The design looks beautiful cascading beds with ponds, dry streams and stone gardens.


The name itself speaks of its mood. You can mix several styles in such a design, observing the main condition: the atmosphere should be harmonious and calm. Plant large trees, climbing vegetation and a large number of flowers on your plot.

You can combine a regular style with a landscape by arranging the territory with an alpine slide and diluting the furnishings with a modern fountain. There are many ideas, so rely entirely on your fantasy.

When you make a free-style suburban area, remember the sense of proportion that will help you create a cozy atmosphere.

Zoning rules

Zoning is an important step in landscape design. You will need to make a plan, which will indicate the location of all paths, flower beds, vegetation, shrubs, fruit crops. In drawing up a plan, be guided not only by the aesthetic component, but also by functionality. You will need to designate several objects on your territory:

  • living area;
  • the place where the outbuildings will be located;
  • recreation area;
  • garden and garden areas.

Based on your goals and taste preferences, you can increase one of the zones by decreasing the other. For example, you can arrange a swimming pool on the site of the garden, if you do not plan to dig in the beds. Families with children should consider the organization of a playground.

Landscape zoning should be based on the following principles:

  • for the lawn should be given the most illuminated place. In most of the mixtures there are cereals, which require a large amount of sunlight. If you follow this rule, you will get a beautiful lawn that will decorate the area;
  • Recreation area should be located in a place where there is no strong wind. Also need to provide the territory of the penumbra. With this accommodation you can ensure a comfortable stay of people there;
  • on the territory where the shade is located, it is possible to arrange a lawn of ground cover plants, shade-loving flowers or inert materials. These include pebbles, tree bark or decorative chips.There are no plants that like the shadow, but there are varieties that can exist in it. These varieties can fill the shady areas.
  • The place where you will gather with friends and cook barbecue should be located next to the kitchen. Remember about safety and install the grill away from the wall of the house. The minimum distance should be 6 meters;
  • playground should be located near the place where you will gather with friends. Also this area should be viewed from the windows of the kitchen;
  • all zones must be connected by tracks.

These rules are key, they will help you in competent zoning of the landscape. Having applied them, you will be able to equip an interesting and comfortable garden plot.


Skillful builders put flooring in houses, and gardeners cover the area with a lawn. In the past, the lawn was considered an unaffordable luxury and was present only in areas of the emperors, but now everyone can decorate their homestead with a carpet of soft varieties of grass.

In order for the lawn to settle down, you must be patient and spend a lot of effort.However, in the end you will get a good result, which will serve as the basis for other elements of landscape design.

Grass carpet performs not only a decorative function, it positively affects the structure of the soil, helps to make the air in the area cleaner and mutes the ambient noise.

With the help of a lawn you can get interesting solutions that depend on the choice of type of coverage:

  • traditional lawn. It is a monochromatic coating of medium density;
  • sports lawn. This is a more dense type of vegetation, which is not afraid of a large load;
  • decorative grass cover. This lawn is designed only for beauty. Walking on it is prohibited.

Flower beds

Flowerbed is no longer a simple circle or rectangle, in which a file of flowers grows. At the moment there are elegant and thoughtful models that demonstrate the good taste of its owner, and create a cozy atmosphere at the dacha.

Vertical flowerbeds are often chosen for arranging urban spaces, but for summer houses they can also be used favorably. Forget about the fact that flowers should grow on the ground. Plants need only soil, which can be located at the level of human growth. Vertical beds require less space than traditional models. This decision makes the site original.

For vertical flower beds often use flowering plants, ornamental vegetables. Lovers of unusual solutions, designers offer to plant in such designs grass spicy varieties or greens. You can also use the curling fruitful culture. In such a flower garden clematis looks great.

Traditional forms of vertical flower beds:

  • pyramid. In it, the plants are in a container that consists of several tiers;
  • tower of flowers. It is similar to the pyramid, but the diameter of the tiers does not decrease.

Rabatki are flower stripes, which are located along the garden paths, fences or lawns. To create such a bed should observe the width of the landing, the minimum value of which is half a meter. During flowering plants you will receive a bright carpet.

There are several types of rabatok:

  • one-sided. They are located along the wall of the house or fences;
  • bilateral.These beds are located in the center of the alley.

You can plant in rabatku any flowers that have a low stem, brightness and combined with each other.

Mixborders are a flower garden in which there is a harmonious combination of herbs, miniature bushes and small varieties of trees. Caring for such a flower garden is quite complicated, since each plant requires special conditions. Weeding delivers a lot of inconvenience, since the mixborder must have a thick landing. Often in such a flower garden panicled hydrangea is planted in the background.


  • the presence of free lines and forms of flower garden;
  • the presence of high colors in the background or in the center, depending on the point of view of the flower bed;
  • use of contrasting colors or monotony.

Ornamental trees and shrubs

Trees and shrubs should be selected based on their preferences. Most vacationers want to get every year fresh fruits and berries, so they acquire fruit crops. Another category of people chooses the decor. Designers recommend combining the two options, which allows you to get an interesting combination.

When choosing plants should consider the following nuances:

  • soil type and microclimate features;
  • prevalence of winds and illumination area;
  • terrain features;
  • vegetation compatibility, crown density and diameter;
  • seasonality of plants.

To design a landscape project, you can use fruit and ornamental types of trees. Coniferous plants have become widely popular. They are unpretentious, equip the site with coolness in the summer season and look attractive in the winter. In the suburban areas, you can plant pine, thuja, juniper. Among the bushes demand lilac bushes, jasmine, dogwood, hawthorn.

Water facilities

Arrangement of the aquatic environment in the suburban area is given an important place. Such facilities are popular with customers and the designers themselves. To make the right choice, you need to decide what you want to get from the reservoir.

Landscaping with water features can act as a practical or decorative solution. You have the opportunity to use a reservoir for specific purposes (for example, to use water to irrigate a territory) or to install an artificial lake for beauty.In projects of country areas can be used any of the options or a combination of both.

You will need to decide on the type of water structure, purchase the necessary materials, familiarize yourself with the requirements and purchase the necessary equipment. Take care of buying plants that will grow near the water.

In landscape design may be present not only standing water. Depending on your idea, you can equip your territory with fountains, cascades or waterfalls. Each of these solutions can decorate the area and give it an original look.

Rest zone

The owners of country plots spend time not only for garden work, but also like to relax in the circle of their friends.

To make the rest as comfortable as possible, you should equip a cozy corner in which there will be a brazier, a gazebo and benches.

The selected site can be open or closed. The equipment of the open area will require less costs, but the arrangement of a recreation area with a small canopy will give her comfort and protection from weather conditions. It is best to place such a place in the backyard. Set up a playground for children. If there is a pond nearby, the area will be blown out by pleasant freshness on hot days. If there is no reservoir on your estate, you can place a platform at the well.

The presence in the similar zone of a grill for frying meat or a fireplace on the street is not only an ornament, but also a functional component. The resting place should be thought out and a site for an arbor. In it you will be able to communicate with your company, admiring the beautiful landscape. As decoration, you can plant climbers or hedges. Crafts on the territory of this zone will act as a decor.

How to choose a color solution?

The competent choice of a color palette in the project of landscape design is able to decorate even the simplest project, which lays a small budget. To give the territory a harmonious look, one should take into account the color scheme of the components, which are divided into several categories.

Natural landscape

There are trees, shrubs, hills, boulders, lakes and paths that have a natural origin. All objects that you want to leave on your estate will influence the choice of color solution of the territory.

When choosing colors, keep in mind that the natural palette may change with the change of season, climatic conditions on your site.

Architectural objects

These components include a dwelling house, household buildings (garage, bath, greenhouses, barns and terraces). Also in this category are various bridges, gazebos, sheds and other structures. Make sure that the front part of the building and the components of each building are combined in color. One of the objects should be an accent of the territory, so you do not need to paint all the buildings in one color.

Select the accent spot that will stand out on the site and become the center of the design. In most cases, this role is assigned to a residential house, and the remaining objects are located around it, maintaining a uniform style.

Elements of decor

In this category are all plantings, water structures, flower beds and rock gardens, which were created by man. There are lots of options with which you will manipulate color tones and shades. Due to the flowering vegetation, you can arrange a beautiful "carpet" that will decorate the area throughout the summer period.

Some designers offer their customers to take advantage of an alley of evergreen tree varieties so that the estate has a stable color background.

Other components

Paths, platforms, platforms and floorings, statues, hammocks, and even swings can be placed here. Each of these components is able to leave its mark on the overall design of the site. The color palette plays a key role in creating the mood of a territory. The combination of shades allows you to hide the shortcomings of the site, visually expand its area or modify the shape of the territory without drastic actions.

Design options

There are many ideas that allow you to design a home garden. When choosing a project, one should proceed from the dimensions of the site, since the area of ​​the territory plays the main role in this.

For arranging a small area of ​​about 4 acres should pay attention to the geometric style that was previously used in the gardens. With it, you can use the available platform at the maximum level. Originality in the design can be achieved with non-standard solutions. As an example, consider vertical gardening.

Fruit trees located on the north side will help in the proper organization of space, and will also act as a wall that will protect the house from the cold wind. On the northern territory of the garden plot you can locate building objects and greenhouses.

If you have nothing to hide from prying eyes, refuse high fencing. A high hedge in a small area increases the feeling of tightness. You can add space with the help of smooth lines of garden paths.

The main rules for the design of villas are independent of its area. Trees with a house and a small shed should also be located in the northern part of the territory. In large areas (from 10 acres) there are more opportunities for the implementation of ideas on the south side. Here you can place a recreation area, plant a lawn and even build a bath.

Sites of similar dimensions can be decorated with a Japanese garden. For such an idea, the installation of an arbor and the installation of an area with an artificial stream are required. You can arrange a "corner of wildlife" with forest trees or consider ideas with a vegetable garden.

The plot of 12 acres allows you to place not only residential buildings, but also miniature water facilities with waterfalls.The land, which will be extracted when creating the reservoir, can be used as a basis for an alpine slide. It can also be used as an independent component in the layout.

It looks good central path with scattering narrow trails that will lead you to a recreation area or to the brook.

Track decoration

The track layout project is developed based on the necessary access to the zones. Experts advise to build a "tour" past the most attractive areas. It should provide a simple path to the flowers and the garden. The width of the paths must have the necessary size so that two people can easily disperse on it. The best solution is the width of one meter.

The main paths should be made smooth, without sharp turns. Walking paths that pass by fruit crops and flowers can have complex shapes. Design paths with the expectation that your guests can admire garden elements from any angle.

On the country paths there should be a small slope on both sides to prevent the formation of puddles.This solution allows you to "water" during the rainy nearby beds and remove dust from the trail itself.

Garden paths should be made of materials that have sufficient strength, aesthetics and temperature stability. As a rule, in country areas, tiles of a decorative type, stone or concrete pavement are used. If you prefer a natural design, you can sprinkle the tracks with sand or gravel.


Most people choose functional lighting, forgetting about the decorative component. However, well-chosen lighting will make your site attractive not only in the daytime, but also in the evening.

To illuminate the paths, turns and buildings you can use diffused soft light which will ensure safe movement throughout the territory, without interfering with the observation of the rest of the territory.

To provide the site with functional lighting, you can purchase built-in lighting equipment. These lamps are installed along the tracks, at the edges of the steps or near the railing. They act as “guiding lights” without blinding a bright light.Some people choose lanterns on posts that act as a fence during the daytime. The columns can have any design, due to which you can choose a model that will support the concept of the site.

Due to the decorative lighting, you can emphasize all the advantages of the area, highlighting individual fruit crops or flower beds. To illuminate shrubs or aesthetic components, use spotlights, which are located on the ground. They will please the eye with the help of color lighting and will give a festive mood.

Subtleties of lighting suburban area:

  • for giving requires lamps with a lower power level than in the city;
  • choose energy-saving lamps;
  • consider a variant with separate inclusion of technical and decorative lamps;
  • provide the power cable with good insulation.

Garden figures

Garden figures in the form of dwarfs, various animals and characters are in great demand in Western countries, where each hero has his own story. You can put on your cottage any decorative element.Choose figures that support a single concept of the site and continue its style.

Forest gnomes are often hidden in the bushes, and forest fairies are located near the trees. Using similar elements You can create your own fairy tale on the site and tell your friends legends about the appearance of each character.


In landscape design there are tricks, knowing that you can avoid many mistakes and additional work. Before arranging the site, read the simple recommendations:

  • Do not rush to translate design ideas into reality. Start by developing a detailed plan that will be implemented in stages;
  • the plan should take into account elevation differences, the presence of the shadow and sunny sides, the location of construction objects and trees;
  • The concept of the site should be selected based on the terrain. To reduce spending on leveling the area, place on the slope of a beautiful alpine slide, as well as small flower beds;
  • for flat courtyards, you can consider the version with strict lines of the English style, along with picturesque arcades and a seating area;
  • fountains and ponds should be located in a shady area;
  • To hide the contents of the site from prying eyes, place fruit trees along the fence. Such a decision will allow you to feel the solitude, as well as get a tasty harvest every year;
  • to make the tracks as comfortable and functional as possible, bridge them in a year. Track what route your household travel in the country and so implement the paths for the next year;
  • You will be able to decorate your plot if you place garden figures or flower beds along the paths. For visual expansion of a narrow area, you can place bright accents at a short distance from the paths. You can use benches or beautiful flower beds as bright spots;
  • a border of flowers will make your site beautiful and attractive. Fragrance of flowers throughout the territory will help to raise the mood;
  • When choosing plants should be based on the climatic conditions of your region. If the cottage is in the arid climate zone, pay attention to the oriental style. The English garden is used in the middle lanes of the Russian Federation, and Scandinavian design is popular in the northern part;
  • planting trees should be carried out according to the rule - from the largest to the smallest. First of all, plant the highest representatives of the flora, and equip the rest of the composition around them. This rule applies not only to the plant world, but also arbors, pergolas and sculptures;
  • for small plots, it is necessary to ensure competent zoning, so that every centimeter of area is rational to spend.

With the help of simple rules you can equip your dacha area competently and beautifully. When choosing a design, focus on your capabilities, material condition and features of the site itself.

Photo Gallery: beautiful ideas

To equip your own summer cottage, you need to have the following knowledge:

  • agronomy;
  • building;
  • agriculture;
  • artistic taste.

Get started by exploring the shape and location of your estate. Then you can put on paper all construction sites and make zoning on the plots. With the help of the directory on garden trees and vegetation, you can choose the necessary varieties that will fit your climate and look beautiful in the interior.

In landscape design no restrictions. You can implement any ideas that appear in your head. For example, in the recreation area you can equip a gazebo with a terrace. Here you can arrange a meeting with friends and enjoy the rest. Be sure to place the brazier and benches in this area to fry kebabs and play the guitar. Your whole company will relax in the fresh air, in case of bad weather, a gazebo will be able to prevent disruption of the event.

The presence of the terrace will make your gazebo special. With this solution, your vacation spot will become more versatile and attractive. On the terrace you can arrange more guests and spend time outdoors in the open air.

Do not forget about the design of the veranda. Climbing plants can play the role of a decorative solution; they have not only a decorative function, but are also capable of hiding defects in the facade of a building.

For the design of the building, you can use ivy, bindweed, decorative beans or wisteria.

The garden labyrinth looks original, which is able to impress your guests and give a sense of peace to each family member while walking around the site.To create such a garden should use a symmetric planting around the perimeter of coniferous trees. Their shrubs of coniferous varieties can create beautiful shapes of different shapes.

You can turn to specialiststhat make your plants attractive chess pieces or lions. From these figures, you can build a garden maze.

Do not forget about the central link of the garden, in the role of which can be a sculpture or a beautiful fountain.

Use on your site arches, which are intertwined with climbing plants, flowers. Such facilities can serve as an entrance to a new zone and help in the zoning of the site. On the sides of the arch, you can place vertical flower beds that will add spice to your site.

About what withThere are modern trends in landscape design now, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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