Decorative well in landscape design

 Decorative well in landscape design

Modern cottage is not just fruit and berry bushes and garden beds with vegetables. Many gardeners make from their site a cozy and beautiful corner, where everything is thought out to the smallest detail, each zone is decorated with taste and pleases the eye. It is a pleasure to work and relax at such a dacha. The space can be decorated with plants, flowerbeds, decorative figures.

A noticeable element in landscape design can be a decorative well.

Special features

Decorative well is not a source of water, it performs the function of a bright, and sometimes very original decoration of the site. It all depends on the idea of ​​the author, his creative abilities and materials from which the building is made. In some cases, the well may perform an additional function.For example, under it any communications will disappear - a well, a manhole of a storm well, a tank with water for irrigation.

The materials from which the well is built, usually have every summer residenttherefore, it is often chosen as a decorative element, which serves as a successful addition to the overall landscape design picture. Often in the course are any available tools. Sometimes it is even surprising that the seemingly old unnecessary things received a second life and served as the building blocks for the realization of the creative idea.

How to do?

A simple well is not difficult to build with your own hands, having thought through its design. Step by step instructions will help in this.

For construction works, boards of various sizes, plywood, slats, fasteners, primer, varnish or paint for decorative coating will be required.

Having at hand all the necessary materials and tools You can meet in a few hours by creating your own bright decorative element that will decorate the site.

  • The basis will be a cube of timber, parts of which can be fastened with screws or furniture corners.
  • The finished structure is sheathed with a block house, securing the details with self-tapping screws.
  • Boards that will act as racks for the roof are bolted up and down.
  • The framework and the fad are made of a thin bar. The roof is sheathed with clapboard.
  • The cylinder for the bucket can be made from the finished shoe or made of rails.
  • The side of the well is made using clapboard.
  • After the main work it remains to process the entire surface with sandpaper.
  • Be sure to cover the finished well with a special primer. It will protect the tree from moisture and insect pests.
  • The final touch will be varnish.

Before you begin construction, you need to consider how to secure the structure.

In the ground, you need to make indentations of about 30 cm. Their number will depend on the shape of the well. The more complex the design, the more recesses needed. Pieces of pipes of such diameter are digged into these recesses, so that the wooden posts of the well could be inserted into them.

If a square well is being built, the base will be held on four pillars, and two pillars will be needed to secure the roof.

All wooden parts are treated with a primer to protect the wood from moisture and mold. Then in the hollows need to pour liquid bitumen. After it is absorbed, the pits are half poured with cement and the pipe trim is inserted, poured cement to the top. It is important that all pipes are level, it is easy to check with a level. The solution will finally harden in two to three days. And only after that you can insert a wooden stand in the pipe. Then you can sheathe the frame boards, they can be laid horizontally or vertically. With a horizontal arrangement of additional fortifications is not necessary, this function is performed by the racks themselves. When vertical - on each side you will need to fix two horizontal rails.

The roof is assembled separately, and then strengthened on racks designed for it. The roof can be made of different materials. The easiest way - a gable roof of boards or plywood. Then the well is complemented by decorative elements - chains, ropes, wheels, buckets, decorative figures. If it is a flower bed, it will remain to fall asleep into the well of the ground and plant flowers.

This is just one way to fix the well.Each master can choose his option. The main thing to remember is that the structure must be safe and stand firmly on the ground.

The decorative well can be made of any materials - concrete, stone, brick. They are not afraid of moisture, weather phenomena. Suitable and metal base, tile, plastic.

A well constructed of the same material as the house will look more advantageous. Then it will look like a good addition to the overall picture.

A simple well can be constructed from a concrete ring. It can even not be lined with stone. It is enough to cover the cement mortar, and give it a certain relief.

After the cement dries, it can be painted in any color, and to protect the top with a special primer or varnish.

When making a wooden well, you will need the usual set of construction tools: a handsaw, a jigsaw, a saw, a screwdriver, a hammer.


Before building a well, you need to think about where it will be located, what size, from what materials. In order not to miss anything and do everything correctly, you need to prepare a drawing, in which it will be seen, from what details the structure consists, and what size they will be.The site's scheme will also be useful to determine where the well will look more harmonious, what will be located next to it - a shop, a gazebo, a flower bed, and other buildings. If the material for the manufacture of the well is purchased specifically in the hardware store, you need to calculate the quantity that is required.

  • The most common option, which can often be found on the plot, is a log cabin. But there are a lot of options that each master can bring to life, even to a beginner. Among them is the well-crane, in the form of a vase or flower bed with flowers, mills, gazebos, bowls.
log cabin
  • There are options that combine originality of design and functionality of the design. In some cases it is possible to decorate a real well. After all, it will be very pleasant to approach such a design in order to draw water. And the materials for such a structure will be given by nature itself. You will need dry branches, stones of average size from the usual river or sea shore, cement, rope. The lower part is made up of stones that are attached to each other using cement mortar.Further, on four pillars, a roof woven from branches is fastened. At the discretion of the owner can be made of the roof and the block-house.
  • You can make an original composition, where the center will be a compact wooden well, inside of which will be placed the soil and planted flowers. It will complement its gable roof and a miniature wooden bucket. Near the glade you can place several flower pots of the same color with the same flowers. Beautiful flower garden, pleasing to the eye ready. Flowers can be different, it all depends on the wishes of the owner of the site. Flowers need constant care and watering. Only in this case the well will decorate the site for a long time. In order for its construction to be preserved for a long time, not subjected to destruction and rotting due to constant moisture, all wooden parts must be well treated with a special compound.
  • If after construction there is an unnecessary bar, you can find a worthy use for it. Build a square-shaped well in the shape of a house, add some decorative element - a steering wheel, a weather vane, a wheel of a cart. Such structures can well hide well or sewer manholes, which are in a prominent place and spoil the appearance of the site.
  • The traditional shape of the well can be beat with an interesting finish. Ordinary concrete ring can be revetted with a decorative stone, choosing a suitable color that will be combined with other components of landscape design. The base of the roof is made of ordinary boards, as a decorative lining can be used tiles or tiles. It will turn out very beautiful well, it too can be added with flowers.
  • If the plot is decorated in retro style, the well can be constructed from any old boards or logs, which will bring it as close as possible to the natural look. Over time, when this option gets bored, the same well can be painted in any color - white or bright, for example, blue or green. Complete the area with other elements in the same color scheme or plant flowers around. And now there will be a completely different picture and a new design.
  • It is not necessary to build a well of square shape, it can be made of any shape that can be realized. It can be in the form of a bucket or barrel, a trough or a cart. The more unusual the design, the more difficult it is to reproduce it in reality. It is necessary to take into account their capabilities so that the construction of the well was a pleasant exercise, and not torture.
  • An interesting option can be a multi-tiered well, on each tier a certain sort of flowers can be placed. Facing can be made siding, tile, stone. At the top, the main bowl is placed, which is lined with the selected material, then a flower circle is placed around its circumference, then lining again follows. Two or three tiers for such a well will be enough.
  • The well is made from any available tools, even from ordinary wheels. In this case, one overlaps the other, the color is chosen, you can even draw patterns, and the roof can be made of rods. Inside you can place any plants. It turns out garden decorative well.


Of course, if the gardener or the owner of the house thinks over the design of the entire plot, he will not place there just one decorative well. It will not be completely clear. The whole point is that the well should become the center of the composition or its complement, depending on its size and purpose.

If the well is a decoration of the garden, it will be logical to make it the center of the flower gardenby placing flowers in the bowl of the well and around it. A gazebo for relaxation and an artificial reservoir with the sound of water, cozy benches twined with greenery, paths made of stone or wood, and a barbecue area can be located nearby.Garden figures in the form of animals - ready-made or hand-made, will serve as a successful addition.

Decoration on the site can be a composition of several miniature wells, flower beds or a different size.

Optionally flowers should be placed inside the well. At the bottom of the well, you can place a decorative bird feeder and pour grain there. Arriving for breakfast, the birds will delight in the morning with their chirping.

Decorative well in the country can be used to store the necessary things in the household - for example, gardening equipment, which will be hidden from prying eyes, and order will reign on the site.

Provided that the owner of the house is well acquainted with the joinery, the well can be made a real work of art, decorated with carvings or carved as an additional element of the animal - a squirrel or a chipmunk, as if visiting the forest. A cute owl or a graceful stork will look wonderful on the edge of the well.

In order to enjoy the site in spring, summer and autumn with an abundance of colors, it is possible to make the well flooded with flowers. For this flowerbed, not only in the bowl, but also the roof is involved in this, vertical stands can also play the role of vertical flowerbeds.And if you think of the design in the form of shelves or steps, you might end up with a floral waterfall.

If you do not want excessive variegation, flowers can be planted, picking up the color. Then one shade will turn into another.

When the well is located on the territory of a private house, where there is enough space for experimentation, the well can be equipped in the style of the entire site. For example, the Japanese style allows you to build a house in the form of gazebos. And if you fix a flashlight at the top, then such a structure will not only decorate the site, but will also be an additional source of light in the evening, which will give the garden of mystery and mystery.

The well can be decorated as a fairy tale hut. Then the figurines of fairy-tale heroes, located next to the grass, will be appropriate and successfully complement the composition.

Starting to build from scratch is always difficult, connecting all the details. If the experience is not enough, and you want to quickly make the decoration, you can use the finished form, which will remain to be tiled with decorative material or just painted. It can be concrete rings, old tubs, barrels, buckets, boxes, car tires, metal containers.

Beautiful examples

When choosing a well construction and decorative components, you need to focus on the materials of other buildings and the design of the entire site, so that everything looks harmonious and pleasing to the eye.

  • This design well for everyone. He will decorate any suburban area. At first glance, it is even hard to believe that it is made from ordinary automobile tires and pieces of slate. And the composition looks original due to the uniform color range and additions in the form of plants of the same color.
  • An interesting composition can be created, based on the tree. The decorative well is complemented with wattle and original flower beds made of logs. Alternatively, instead of the wheel located on top, inside the well there may be another bed.
  • A neat little well, immersed in greenery and flowers, will decorate the site. Different materials were used, but they were made in the same color range. A good addition will be a basket with flowers.
  • The basis for a miniature well-beds became a barrel. It remains to make the rack and roof. Completed the composition set next pots of flowers.
  • An interesting well can be made of stone.It looks especially good in combination with a stone glade and the same shop. All this is associated with the old castle.

How to make a decorative well with your own hands, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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