Swing from a bar: features, drawings and production

Swing from a bar is a great way to have a child in the country. Firstly, when swinging, the vestibular apparatus is trained, secondly, coordination of movements improves (the child learns to control the legs and body at the same time, adjusting his movement to the movement of the seesaw), thirdly, it’s just a lot of fun. You can buy a children's swing, but it is much more pleasant to do it yourself, moreover, if you use a bar as a material, they will turn out to be environmentally friendly, strong and durable.

What is it?

First of all, you need to understand that a timber is not a log. A timber is a square sawn timber that has 100 mm (10 cm) on each side. This material is made either from round logs, or glued from boards.The most optimal bar for the manufacture of country swing - the usual construction. It provides easy fitting of parts and connecting them in the corners, has an attractive cost.

From a bar it is easy to make a garden swing for children and adults of various designs. The main construction of the summer swing is a crossbar with an A-shaped stand, on which a seat from the board is fastened with the help of two ropes. If you have good drawings, a small amount of free time and adapted to work with the tree of hands, you can assemble an intricate original swing bench or even a swing with a complex system of swinging.

How to choose a timber?

The choice of material depends on the load that the garden swing will have to experience. For one person, you can take a thinner beam, for two - thicker. Organizing entertainment for only one child, you can limit yourself to a rectangular bar with a cross section of 70x50 mm. However, if there are two children in a family or it is assumed that adults will also swing, then the racks should be made in the size of 100x100 mm. If you choose a bar with a section of 150x150 mm, the design will sustain a total weight of 200 kg, which means that not only two adult men, but also two children can swing on the swings.

If you are planning to build a structure with a bench, then for a seat you will need a bar with a section of 70x40 mm. When assembling a bench, it is necessary to take into account that the depth of the seat should be 48 cm, the height of the backrest should be 60 cm, the length of the seat can be any.

How to assemble a rack?

The advantage of this type of swing is their incredible stability on flat surfaces - concrete, asphalt, veranda with wooden or tiled flooring, and well-rammed earth. Due to their severity, they stand firmly on supports, however, if desired, two adult men can move them from place to place.

Type of construction is called A-shapedbecause the support consists of two bars, fastened under an inclination and connected by a crossbar in the form of the letter “A”. On these two pillars mounted crossbar.

The height of the support is 215 cm, the distance between the two divorced ends of the bars must be at least 160 cm. The angle of inclination of the legs of the support with respect to each other must be 40 degrees. The distance between two supports is from 180 to 220 cm. A 15 cm wide crossbar that holds two bars together can be duplicated. One at a height of 20 cm from the ground, the second - about 100 cm from the ground.

With a rigid backlash mount studs, additional screed is not required. However, if there is a possibility of instability (the bearing surface is loose), then it is better to make an additional screed with a bar. It can also be attached for strength to the ground or another coating on the brackets or studs.

If you cannot attach a swing with staples, then the beam will have to be dug in, respectively, the height of the beam for the support is taken 50 cm more than originally. Before installation, the base must be treated with antiseptics and oils with bioprotection (you can simply immerse the ends of the timber in recycled oil). Racks put in the hole, sprinkle with rubble and pour concrete.

If reliability is more expensive to you than aesthetics, then the cross-bar, on which the ropes will be attached, can be put on top of crossed support legs.

Additionally, pull the crossbar with two beams, fasten with nails. Racks themselves pull each other studs. It is also possible to nail additional fastenings in the area of ​​connection of the racks to nails and studs (as fastenings under the shelves in the closet), and put a horizontal bar on top and pull it with studs to the racks.

How to make a bench?

Suspended benches for swings are great. The simplest can be made without complicated machines and calculations. The seat consists of three bar-beams 48-50 cm long, set on the end and three boards nailed down from above. The back is three more bars of 70 cm laid horizontally and three boards nailed to them. The bars of the backrest are screwed to the bars of the seat - the bench is ready. To attach ropes to it, holes are drilled in the seats' bars, the rope is tied with a knot. The rope is attached to the back with hooks hammered into the timber.

If you need a bench with armrests, then initially made two frames in the form of a ladle (the angle of inclination of the “bucket handle” will determine the angle of inclination of the backrest), and then boards or bars for sitting and backrest will be stuffed on them.

How to fix?

The easiest fastener is to tie the ropes to the beam with the help of a “horse” knot. With this knot, horses are tied to pegs in a pasture. If the horse pulls the rope (in our case, the swing plays the role of the horse), the rope is pulled harder. However, to untie the horse from the peg, you just need to pull the other end of the rope.The advantages of fastening include the simplicity of the node itself. The disadvantage of this method is the long-term alignment of all four corners of the bench on a horizontal level.

The second way is to drill through the crossbar and insert a bolt with an eye-nut (a nut in the form of a ring) into the hole. Washers are placed under the head of the bolt to prevent the head from pushing the wood. A rope, a cable, a chain are pulled through a hole in the nut, a carbine is hung.

If you want to make a swing for adults or hang on the chain sofait is better to use fasteners that can withstand a weight of 500 kg. You can buy such fasteners in a specialized shop for rigging.

Detailed instructions for creating a swing from a bar - in the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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